Monday, 25 May 2015

The First Quarter Moon in Virgo: Breaking Out of the Mould and Perfect Bliss

The Moon is in her First Quarter Phase. The first lunar square is exact at 17:18/5:18pm UT/GMT, May 25th. The Moon is in Mercury-ruled Virgo and squares the Sun in Mercury-ruled Gemini. Mercury is retrograding through Gemini and Mars is also in Gemini! All I can say is Mercury is expressing in many different ways, many of them challenging!

Virgo refines and seeks perfection, Gemini is an air sign who loves collating information and communicating; Both are mutable and therefore changeable.

I'm not sure how this Mercurial energy is affecting everyone else, but as somebody with Saturn and a Venus-Mars conjunction in Gemini I feel like I could be anywhere, fluttering and charging here there and everywhere, and in moments I am, but last night it became clear how best to use this Mercurial Virgo-Gemini energy: BREAK OUT OF THE MOULD! I was trying to go to sleep but was experiencing a familiar energetic pattern that I have always found uncomfortable and no longer find acceptable. I said STOP, no more, just like that!

The Sun has just moved out of Fixed Taurus and into Gemini. Feels like a perfect time to break out of the mould of other's projections, break the glass ceiling, move out of the box, and go beyond the limits set by others, and ourselves!! Mercury is the messenger, the God who carries messages between the Underworld, the Earth Plane and the Heavens. Mercury is not limited to any realm. Mercury can go everywhere!!!

Last night I experienced myself traveling in and out, up and beyond. I noticed that those who have set limits are pushing against a glass ceiling, so to speak. I allowed no other being's limits to limit me. The way I did this was to not check in on where I was. There was no comparison or levels, just expansion and limitless-ness. I soared because I can.

We all can but so many set limits in both obvious ways and ways that don't feel like limits. Whenever we feel or think we have arrived, fully awakened, evolved, that we are at the top, the pinnacle of our last mountain, we limit ourselves because there is always MORE!! If we have a body there is always MORE, more to discover, more to expand into, more to connect with, more to come into alignment with, more to embody!!!

It is not easy to let go of comparisons and attachment to knowing ourselves to be at a certain level, but doing so is the way to be truly free and limitless! Feel any tension and allow it to show where we need to break on through, to the other side, or better yet, where we need to create and be as though there is nothing left to break through, and then, so it is... LIMITLESS PERFECT BLISS!!!

Let's soar because we can! No limits!!

Let's dance! Let's soar! Love!!!

PS... Well that was yesterday, but today has been a very different story! I can't remember a time when I have felt more scattered! My explanation is that a foundation stone that no longer serves my true purpose has been removed, or my old story has come to a completion. The ensuing chaos or scattering indicates everything is shifting, the soul pot is being stirred, the pieces are coming together in a new way. Exciting but rather challenging... 

Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Taurus and Hawthorn Tree New Moon: Grounding What We Really Truly Want in the Physical

The Taurus/Hawthorn New Moon is exact at 4:11 am UT/GMT on Monday 18th may. The New Moon is a creatively potent time and is the perfect time to consciously make a wish or two. Mercury has begun its thrice yearly Retrograde period so for the next three weeks communication and the way our mind processes could bring challenges, or even some fabulous insights. Mercury is retrograding through Gemini, one of the signs it rules and is comfortable in, so I am feeling quite optimistic, and not experiencing any tech challenges yet. You can read something I wrote about Mercury retrograde a couple years ago here

Taurus is Fixed Earth and happens to be my Sun Sign. What was seeded in Aries is nurtured and built upon in Taurus. Aries creates something from nothing. Taurus grounds that something in the physical.

The Taurus New Moon is great for making wishes around manifesting physical comforts and personal resources. Taurus rules the physical senses so sensual pleasure is a big Taurus theme. Taurus rules “enjoyment of life on Earth,” says Jan Spiller in her book “New Moon Astrology” so the Taurus New Moon is a great time to make wishes around increasing or manifesting appreciation, gratitude, contentment and a greater rapport with nature. Taurus rules building and therefore wishes around creating solid foundations, persistence, resilience, perseverance and thoroughness are all supported. Taurus also rules patience, dependability and trustworthiness so now is a good time to make wishes around creating more of that in your life. Taurus rules self-worth, awareness of personal needs, appropriate boundary setting, strong values, self-acceptance and determination. A wish around this might go something like, “I wish to consciously experience feelings of self-worth in all areas of my life.” The Taurus New Moon is the perfect time to make a wish to release detrimental inflexibility, resistance to change, possessiveness, stubbornness, stagnation and holding onto dogmatic opinions. Taurus rules the throat, the thyroid gland, the metabolism, voice, vocal cords, chin and neck and wishes for health and healing in these areas will be supported at the Taurus New Moon..

In essence, Hawthorn, the Celtic tree sign at this Taurus New Moon, represents the energy of cleansing. Hawthorn clears the heart and mind of negativity, stimulates love and forgiveness and offers clarity. It brings patience and stillness.

Hawthorn is ruled by Mars, Venus and Vulcan. Hawthorn symbolizes purification, Sacred marriage and male–female unity. Hawthorn’s deities include Hera, Olwen and Mother Mary and it rules Blackbirds, Owls and Purple Martins. Interestingly I dreamt of a Blackbird today and last week I took some photos of the most heavenly light flooding Mother Mary’s Grotto in the forest nearby my house. I can see the influence of Hawthorn in my life at this time.

In healing and herbal lore, hawthorn flowers, leaves and berries have blood-pressure reducing properties, and can be used to treat heart and circulatory disorders, migraine, symptoms of menopause, insomnia and angina. The flowers are a strong sedative when taken internally and externally can be used to treat acne and skin blemishes. The berries contain Vitamin C and B-complex and can be crushed to treat kidney problems and diarrhea. 

Hawthorn, as a sign of both fertility and death, contains knowledge of both reproduction and transformation. The Hawthorn month is a time of fertility, masculine energy and fire. Male potency is high at this time, following Beltane/May Day, so this is a great month for conception. The original Maypoles were made out of Hawthorn.

The Hawthorn Tree, along with the Ash and Oak, form the “fairy triad” and together attract the Fae.  The Hawthorn tree holds strong magic and forms a portal to the fairy realms. This is also a powerful time to focus on keeping a barrier between ourselves and things we do not want in our life. It is a great time to push away lingering and old problems, thoughts and irritations.

Around this time, five years ago, ago I spent a day with a healer out in nature. We were surrounded by jungle and a lake as we worked. We talked about goddesses, spirals, dancing, the appropriate sharing of knowledge and wisdom, and how clear our energy becomes once we are in a natural environment.

As we sat I was asked, “What do I really want?" Did I want to leave the Earth plane, ascend so to speak, into heaven? Did I want to teach on top of a mountain? Did I want Heaven on Earth? My answer was quickly delivered. I have known since I was a small child that my mission this lifetime was aligning Heaven and Earth; Creating Heaven on Earth.

Heaven on Earth is not a new idea and I know others feel that creating Heaven on Earth is their mission too. There are many of us, but getting really clear on it was helpful for me that day. I spent the next hour mediating on bringing two equilateral triangles (one representing the Earth and the divine feminine, the other representing Heaven and the divine masculine) together in a 6-pointed star alignment in my heart of hearts. There are many dimensions to this practice, and deeper meanings to the triangles, or pyramids and beyond, but I want to keep it simple. We are each a little piece of Heaven on Earth. Know it. Keep the greater mission of your life clear no matter what little challenges are presented; These little things may seem like mountains at the time, but they pass, our greater mission is a constant, conscious or not.

The mandala below is another version of the same idea. The pink cross represents the collective Consciousness embodied within Christ Consciousness, which spans, and therefore connects, Heaven and Earth. The diamond within the diamonds represents the absolute heart of hearts and purity.

In a nutshell, this Hawthorn/Taurus New Moon is a time to let go of or discover solutions to old problems and irritations, play with the fairies, open our hearts even more, be clear on what we choose to create and start living Heaven and Earth as one; First with our hearts and then grounding into our full-being, and so the physical realm! 

Let’s dance! Feel! Wish! Love!!!!!!!!

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Mandalas and photos by Virginia

Monday, 11 May 2015

The Last Quarter Moon In Aquarius: Integrity and Alignment to Embody Heaven on Earth

The Last Quarter Moon was exact at 10:35 GMT/UT on Monday 11th may, about half an hour before I began to write this blog entry.

I have had a busy few days with guests and have had far less time and head space, than usual, to process the current astro-energies.

The main thing on my mind today, and of late, has to do with alignment, integrity and the conservation of personal energy.

If ever there was a time to stand on one’s own feet and stand up for oneself, it is now. For far too long many of us have given freely of our time, energy and knowledge to prop-up and benefit others. This was perfect before, but no longer.

We simply cannot compromise our integrity and be out of alignment with our truth in order to be liked, approved of or in service to the will or vision of others. 

We have only enough for our own purpose now, and it is high time to completely align with that purpose. We must not allow ourselves to be manipulated into giving over any of our personal power, energy, knowledge to anybody. This may sound hard or even selfish, but there is simply no other way for us to become all that we are, and fulfill our personal destinies. We can no longer afford to prop-up others, because we only have enough for our own purpose.

Everyone must do their own work now, for the sake of the greater picture. We are all a little piece of heaven which we must now embody and ground so that the greater picture, that is Heaven on Earth, may become whole and visible.

Short and sweet and perhaps a bit of tough love, but there it is, as I see it today.

Let’s dance together embodying our unique being and purpose!!! Heaven on Earth is the new world! We can do this! We were born for this! LOVE!!!

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Mandala and photo by Virginia

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Scorpio Full Moon: Illuminating Deep Truths

There are a few things I would rather be doing right now (sleeping and sleeping:) but I feel a strong compulsion to write and share my ramblings about the coming Scorpio Full Moon on Monday 4th May, exact at 3:42 am UT/GMT.

In Native American lore April’s Full Moon is called Planter’s Moon, Pink Moon, Do Nothing Moon and Big Wind Moon, to name a few. The Scorpio Full Moon is Wesak, the legendary time of Buddha’s return. In Chinese Astrology this is the Dragon Full Moon, and in Celtic Astrology it is the Ngetal/Reed Full Moon whose symbols are the white hound and the stone. In both Modern Western and Modern Celtic Astrology this Full Moon is ruled by Pluto.

Scorpio’s waters are deep, dark and oftentimes feel murky. We are feeling within the realms of the subconscious. At Scorpio Full Moon buried emotions and psychological impulses surface, sometimes very unexpectedly, into our conscious awareness. In other words a spotlight shines on a deeper truth behind our impulses, compulsions, emotions and thoughts. Scorpio probes deep. Scorpio and it’s planetary ruler, Pluto, rule the underworld and transformation. We may find this Scorpio Full Moon illuminates our transformation so that we may appreciate how far we have come and make a leap forward.

At New Moon seeds are sewn from both our conscious wishes and our subconscious and unconscious dreams and desires. At Full Moon we see what we have sewn. What is rising into our conscious awareness from our inner depths at this time? 

I am reading “Yesterday’s Sky: Astrology and Reincarnation,” by Steven Forrest. The process of understanding my chart’s deeper meaning, in terms of past-life issues which have been restricting me this life, at least on an emotional level, is proving to be very transformational. The impulse to dig to a deeper level of self-understanding is very Plutonic and Scorpionic. I am discovering that everything I have ever felt, thought and remembered about my previous life-times is in my birth chart. This is illuminating and confirming the depth of my self-perception and understanding over decades which is wonderful as I had started to question if perhaps I had been accessing collective memories rather than personal past-life experiences. I feel transformed and empowered at this Full Moon and it feels crystal clear to me that the only way through to fulfilling my destiny and embodying my full-potential is to be in a state of super awareness and consciousness in every moment. It’s a huge ask but I feel this is the same for many… The Scorpio Full Moon is in perfect time.

In between writing this, I am watching “Selma,” a movie which chronicles, in part, Martin Luther King’s Civil Rights Movement. I was already thinking deeply about my purpose and what raising consciousness means to me when King was quoted in the movie as saying something like, “we need to raise white consciousness if we want racial equality.” What does raising consciousness mean to you and what is its purpose in a broader spiritual sense? What can we hope to achieve as the old world gives birth to the new? Will the new be a creation of elevated consciousness or the creation of unhealed deeply buried and subconscious psychological impulses? What is the Scorpio Full Moon illuminating for you so that you may raise your consciousness even further? When we raise our consciousness we contribute to the raising of the collective consciousness…

Last weekend (the weekend of the First Quarter Moon) while I would have liked to have been sleeping soundly, I was both wide awake and feeling expanded. Part of me would like to keep the experience to myself but I also feel it’s important I share the possibilities, the grace we are being afforded at this time, as well as expressing gratitude for the period of personal grace we were all given, which has come to a completion so that we may level- up, step-up, or man-up (a sporting expression and a line in the closing credits track in Selma).

Whether we have been aware or not, we have experienced a period of grace where all were given the opportunity to experience raised states of consciousness and receive information that may have otherwise been beyond our state of consciousness and awareness. Doors were unlocked and left wide open for us to walk through energetically. The doors are still wide open, but in order to stand on our own feet in self-achieved expanded states of awareness, our support structure has completely shifted. The purpose of this period of grace was to demonstrate, from within, what we needed to align with to be whole, healed, aware and a more expanded being. When this period abated or abates we may experience anything from feeling abandoned, to dead inside, to understanding that the training wheels are off and perhaps even being excited at coming into our own empowerment. We each experience this at a different moment in time for reasons that are complex and beyond me to explain in his moment.

After the Full Moon, light begins to wane and there is a break-down of what is no longer useful or relevant. The forces of creation and the forces of destruction are one due to the cyclic nature of energy. Like the dark and the shadow, destruction is feared. Like the light, creation is held in high esteem. Yet, light cannot exist without dark and creation is made possible through transformation of energy. Nothing is ever really destroyed, rather, energy has been transformed. The breakdown of energy which is to be transformed, is oftentimes experienced as a form of destruction, no matter how gentle.

Last week I heard the words, “I feel like destroying something, I feel like getting even with those who have caused harm…” Gentle words were spoken to the likes of the Fates, the Furies, Shiva, Kali, or whatever we may call the Goddesses and Gods of Divine Retribution, Karma and Destruction. Personal vendettas and vengeance for its own sake will not be supported. The priority is that Mother Earth and her inhabitants shift as gently as possible. Apparently spontaneous collective consciousness raising is set for the coming months and will take place in unprecedented ways. In honour of Mother Earth’s wishes I will call the cyclic transformation of energy, deconstruction and construction, rather than destruction and creation.

The Earth Keepers continue to dance through time. We are invited to join the party at any moment and we may leave at any moment. We dance to support Mother Earth’s shifts and to assist the conscious creation of the new where each being is valued and celebrated purely for being, and no being is in need of nourishment; Body, mind or spirit.

Our personal objectives will be supported when they serve the greater good and Mother Earth’s plan and our true purpose and destiny. Greedy personal gain, at the expense of Mother Earth and her inhabitants health and well-being, will likely fail because the collective consciousness will be elevated to such an extent that support will simply and gently be withdrawn. Liars and cheats will be exposed and their former methods no longer tolerated. I believe we will be gentle as these shifts take place, understanding that once old behaviours have been released we will not hold others, or ourselves, to what they/we were, rather, we will believe in all the wonderful that we and others are capable of, and we will embody this from that moment forth, in all directions of time, across all states of awareness and dimensions.

Lastly, a timeline, of sorts… I saw within the boughs of the Willow tree, two sea serpents and their cosmic egg at a Full Moon. The new was birthed as though from a woman whose thighs were the two branches of a Willow tree. In Celtic Mythology the Willow Tree was the first tree and the Sea Dragon’s egg, contained within its boughs, gave birth to the Cosmos and the Earth. The last New Moon was both the Aries and Willow New Moon. The Willow Full Moon is late in the year, and I expect it will be a time when the new will be seen and experienced as never before.

Let’s celebrate what is rising from the depths of our beings and into our awareness at this Full Moon.

The party is in full swing, we only have to remember our eternal invitation to attend and celebrate together; Both the deconstruction of what no longer serves Mother Earth’s plan, and the construction of what does.

Let’s dance!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!