Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Gemini and Oak New Moon

The New Moon was exact at 2:05:18 pm/14:05:18 UT/GMT on Tuesday 16th June. As with every New Moon the following twenty-four hours is a potent time to set intentions and make a wish, or many.

After this intense Gemini Mercury retrograde most of us will have a good idea or feeling about what seeds we would like to sew at this time, so I won’t suggest any Gemini themes.

I have had a busy day and was out and about just before the New Moon was exact. I didn’t have any confrontations but I encountered a few frustrated and perhaps angry people and found many people wanting to communicate and interact more than usual. Perhaps that is because Mars is also in Gemini and conjunct the Sun and Moon at this New Moon.

Earlier today I was thinking how different forms of expression and different emotions are misunderstood and labelled as anger, as happened to me yesterday when I was very upset and hurt about something and was accused of being angry, something I wasn’t feeling at the time. Once upon a time the angry label may have applied, and while some over-reaction may still occur pinpointing the root feeling or root issue has never been easier. 

Perhaps this Mercury retrograde has brought awareness or somehow refined and re-defined your thoughts, connections and communicating styles, as I feel it has for me. The best way I can describe it is what was once experienced as a 7 coloured rainbow has become a multi–coloured spectrum of shades, and what was once a multi-coloured spectrum of shades has become a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional experience and so on into what becomes utterly indescribable in words for me, at this time at least.

Recently I read something that said we are more than our astrology chart. It started me thinking about my definition of astrology and astrology charts again. We are greater than the sum of all physical and experienced parts, but so are the stars and the planets. Everything is greater than what we can conceive, but it is difficult to interpret and understand beyond what we are able to conceive. We are limited by our imagination. When we limit what the stars and planets are, and represent, to just the physical, we limit astrology and its possible interpretation. When we limit Astrology to include only our solar system and only the luminaries and official planets plus Pluto (not sure of its current planetary status) we also limit Astrology and its interpretation. I can see how people think Astrology is less than all they are, but ultimately this is only true of the interpretation of Astrology. We are connected to all things, “As below, so above, as above so below,” and we are made of stars. Many believe that Source or God/Goddess is a Star… anyway food for thought, something Gemini loves.

I am way behind on so many writing projects because this Mercury retrograde “took me out” in terms of my usual creative focus and outlets. Even as I type this I am standing, stooping over a table of normal dining height. I have had great difficulty sitting still this last month and it doesn’t look set to change anytime soon. So while I have managed to paint my Oak Tree Celtic Astrology sign mandala, I have not had the chance to research and write about it. I plan on adding it to this blog over the next few days but I’m not holding my breath. Who knows what the coming days will bring? The last few weeks has been very interesting and a huge learning curve energetically-speaking. 

On Sunday 21st at 4:37:53 pm/16:37:53 UT/GMT, the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer, marking the Summer Solstice and "Full Moon" phase of the Solar cycle in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice and "New Moon" phase of the Solar cycle in the Southern Hemisphere! I hope to write a little more on that too.

Happy Gemini New Moon! Don’t forget to make some wishes and set intentions for the next lunar cycle! Keep dancing!! Love!!!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Don’t Mess With My Mojo: Last Quarter Moon In Pisces, Mars in Gemini and Mercury Direct.

The Last Quarter Moon is exact on 9th June at 3:40pm/15:40 UT/GMT. Mercury swings back around this week. This should alleviate any communication/miscommunication issues including wifi problems which I've experienced the last few weeks. Mercury stations on 10th June and goes direct on the 12th at 10:33pm/22:33 UT/GMT. Mars is in play too. Mars is transiting Gemini, like Mercury, and is conjunct the Gemini Sun and squaring the Pisces Moon at this Last Quarter Moon.
It has been another fascinating week, albeit a challenging one personally. There are a number of themes that have been brought to my attention and I really don’t know what to focus on so I’m going to start with Mars in Gemini.

I read somewhere recently that Mars in Gemini is stubborn. I certainly feel like digging my heels in on a few things today. I mean digging them in so that nothing and nobody can move me anywhere I don’t choose to go. And yet it feels as though some force has been doing everything in its power to try and bend me, shape me, and mold me against my will. I keep thinking I’ve broken free and then it seems to find a new way to hunt me down, limit me and de-energize me. This is what I have to say on the matter: Don’t mess with my mojo!!!

Originally the word mojo means a charm or a spell but now it is more commonly said to mean sex appeal or talent. The definition of mojo in the Cambridge English Dictionary is “a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy.”

Pisces is the zodiac’s chameleon, Gemini is the “jack of all trades,” and Mars rules sex appeal and energy and therefore our mojo. We can be whatever we want and try a few things on for size right now I reckon, especially in these last couple days with mercury retrograde! Why limit ourselves to what we have become? Gemini has a Peter Pan quality and with the Sun, Mercury and Mars transiting through Gemini, why not allow ourselves the fun and freedom we had in younger years, exploring new ways of being and setting new possibilities fearlessly ablaze?

If you are going through the same thing as me, dormant parts of self are rising from deep within and unexpectedly springing to life. The restrictive controlling forces that I have experienced and observed this week have aroused my inner rebel, and as I said above, I’m digging in my heels. I’ll shift and change, but I’ll do it on my terms. I’ll do it my way!!

It’s been a bit of an exhausting week really. I’ve felt scattered and like I was in the next room or the next universe in more than a few moments, but now I’m focused on calling back the scattered parts of myself. I’m calling my mojo back home and I have no intention of letting it dissipate again. I feel this will continue as a process as the Sun, Mercury and Mars move through the rest of Gemini, into Cancer, and beyond!
I don’t want to get into the whole duality light versus dark thing but I do feel it is important to work towards taking conscious and full possession of our energy and thoughts while aligning ourselves with what brings us peace and keeps us present and mindful; Now more than ever. I love expanding and exploring and feeling like I’m going where Angels fear to tread, but I feel time and energy is best spent, for the next little while at least, becoming as solid, present and peaceful as possible. We need to fill the spaces in-between the space we inhabit, if that makes any sense. Yes do it with fun and believe in the limitlessness of our beings but don’t sparkle with the stars unless we also have our feet firmly on the ground, unless we are firmly in our bodies. Spaces will be filled. We want to choose the space-fillers with as much awareness as possible.

The burden of our responsibilities may be felt greatly at this time. Perhaps we no longer need to be burdened by some of our perceived responsibilities. Really, we are only responsible for ourselves and our children, while they are children. Some of us are overly responsible and therefore overly burdened. I dreamt I was carrying around two large heavy wooden wardrobes the other night. Everywhere I went the wardrobes came too. It was exhausting, carrying them, finding a place to put them... I quickly realized one of the wardrobes does not belong to me and I began working towards off-loading it while processing the contents of the other. Turns out that the other wardrobe isn’t all mine either. My digestion was poor for a few days but has continued to improve since as I digest, process, and let go… Carting around these wardrobes has definitely been a major mojo-drainer and the discovery of this has been both interesting and unexpected! May the unburdening continue!!!

Next week is the Gemini New Moon. We may observe the deconstruction of old parts of ourselves and our dreams leading up to the New Moon. We may also gain insight and feel inspired by what is being deconstructed and/or what is being, or can be, created and constructed. Some of us may wish to be quiet, secluded and still during the balsamic or dark Moon phase that is the few days before the New Moon. This is a powerful time that renews and rejuvenates us for the next Lunar Phase.

These are amazing times. They may feel like heavy, dark and challenging times, but they are also full of beautiful possibilities and unfolding wonders; For eyes that can see; For ears that can hear... We may need to remind ourselves of the beauty and possibility constantly. We may frequently doubt it because it is not our current experience, but we must not give up. We need to find practices that bring us back to peace and thinking of beautiful possibilities. Mindfulness, meditation, gratitude practices, dancing, spending time with kids and spending time in nature are some tried and tested ways for many many of people. These things may not appeal to you. That’s fine. Find what does bring peace and grounding and do it often. We need all the gratitude, peace and presence of mind, body and spirit we can create.

Let there be peace, grounding and gratitude. Over and out, for now! LOVE!!!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Sagittarius Full Moon: Open Hearts, Liberation, Miracles, Bigger is Better and Rocking Our World

The Full Moon is exact at 16:18/4:18 pm UT/GMT, Tuesday June 2nd. In Native American lore, the June Full Moon is also called Honey Moon, Rose Moon, Flower Moon and Strawberry Moon, to name a few.

Now is the time to open our hearts as never before. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Jupiter is currently transiting through Leo. Leo rules the heart. Now whether this is the reason the heart has come up as a theme the last week I have no idea but I have had more conversations about the heart and love this week than usual. A friend was saying recently that you can grow the heart energetically/emotionally or physically. We want emotional/energetic growth. If we are unable to open our heart and expand this way we may experience resistance that can hurt physically. We may also end up with physical heart problems. I have found that my heart hurts when I intellectualize my feelings. Feelings are meant to be felt. Oftentimes our feelings are intense and uncomfortable, so it makes sense to run them through our minds, but in the long run feeling is what is required, and we will be forced back into feeling one way or another.

Every time I think, feel, and see something unpleasant or uncomfortable I say to myself "love is greater than this," because it is. There are so many confronting and tragic things going on in the world and lately I have found I need to consciously remind myself regularly that my heart is bigger and my love is greater than these things. I discovered a long time ago that pretending the unpleasant and uncomfortable does not exist prevented me from being present and feeling truly alive. As a good friend said the other day, we are called to integrity, compassion and empathy, not denial. Perhaps certain beings chose to experience uncomfortable, unpleasant and tragic experiences, but we all chose to birth a new world full of love and compassion. We must embody and live the qualities we wish to fill our Heaven on Earth with. With great love, compassion and empathic action we can shift everything, but that won’t happen if we turn our backs.

Everything may feel more intense and perhaps painful right now but allowing ourselves to feel liberates our being; Being okay with not understand our feelings but feeling them anyway liberates our being. It is okay not to know everything, to not have all the answers. Perhaps it helps to think of the “not knowing” and “not understanding” as a wonderful surprise that will reveal itself within perfectly unfolding moments. Right now I have no idea what is next but I am delighting in the thrill of both the unknown and the limitless possibilities of the times we are living in.

Personal miracles/miraculous-seeming breakthroughs are possible as never before. This has been one of the most amazing weeks of my life. I have nothing new to show for it in the physical and the week’s themes have been intense, to say the least, but I have shifted in a way I have wanted to for a very long time. Things didn’t start amazingly well. I felt very scattered for a few days after writing my last blog entry. I couldn’t focus on anything and found basic things a huge challenge.

The scattering was precipitated by an expansion that took me beyond my perception of the collective reality’s limitations and expectations. Then, quite unexpectedly, a few days later, something that felt like it had been holding my spirit hostage for some years, suddenly let go. By “holding my spirit hostage” I mean that a strong force had been squeezing me into a box that I did not fit into. It felt like the box’s creator used judgements, projections, limitations, opinions and so on, that were completely out of alignment with who I am to hold me hostage. The consciousness behind the force boxing my spirit probably had no idea what it was doing, but it was an excruciatingly uncomfortable time, and while I knew what was happening I was unable to put an end to it. I now know that the experience had its own timeline. There was nothing I could have done to end it before now. All I could do was what I learnt to do in the end; To be patient; To trust myself and my understanding of the experience; And to trust that one day that particular lesson would come to a completion.

I would go so far as to say that right now I feel great. I am soaring, just quietly. I’ve felt happier and more free before, but in those times, upon reflection and with hindsight, I was a bit manic and ungrounded. Now, the happiness and freedom is quiet, comfortable, peaceful and grounded, in my experience. I know from others how the current energies are feeling and I am aware of the themes they are bringing up, but they are not affecting me at the moment. It’s a personal miracle and I’m loving it!!! Hence why I feel now, more than ever before, is the time for personal miracles. Of course it wasn’t so much a miracle as the completion and reward, in perfect time, for a hard lesson learned. May this feeling last.

The Full Moon illuminates what may not have been visible even yesterday. The Full Moon is the half way point of the lunar cycle which began two weeks ago, at New Moon. The last New Moon was in Taurus. What wishes did we sew at the New Moon? What were we dreaming and thinking about at the last New Moon? Perhaps our dreams and wishes have taken root and are bearing fruit. Enjoy!!! If not, be patient and let go. Our human self wants it all now, but our eternal being understands that there is a time, a season, a lifetime for all things.

Sagittarius sees the bigger picture. This Full Moon is an opportunity to see things from an expanded perspective. Expanded perspectives bring insights through understanding beyond the little details many of us get caught up in on a daily basis. Seeing our life from a more expanded perspective can bring peace, optimism, patience and understanding where before there was a racing mind, confusion and overwhelm.

I have noticed some interesting things with time and time lines. Perhaps you have too? Most recently has been experiencing the present as the past, while it is happening. I’ve had this before and it has felt like intense Déjà vu but this time it’s more like Déjà vu on super steroids. I have experienced the place, the events, the conversations and the people before, and yet, I know these circumstances have never before lined up in this way, in the physical. This might not make sense unless you’ve experienced it. I believe such experiences are a sign that I am on the right track. Things are falling into place and I am exactly where I need to be. I am dreaming my true life into being.

I have written a few times recently about Heaven and Earth becoming one. Yesterday I was discussing current energies with a friend. I said it feels a bit like two dimensions are colliding and we are caught in the middle, experiencing both the creation of the new and the deconstruction of what no longer works. Perhaps this collision of dimensions is Heaven and Earth colliding, rocking our world, aligning to become one… It may feel uncomfortable, even unbearable, but it is also full of promise and wondrous possibilities. There is much to look forward to. There is a great celebration going on that some may be aware of, and others are consciously part of. Sagittarius is the zodiac’s explorer. Sagittarius loves breaking new ground. Sagittarius is optimistic, adventurous and enthusiastic. Let’s embrace these Sagittarian qualities as we experience being both the creators and the midwives of our new world!

Restlessness is creeping back in. I have sat long enough writing this. Time to break some more personal new ground!!!

Happy, big and beautiful Full Moon! Keep dancing! Celebrate! LOVE!!! Woohoo!!!