Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sun into Leo, 22nd July 2012: Shining Through Distractions

The Sun went into Leo on July 22nd just after midday in Germany, 6pm in Singapore, and 8pm in Australia, so I am a few days late with this blog.

I have no excuse except that I didn't feel like putting myself through possible heavy intense collective energy when I was feeling so light and peaceful, but last night I felt bombarded by collective stories and writing helps with their release whether they are mine or another's, so here goes.

Big, powerful, dynamic energies are available to us right now and the filter through which they are received determines everything. While this is always the case the intensity knob has been turned up higher than ever before, actually it keeps being turned up, and will continue to be turned up throughout the year. 

I have been writing monthly posts since March and what I have come to appreciate is that they all still apply to one group or another because each month is dealing with a different spoke on the vibrational wheel, and we are not all doing the same spoke at the same time. This is a wonderful thing because there is always a group of beings able to hold a happier, more peaceful space while others delve deep to release more and more. 

Energy comes in waves and the waves continue to roll in regardless of how we are dealing with them. In many ways this year is a make or break year. The waves are continuing to roll and are increasing in intensity. Get on board the spiritual evolution spiral or decline, because if you aren't prepared to start sifting through your garbage (old belief systems and stories you are attached to), face who you think you are and become who really are, you will find the space you inhabit shrinking to an unbearable intensity. I don't want to predict what happens at breaking point, because it is different for everyone, but serious illness and major breakdowns and burnouts are all high on the possibility scale.

For those who accept change, embrace new discoveries about themselves and make efforts to release stories and belief systems that no longer serve them, space will open up and the intensity will subside for some time. As each new energy wave hits the intensity is turned up and the process begins again with ever increasing levels of awareness. The Sun in Leo 2012 is a time of big possibilities in terms of receiving rewards once you know how to see them through the drama. When you can see that your awareness level increases each time the same old story comes up (again and again and again) feel assured that you are on the right path.

Creativity and joy go hand in hand with Leo, and so too can drama. Now is ripe for creativity, but now more than ever we are at risk of being pulled into drama. Some of us thrive on drama, it makes us feel important, and Leo does love to stand out, or not, because sometimes Leo is self-conscious and excruciatingly uncomfortable with attention, and all too aware of standing out in the crowd. 

Drama attachment is not an easy pattern to break. The intensity and attention that comes with being at the centre of a big story is a difficult thing to let go of. At the time you might be saying that you aren't enjoying it, but once the drama has subsided, and peace and quiet settle in, the stillness can feel like melancholy and boredom can set in. It can feel like you are not really existing, not being noticed, the wish for another drama arises, and so the pattern continues. This quiet and peaceful time is the perfect time to discover what lies within. Who knows, perhaps your inner world will meet the needs your outer world drama has been meeting (I have a Leo moon in the first house and this has been part of my experience and now I am trying to release the drama here) or you will let go of your attachment to drama altogether. Either way you will have discovered more about yourself, released some "garbage," and will be experiencing inner peace more often. Your outer world will reflect this. Peace is a path to joy and your dreams come true.

Turning the other cheek by feeling love and so sewing and watering seeds of love, no matter what powerful and uncomfortable emotions are being churned up or expressed, is the highest path through any drama, on any level.

Everywhere I turn I hear or see something about like attracting like, the law of attraction, how to manifest your dreams, and so on. We are powerful creators and are responsible for our reality. This is how it is. Accept the responsibility and your world will open up in wonderful ways. I choose to keep things simple because I have experienced my creative power and sometimes getting what I want has led to some intense  experiences I do not wish to repeat. For example, I was running late to collect my children from school so I willed every green traffic light and a smooth traffic-free journey. I received exactly what I wished for and arrived on time but half a minute from my destination two children ran out in front of me, one after another, from different places, then a parent walked in front of my car as I drove through the car park. These people did not see me but thankfully I saw them. Perhaps I was not meant to be there.... 

Sometimes it feels as though everything is going wrong and nothing feels further away than the manifestation of our wish, but this can be because we need to be directed somewhere different to where our minds think we should be. The clearest example I can think of happened between one and two years ago. I was flustered and agitated, couldn't think clearly, couldn't get organised and couldn't find my keys. I had a friend visiting and had a plan for what I wanted to achieve that day, but by the time we made it into the car we were running late so I had to totally change my plan. Interestingly as I started my car I noticed that the speedometer showed an 1111. Talking about this with my friend calmed me down. Perhaps I was in right time right place and there was nothing wrong after all. An hour later, while in my friend's condo pool with one of my sons (filling in time before collecting my other son) I pulled a drowning girl out of the water. I wasn't supposed to be there, and I received no thank you or acknowledgement as the three year old's mother was intent on reprimanding her spluttering daughter for entering the pool while her back was turned, but I did realise just how important it is to go with the flow. 

There is a perfect and true path for all of us but most of the time we are blind or resistant to it. Trust is everything. When we know that we are always in right time right place we are always in right time right place. 

I no longer wish myself to be on time, or somewhere in particular when there are obstacles. Wishing something different to what is happening is resistance to what is. I simply accept the journey as being perfect. "I am in perfect time." I see my active role as becoming master of my mind and emotions so that I am able to enjoy the ride that is my true path, even when I am unable to see ahead because there is a sharp turn or an obstacle. When I can see ahead, no matter how unlikely it may seem at the time or how much I want it or am resisting it, I am learning to allow everything to unfold in perfect time.

I have discovered that life unfolds according to our internal vibrational alignment rather than on a timeline. When we are in alignment with a certain vibration, the gifts and lessons of that vibration are revealed. Sometimes we are earlier or later than expected and supporting energies (planetary alignments, the space being held by others and so on) are out of synch with where we are in terms of vibration, but this is perfect too as an unexpected layer of  gifts, wisdom and lessons are made available to us. We always receive exactly what we need in every single moment. Then gift of peace and patience is always on offer. 

When we find joy in the little things we attract more joyful experiences. When we find peace, even in a storm, we attract more peace. Being and feeling love attracts waves of love back. We only have to feel worthy of giving, receiving, and ultimately being, peace, love and joy. 

Leo loves romance, needs romance. Romance yourself to attract more romance into your life. Treat yourself as though you have just met who you really are and have fallen madly in love. Have candlelit baths, buy yourself flowers, love yourself deeply, even the parts you aren't comfortable with. Fresh new love sees only what is beautiful and feels magical beyond words. Who doesn't want to feel that?

When we are walking our path, living our truth, we simply stand out. We don't have to live a big visible life, most of us are not here to do so, but we are all here to live our life in a big way. The time of the Sun in Leo is the perfect time to start shining as who we really are, in all our glory. So you may stand out, you may find people react to you uncomfortably, but so what, that is their stuff. Any negative reaction to you is simply their resistance to being who they really are. You may also find as you become more comfortable with who you are that you inspire others to be who they really are. There is no competition. There is space for everyone when we are who we really are. The Sun in Leo says stand tall, stand proud, simply be who you really are, be authentic, trust and everything will fall into place in perfect time.