Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sun in Taurus, April 19th/20th - 20th/21st May, 2012: Sprouting Roots and Grounding Who We Really Are.

During the time of the Sun in Taurus, 2012 a revelation or great unfolding of who we really are is before us. The Sun enters Taurus at 6:12pm on April 19th in Germany, and on April 20th just after midnight in Singapore (2:12 am Sydney time).

The first thing that comes to me is the feeling of being stuck, or perhaps it is more accurate to say there is a sense of immobility due to not being able to see around corners. The lack of visibility is creating a lack of vision, or is it the other way around? A lack of imagination (vision) has led to a creative block, and so things have become stuck for many!

There are a few opportunities for movement and creativity to be initiated in the time of the Sun in Taurus. It feels like an unexpected vision or flash of insight, which has the potential to inspire creativity and so movement, is coming soon, so to is a lifting of the veil which has been preventing many of us from seeing around corners.

The veil is interesting. It is more like a fog, and it has even affected those who are usually able to see further ahead! There are those who say this inability to see further ahead is due to nobody knowing what is coming because it hasn't been created yet, but there is also a sense that it is because what is on the path is unlike anything previously experienced. There is no language to describe it yet. Translating the feelings and sensual experience of it is challenging because it's subtleties register differently from anything previously experienced. Every part of our physical being is evolving, and so to our senses, and the nervous system which registers and translates these senses.

No matter how evolved we are, as human beings we are in Earth time, experiencing Earth dimensions, densities and stories. As time speeds up and ceases to exist as a way to orient ourselves on a timeline, as we expand our dimensional awareness, as realities shift and old ways of being fall away, we can become confused or "foggy" until we are able to catch-up and re-orient ourselves in our new state of being. It takes time, but then no time that can be measured. It is a particular way one day, and in the next moment a completely different way. We are in, and out, and in, and out, until we can stay where we are going completely!

This is an intense experience for everyone, but the more we are hanging onto (whether it be a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual attachment) the more it will be layered with intense and confusing stories, uncomfortable emotions, and hectic thoughts!

There are many ways to journey through the gauntlet that is now, but those who's feet are touching the ground will journey with the greatest ease. Taurus is the sign most grounded and fixed in Earth. Taurus doesn't shift easily, but in times when shifting is forced upon us, some Earthy fixed energy can be an advantage!

Caring for the whole being is important. There are many who have neglected the physical and see their evolution as being into the spiritual and out of the physical 3rd dimensional world, but we are multi-dimensional beings. We are here to be all that we are, not to deny a big part of ourselves in this life! To embrace and Master the physical dimension is challenging, but it is one of the greatest opportunities our human incarnation affords. Yet many are still off floating in the clouds, willing the physical to end!

Taurus teaches that the physical is an essential and enjoyably sensual part of our whole being, and the Sun in Taurus in 2012 is all about taking responsibility for our physical creations! Time to accept what is and take responsibility for creating something more in alignment with our whole being! How easy it would be to give it all up and transcend the physical. I'm not afraid to leave the physical, are you? All the best to those who choose to, but ask yourself, look into your soul, into the core of your being, will you be satisfied with what you have achieved in and on the physical?

When I asked myself this question, the answer was a resounding no. Ever since I have been remembering how to be happy here in the physical, embracing this physical dimension as part of my whole being, seeing it as being just as important in this life as my spiritual being is. They are one. Some days are challenging, some are effortless, but more and more flow with ease. I have found that no matter how elated I feel, how blissed out, or how melancholic I become I don't become vague, manic, depressed or neglectful of my physical being for more than a moment! I am able to be in whatever energy I am experiencing and remain present and aware. This is what it is to be grounded, and remembering how to achieve this is one of the gifts of the time of Taurus.

Taurus is the nurturer! Now is an opportunity for new ideas and ways of being to be nurtured and take root, and take root they must if we wish to experience them in all their glory! The challenge of Taurus is letting go, and we all need to let go of the old ways that no longer serve us. This is where many wonderful ideas risk becoming unstuck! If we continue to hold onto, and focus on, what we are attached to (the old familiar however uncomfortable) we will neglect the opportunity to nurture the new that is aligned with who we have become, and are becoming!

Taurus is the toddler learning how they affect the world, marvelling in the wonder of their creations. While playing in possibilities is fun, it really is time to reign ourselves in and realise our powerful true natures as creators of realities, of our lives. This is not to instil a sense of guilt, there is a buffer zone whereby our intentions harbour us from mis-creations as we learn to wield our powerful gifts! Just remember that responsibility grows in proportion to awareness, so those who have achieved a high state of awareness (even when out of it momentarily) will experience everything being attracted back to them and magnified in bigger and more powerful ways! Fantastic when the creation intent was in love from the heart, but a rough ride when it was sent out in a moment of despair, frustration and anger. But it's all good, it's all part of the journey of self-discovery! There are no mistakes, just lessons, plus Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love, and there is Love for all of us, in spades, just for being, just because we are. It's always a great time to remember how loved we all are.

The discovery that each one of us is at the centre of our universe, here now to be all that we are, to embody it, to ground it in the physical, to take responsibility and intend to create from the heart, in Love, is all possible in the Time of Taurus. Enjoy. In Love. Love, Virginia.