Saturday, 25 May 2013

Sun into Gemini: 20th May 2013 at 9:10pm GMT/UT

I am writing this blog post after the Lunar Eclipse on 25th May. Everything feels more peaceful and lighter than it has in a long while. There is still the feeling that something big is on the horizon but it doesn't feel like life and death as it did only days ago. It feels like we have jumped through a hoop with great success and rewards are on their way, we have only to be open to receiving.

For a while it felt like everything was the wrong way around, as though those who had worked hard for ages were bogged down by the weight of old responsibilities and unable to reap what they had sewed, and those who had arrived later were reaping the rewards instead. Things started shifting about 20 hours ago. I am writing this at 7pm GMT/UT and now it feels as though the burden of old responsibilities has lifted and rewards for hard work are flooding in. For me it's an inner grin, the restoration of my natural light and happy state of being, and all that is created from there.

We are still living in intense, stimulating and often shocking times but this period of the Sun in Gemini carries us on mercury's wings. We are able to better navigate the energetic spectrum of now. We are more able to process in mercurial speed the volumes of information that we are receiving from seemingly everywhere. It feels like our nervous system, mind and body are no longer bogged down by dense energies.While we may still be feeling tired it is not the utter exhaustion of recent weeks, even months. Perhaps the energies we are processing have lightened but I feel it is more that we have upgraded our systems and are better able to deal with all that is happening now.

In Taurus we are deep and sometimes silent within our bodies, but in Gemini we are lighter and more in our minds. This is perfect for now. Many of us who haven't felt like venturing far from home, have avoided social situations or have avoided knowing too much about what has been happening in the world are able to come out into the world now. All of a sudden we are able to handle more stimulation and information.

Personally the difference between now and a week ago is like night and day. I can't exactly put my finger on what is different but my knowing tells me that the tiny adjustments that I have been making daily, with little obvious reward in the moment, have accumulated, pushed me through the eye of a needle and into an expanded now. The relief I feel is immeasurable but I am not in that excited elated state I may once have found myself in under such circumstances, instead I keep catching myself grinning, happy to feel the long missed connection with that something wonderful that I can only describe as being from beyond my wildest dreams. I'm in the expanded but still unfolding here and now after having been through a most unexpected gauntlet of emotional, physical and mental extremes reminiscent of my past. Yay!!!

Once I was able to get a greater sense of the coming month's energy but now I find there is only now. This Sun in Gemini blog post may well have to be written in pieces and pulled together in the fullness of time, or in no time as the case may perfectly Gemini...