Monday, 25 May 2015

The First Quarter Moon in Virgo: Breaking Out of the Mould and Perfect Bliss

The Moon is in her First Quarter Phase. The first lunar square is exact at 17:18/5:18pm UT/GMT, May 25th. The Moon is in Mercury-ruled Virgo and squares the Sun in Mercury-ruled Gemini. Mercury is retrograding through Gemini and Mars is also in Gemini! All I can say is Mercury is expressing in many different ways, many of them challenging!

Virgo refines and seeks perfection, Gemini is an air sign who loves collating information and communicating; Both are mutable and therefore changeable.

I'm not sure how this Mercurial energy is affecting everyone else, but as somebody with Saturn and a Venus-Mars conjunction in Gemini I feel like I could be anywhere, fluttering and charging here there and everywhere, and in moments I am, but last night it became clear how best to use this Mercurial Virgo-Gemini energy: BREAK OUT OF THE MOULD! I was trying to go to sleep but was experiencing a familiar energetic pattern that I have always found uncomfortable and no longer find acceptable. I said STOP, no more, just like that!

The Sun has just moved out of Fixed Taurus and into Gemini. Feels like a perfect time to break out of the mould of other's projections, break the glass ceiling, move out of the box, and go beyond the limits set by others, and ourselves!! Mercury is the messenger, the God who carries messages between the Underworld, the Earth Plane and the Heavens. Mercury is not limited to any realm. Mercury can go everywhere!!!

Last night I experienced myself traveling in and out, up and beyond. I noticed that those who have set limits are pushing against a glass ceiling, so to speak. I allowed no other being's limits to limit me. The way I did this was to not check in on where I was. There was no comparison or levels, just expansion and limitless-ness. I soared because I can.

We all can but so many set limits in both obvious ways and ways that don't feel like limits. Whenever we feel or think we have arrived, fully awakened, evolved, that we are at the top, the pinnacle of our last mountain, we limit ourselves because there is always MORE!! If we have a body there is always MORE, more to discover, more to expand into, more to connect with, more to come into alignment with, more to embody!!!

It is not easy to let go of comparisons and attachment to knowing ourselves to be at a certain level, but doing so is the way to be truly free and limitless! Feel any tension and allow it to show where we need to break on through, to the other side, or better yet, where we need to create and be as though there is nothing left to break through, and then, so it is... LIMITLESS PERFECT BLISS!!!

Let's soar because we can! No limits!!

Let's dance! Let's soar! Love!!!

PS... Well that was yesterday, but today has been a very different story! I can't remember a time when I have felt more scattered! My explanation is that a foundation stone that no longer serves my true purpose has been removed, or my old story has come to a completion. The ensuing chaos or scattering indicates everything is shifting, the soul pot is being stirred, the pieces are coming together in a new way. Exciting but rather challenging... 

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