Tuesday, 26 March 2013

1st April 2013 - Astronergy™ Healing One-Liners

Wow! Look out! You are on fire and making an impact and by mid-April your mouth will have caught up with the rest of you.

You are still treading emotionally deep waters but your feet will find more solid ground by mid-April.

It’s time to come up for air and face what you have been avoiding and yes, this will more than likely include experiencing those pesky things called emotions.

It’s all out there now! Nothing to do but wait and see what comes back to you.

Nothing wrong with roaring and now is the perfect time to express the true you as creatively as possible. Holding back will only hurt you!

High time you threw off the shackles of your own creation. If you don’t it will be like trying to squeeze yourself into an ever shrinking space.

Love, love, love, just the way you love it, but in order to receive it you will have to dig deep and be more open than ever before.

You may still be feeling a bit restricted but if you can find some middle ground a new way forward will open up.

Shoot those arrows now, but dare to do it with heart and feeling. Luck is where your true feelings are.

What happens when you have dug as far as you can and are running low on resources? Ask somebody for assistance. No man or woman is an island, not even you! You need a break, or better yet, a holiday.

You might have to look somewhere new for bright ideas. Your usual source may seem a bit foggy right now!

You have a lot going on. The good news is that feeling your way has never been more “in” and as productive as it is right now! You know what to do!