Wednesday, 25 February 2015

First Quarter Moon 25th February, 2015 - Powering-up the Dreamtime

The Moon, with its constant movement and alternating between light and dark faces, showed people since ancient times that nothing remained static. The Moon came to represent the cycle of transformation and the ability for one thing to transform into another.

During the First Quarter Moon Phase, exact at 17:13 (5:13PM) GMT/UT, Wednesday February 25th, light and dark are in balance and light is ascending; the Moon is waxing. With light increasing, the structural outline of what is to be, what has been wished for, comes into form. This is the time when the seeds that were planted at New Moon establish roots and a stem.

I sat in this First Quarter Moon and planetary alignment yesterday, feeling the energies, planning what to write in this First Quarter Moon blog. I could feel a sense of excitement, anticipation, a sense of possibilities that were just beyond my awareness at that time. I felt as if all parts were working together, or rather singing and dancing, in a celebration of creativity, harmony and balance. Yet, I was unable to form words. The Moon was void of course and it was not yet time for my ideas and words to take form. 

Today is a different story entirely. Last night I dreamt in a way I have not done for some time. I was very busy in my dreams last night. Many ideas were discussed, though I can't remember the discussions today; typical for dreams. 

The dimension of my dreams was fairy and fairy-tale like. In this magical-feeling sphere, fulfillment and happiness drive the manifestation of wishes and ideas into physically felt experiences and physical form. Fear is simply not part of this dimension. The fairy folk do not do fear. They are pleasure and happiness driven. They are able to bridge dreams and possible physical manifestations. Do these dreams and ideas make you feel good. Shall we make them physical they ask? When we say yes, when we choose happiness over fear, feel good over safe, living our dreams over living in our dreams, the fairies know exactly how to make it happen for us.

Today at First Quarter Moon feel into what you are experiencing, the themes and ideas of the last week and any wishes made at New Moon last week. Make conscious what you are bringing into form. Celebrate the roots of what makes you happy as the roots deepen, as the stem comes into form and then reaches towards the stars. Say no to fear like the fairies. Say no if it doesn't feel good but don't be afraid to feel good. Be mindful of any fears that may arise around a sense of responsibility and duty. Limiting our dreams to those that "fit" within the constraints of our perceived duties and responsibilities severely limits the possibilities. There are no dream or wish police. Dare to dream big and wish freely. Then, follow through by continuing to say yes to the big and free dreams and wishes as they can be felt coming into form, instead of allowing fear and resistance to stop them in their tracks. Trust that all will be taken care of, that all is well and fabulous, that what feels good and fulfills us is good for everybody, and a win-win is not only possible, but guaranteed.

Although there continues to be some tensions in the planetary line-up at this time, there is a beautiful Grand Air Trine between the Moon, the North Node and Mercury. Perhaps you will receive some inspiration around what this life is for and be able to communicate it in a meaningful and emotionally mature and connected way? This could be a complete game-changer!

I love when Venus and Mars are conjunct, as they are at the moment (In Aries). Passion and adventure are the first words that come to mind followed by God and Goddess aligned. Beautiful possibilities of gender equality and a future world full of passion and adventure run through my dreamy mind.

Today the Moon is in quick-minded Gemini and the Sun and Neptune are in dreamy Pisces. Although they are square (First Quarter Square) which is known to create tension, there is something really freeing about this energy for me today, perhaps its the conjunction of the Sun and Neptune. I have heard it said many times that our true life is lived in our dreams and that our dreams, through our thoughts, create our reality. It feels as though Gemini is providing the mental dexterity to quickly process and communicate current dream-states, thus assisting the conscious manifesting of our dreams in the physical. As stem and roots come into form at the First Quarter Moon, and through our conscious awareness of what we are building, we are powering-up our dreams.

NOW we are able to harmoniously build upon our wishes with ideas inspired by the Dream-time and, the fairy dimension is able to be once more, in service to humankind in big and beautiful ways.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Aquarius New Moon: Take Two as the Sun Moves Into Dreamy Pisces...

The last New Moon on 20th January was at 0°Aquarius 8'. This one, on 18th February at 11:47 pm UT/GMT, is at 29° Aquarius 59' and is exact minutes before the Sun (and the moon) move into Pisces. 

I'm thinking of the second Aquarius New Moon as a second chance to get things right in the last month of the Astrological New Year when the Sun makes its way through the dreamy Neptune-ruled sign of Pisces. 

Last month I was all fired up about gaining insight into things that have been feeling unclear for some time. I was determined to quickly clear out old patterns and move forward after having personally been through over two years of a very stuck, confusing and foggy-feeling Neptune mid-life transit. Reflecting upon this last lunar month I feel like I've "Jumped the gun" and "thrown the baby out with the bath water" on a few unresolved issues in my efforts to move forward. 

The last part of any cycle contains dark moon phase energy, underworld journey energy; a time of reflection and endings before a new cycle begins. The last few days before New Moon is the Dark Moon phase. The last part of the year is also a Dark Phase. The time leading up to the Winter Solstice, and Winter generally, is a Dark Phase, a quiet time before new life bursts forth. The time during which the Sun travels through Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac and the month before the new cycle begins with the Sun moving into Aries, is also the Dark Phase of the Zodiac Cycle. 

A cycle's Dark Phase time and energy is best spent quietly reflecting and going within which is a type of Underworld Journey. A descent into the Underworld helps develop a relationship with hidden forces in our unconscious, release the past, stimulate our psychic abilities and discover a new mature sense of self and our strengths. As we emerge from the Underworld at the beginning of the next cycle, we can do so feeling transformed and renewed.

The New Moon is a time of beginnings, a time to seed the new cycle. The New Moon is wish time, a magical power moment "that can transform the desires of the heart into material reality" ~ Jan Spiller, New Moon Astrology. The great thing is we know there is a reflection period followed by wish time which we can utilize every lunar month. We can prepare for the new by resting and reflecting during the Dark Moon Phase then make a wish at New Moon, bursting forth into the new cycle feeling renewed and transformed.

The beginning of every cycle contains New Moon energy; Wish-time magical-power-moment-creation-energy. When aware of a cycle, people will want to start the New Cycle fresh. New Year's Resolutions and Spring Cleaning are the most obvious examples I can think of in today's society. And more and more people are harnessing the new cycle energy of the New Moon by making a conscious wish each lunar month.

This New Moon is also Chinese New Year and so the beginning of two cycles simultaneously. 2015 is the Year of the Green Wooden Sheep. Big Yang Theory: Goat, Sheep or Gazelle?

We have a few more days before the second Aquarius New Moon of 2015. We are currently in the Dark Moon Phase of the lunar cycle, the Balsamic Moon Phase, a time best spent reflecting and going within. 

"At the Balsamic Phase, the life impulse distills and concentrates the wisdom of the entire cycle into a capsule of seed ideas for future vision." ~ Demetra George, "Finding Our Way Through the Dark."

As I write this I am reflecting upon the last lunar month as well as the last few years. I want to set a powerful heart-felt intention for this New Aquarius Moon. 

This New Moon marks both the beginning of one cycle, the lunar cycle, and the Dark Phase of another cycle, when the Sun travels through the sign of Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac. The Aries Equinox at 10:45 pm UT/GMT on March 20th, is the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of the Zodiac. It is therefore considered by many to be the beginning of the Western Astrology Calender. The other possible beginning being the Aries New Moon.

I intend on spending the next Lunar Month, as the Sun travels through dreamy Pisces reflecting upon the last year and dreaming up possibilities to seed at the beginning of the next Zodiac cycle. I intend on going deep within during this Dark Phase month of the Zodiac and wish to emerge feeling transformed and renewed as Spring and the Astrological New Year begin in March. I intend to have gained heart-felt insight into what I choose to wish for at the beginning of the Astrological New Year and the Pisces New Moon. The Pisces New Moon in March is also a total Solar Eclipse happening earlier on the same day as the Aries Equinox, when the Sun begins its next cycle through the zodiac. What a super-powerful-magical-wish-time moment that promises to be!

For anybody not sure what to wish for this Aquarius New Moon, Jan Spiller has some great Aquarius-inspired ideas in her book "New Moon Astrology." Here is a smaller selection:

"I want a brilliant, inventive solution to occur to me regarding the situation of____"; "I want to easily find the courage to revolutionize my life"; "I want to easily find myself courageously and successfully following my dream of ____"; "I want to easily find myself supporting outcomes that are good for others, as well as myself"; "I want to become consciously aware of the larger picture of what is happening in the area of ____"; "I want to greet unexpected events as positive opportunities for growth"; "I want to see life in a way that sparks my sense of humour"; "I want to easily find myself realigning my thinking in cooperation with my destiny"; "I want to easily find myself ceasing to take things personally"; "I want to easily find myself making choices that are in my highest interests in promoting healthy friendships"; "I want to easily find myself feeling comfortable and self-confident in group situations, relating to others with helpfulness"; "I want self-sabotaging tendencies to withdrawal easily lifted from me"; and "I want all destructive rebellion totally lifted from me."

Aquarius rules the ankles, calves, circulation, cramps, spasms and varicose veins. The Aquarius New Moon is the perfect time to make a wish about healing one or more of these area or to find the perfect healer to assist in healing one or more of these areas. 

As Jan Spiller says in her book, wishes always come true, in one form or another. I concur. Often a wish is granted long after we first made it and sometimes we no longer want the wish to come true when it finally becomes physically manifest. 

Wishes are more powerful when made in writing at the New Moon and for twenty-four hours afterwards. Sit with your wish(es) first. Feel your wish(es) through to make sure it feels authentic and your true heart's desire, not the whim of your ego-mind. 

Happy wish-seed creation and reflection!!!



Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Shake It Off: Last Quarter Moon and Mercury Direct: 12th February, 2015

Last Quarter Moon: Aquarius Sun Square Scorpio Moon (23°) at 3:48am GMT/UT
Mercury Direct 2:57pm GMT/UT

The last quarter moon is energetically and/or physically categorized by the breakdown and decomposition of old and useless forms. According to Demetra George "at the Last Quarter Phase the life impulse has completed its mission, and now begins to reorient to a dimly intuited future."

The last New Moon, an Aquarius New Moon was on 20th January, 2015. Consciously or unconsciously the New Moon precipitates a creation cycle which culminates at the Full Moon. Creations which will not bare fruit are reviewed after the Full Moon and begin being broken down at the Last Quarter Moon. An opportunity for new creations and the building upon of older creations which still have potential to bare fruit comes with each New Moon.

As the Last Quarter Moon square approaches a push for resolution and completion of projects can be felt. For some this is a tense time. Many will feel themselves digging their heels in as they fight for what they wish to still realize. For others the falling away of old ideas and dreams can be felt.

In many ways mental and emotional energy can be felt churning deep within, chipping away below the conscious, sorting and clearing. Bursts of insight may come. Mercury retrograde has had us in review-mode for the last three weeks. We have possibly been confronted by a few communication challenges as well. As Mercury starts moving forward again and the New Moon approaches there will be great potential for further insights which have largely been fueled by processing we may not have been aware we were doing.

These insights will be in perfect time to set intentions and make wishes at the second Aquarius New Moon on 19th February, 2015. A second New Moon in any sign is not a frequent occurrence. It is a second chance to gain insight and clarity over themes of the last month or so, and set right and true intentions for the following New Moon.

The following New Moon, a Total Solar Eclipse, falls on the last degree of the zodiac, 29° Pisces, on 20th March, 2015. The New Moon Total Solar Eclipse occurs just over 12 hours before the March Equinox, when the Sun moves into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. This is a very powerful ending and beginning overlap period which heralds what many western astrologers call the beginning of the Astrological Year. The First New Moon in Aries, this year on April 18th, is also regarded by some as the beginning of the astrological year. Exciting times!!!

Alignment has been a key theme for a while. Many have had strong recent experiences of themselves across multiple dimensions. For some it has felt more like experiencing, across parallel realities and timelines, multidimensional selves that feel very real but may also feel very wrong and out of alignment with who we feel ourselves to be.

It is like every outlying thought and emotion we've ever had through eons of time and untold lifetimes, as well as the beliefs and judgement others have and have had about us, have created multiple and sometimes fragmented versions of ourselves. These are now accessible as never before. Many of these versions of ourselves feel completely out of alignment with who we really are. No doubt we agreed to this experience on some level, but now it is possible to shut down any versions of ourselves that feel wrong.

Some of these multidimensional versions of ourselves and parallel dimensions are completely unnecessary and draining. As we become aware of these multiple versions, we can decide whether to embody them or to dissolve them. We are being delivered into a space where we can lay down and embody our chosen version of ourselves, with complete awareness and authority, without obstacle or limitation, once and for all. This may mean saying goodbye to dreams and people who wish to hold us to the old and wrong versions of ourselves.

The way back to choosing the versions of ourselves which feel both right and true, rather than feeling fractured and "wrong," is through our physical body. Paying closer attention to feelings in our bodies and identifying the "wrong" over-emotional and nonsensical thoughts is key.

As a friend said to me recently, though perhaps in another context, "It is real if you choose it to be."

We really don't need all that baggage and letting it go has never been easier. It is simply a matter of thinking and believing that an experience of our self does not have to be real if we no longer choose that experience.

I feel like I am shutting down far more than I am choosing of late and feeling better than I have for a long time. Yipee!!

Soon there need be only one version. This is a true new beginning, and yet perhaps the continuation of our most ancient but truest self; our eternal being embodied in the physical, in the forever now.

Another theme, which is related, is the challenge of "Other People's Stuff" or OPS.

I had a dream a couple of days ago that clearly illustrated what I needed to understand about OPS:

I stood facing an empty Olympic-sized swimming pool. There was a presence with me I shall call the "pool master." I wanted to swim some laps.

The pool master asked which lane I would like to swim in. I looked for lane 9 (my main numerology number) but there were only 8 lanes.

I felt very indecisive, as I have the last few years. The pool was starting to fill up with swimmers. I started to stress-out and asked the pool master to choose a lane for me, one where I could best serve.

Next thing I was before lane 1. Oh no, I should have said any lane except 1 and 8, because both had felt challenging as I wondered which lane to choose (I was born in a 1 year and my second numerology number is 8 which is interesting to me, but I digress).

As I climbed into the pool a swimmer was coming at me in lane 1. She seemed worked up and it quickly become apparent that she wanted to be number 1. I was a faster swimmer but she refused to let me pass her.

After a few laps of extreme frustration I stopped her and asked, "did you just see me and want to beat me without knowing who I am and how fast I can swim? Do you need to be number 1. at all costs?" She smiled and said yes. There was no malice, just her truth.

I instantly decided that I couldn't stay in a lane where I was being held back and prevented from swimming at my pace, but all the other lanes were jam packed. For a moment I felt very disappointed with what my indecision had manifested. Then I remembered there was another pool. Turned out I knew this complex well. It was the landscape of many dreams, and besides, I didn't even have to swim. I could do what ever I wanted.

As I turned away from the pool a fight broke out between the competitor and the swimmers around her. Not my fight, not my stuff, I thought. OPS!!! With none of the guilt and responsibility I used to feel about experiencing OPS, I simply walked away.

As I write I feel a song coming on. Actually it is a track on a CD my children have been playing the last week: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. It has become my week's ear worm and after writing this blog, my mantra. No matter what you do the player is gonna play, the hater is going to hate but we can all choose to "shake shake, shake, shake it off, SHAKE IT OFF!!!

We all have an opportunity to self-define, to lay down our truth first from an inner authority, to dissolve what we feel is untrue and will not bare fruit, and to remove ourselves from the restrictions of OPS.

For the first time in a long time, I feel excited!!!