Friday, 24 April 2015

First Quarter Moon in Leo: Self-worth and Grounding Our Heart’s True Wish

It’s been an inexplicable week in many ways with a few more obvious and physical “symptoms” coming up for review and release/healing The other main thing I have observed has been lack of self-worth issues, and on the other end of the spectrum, entitlement issues.

The Sun is in Taurus and the Moon is in Leo when the First Quarter square is exact at 11:55 pm/23:55 UT/GMT, Saturday 25th April. Taurus and Leo are both fixed signs, and in Medical Astrology, conditions tend to be physical and often chronic. The other fixed signs are Scorpio and Aquarius.

I first noticed nose/sinus and eye issues at the Aries New Moon last week and since I have had issue with my tongue and speech, have noticed a few strange heart flutters and have an itchy red rash right over my thymus gland. About half an hour ago I fell over and hurt my neck playing soccer with my son who twisted his ankle just after that, and my large intestine is feeling really heavy as I write. Aries rules inflammation (rashes) and both the sinus and eyes, Leo rules the heart and the thymus gland, Scorpio rules the bowels, Aquarius rules the ankles and Taurus rules the neck.

It seems the body parts ruled by the particular signs the Moon has been in, or will be in, at key times this Lunar cycle are being clearly brought into my awareness . The last New Moon was in Aries, the First Quarter Moon is in Leo. The Full Moon on the 4th May will be in Scorpio, the Last Quarter Moon on 11th May will be in Aquarius, and the next New Moon on 18th May will be in Taurus.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the tongue is the sense organ for the Fire Element (Heart, Small Intestine, Pericardium and Triple Heater meridians) and the nose is the sense organ for the Metal Element (Lung/Large Intestine Meridians). In simple terms, the Heart’s psychological/emotional function in TCM is related to vitality and the spirit of living and enthusiasm. Our capacity to experience joy, love, forgiveness, self-love and process sadness are all related to the Heart. The psychological/emotional function of the Lungs is the capacity to let go, be flexible and to process and release grief.

Self-worth and entitlement issues are Leo themes. Leo often looks outside self for validation and needs can be like a bottomless pit which cannot be met, no matter how much validation and reassurance is given, until the root issues are worked through or at least acknowledged. The same is true for entitlement issues. Those with entitlement issues also have an insatiable need to be validated but demand it in a more aggressive or diva-like manner.

Stringing it all together we are being shown physically any remaining emotional blocks and unresolved issues. I can never be sure how much of my experience is purely personal and how much is also a reflection of the collective but I’m going to write as if my experience is collective.

Taurus is a loyal sign, but once hurt deeply, forgiveness or letting go is difficult. Leo, when hurt deeply, closes their heart and the energy drops into the solar plexus creating a neediness that may as well be an abyss. However, with a little self-awareness and inner work, little miracles are possible in these times. A little work or a little insight goes a long, long way. Big shifts are easily possible now, whereas before big shifts felt like they came only after an immense amount of work. Less is more, literally.

I was chatting to a friend yesterday about all manner of things and one of the conversation’s pearls was: “It’s time to know that when you open your heart, you will be nourished and you will flourish!” (Sandra). Our heart’s true wishes are within our grasp, we only have to be open to receive.

The First quarter Moon is not called “crisis in action” for nothing. Listen to the body now, if it is drawing attention to issues that need to be resolved, healed or released, and the fruits of our labour and inner work will be evident at Full Moon in a week, or we will at the very least glimpse coming expanded possibilities. If we have been putting off a trip to the doctor/therapist for a health issue, avoiding a conversation that needs to be had, or avoiding anything that is unresolved that we are aware of, now is the time to act. We are worth it, every single one of us!

I saw a post on FB the other day about us all having been given a clean slate. I recently pulled the blank rune three times in a row. We are at a point where everything is possible, as I discussed in my last two New Moon blog entries. However, any unresolved issues that are being brought into our awareness now, which we choose to ignore, risk leading to us sabotaging our dreams and wishes, visions and inspirations all too easily because we are more powerfully creative now, than ever. Releasing any emotional blocks evident in our bodies now will help ground not only our heart’s true wish, but more of our expanded being into our awareness as well.

Let’s go for it! Let’s release all that pent up sadness and grief, caused by lifetimes of disappointment and hurt. This is the lifetime of dreams come true!!! This is the lifetime of living the value of our worth as well as honouring each other.

Let’s dance!!! Let’s create the world of our dreams, our heaven on Earth!!!

Love, love, love!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 17 April 2015

The Aries, Willow and Dragon New Moon: Beautiful Possibilities

The New Moon in Aries is also the Dragon New Moon in Chinese Astrology and the Willow Tree/Sea Serpent New Moon in Celtic Astrology. The New moon is exact at 18:56:48 GMT/UT on Saturday 18th April, 2015.

The New Moon is a potent time to set intentions, or make a wish, as it is the beginning of the Lunar Cycle, when seeds of the new are sewn. Tomorrow’s New Moon in Aries is the first New Moon since the Vernal Equinox (Northern Hemisphere) and for some it marks the true beginning of Western Astrology’s Solar Year.

“The Vernal Equinox symbolizes the birth of the Fire element. Fire is the first element we encounter on the Tropical Zodiac. Fire is the principle of action. Fire, like Spring, is the spirit of out-rushing energy which charges into the cosmos, obliterating all that stands in its way…Aries is Cardinal Fire…Cardinal refers to birth, the beginning of a cycle. It is the principle of initiation where something arises out of nothing. Cardinality is the creative urge that allows new life to manifest itself into a universe that may already be stable and closed…Cardinal energy reinforces what Fire represents…Aries is the will to exist, the life-force. First there is nothing (Winter). Then there is something (Spring). Out of seemingly nowhere, life bursts forth, claiming its place. “
(Quote from a recent Astrology article I wrote for It’s All Well+Good Magazine. Click HERE to read the rest of the article.)

“Aries teaches courage. It represents the ability of the will to triumph over any intimidation, any obstacle, any doubt.” (“Inner Sky” by Steven Forrest)

The Aries New Moon is a potent time to plant seeds that break new ground. Aries-themed wishes include wishes around new beginnings, authenticity, self-focus, self-discovery, disengaging from patterns of self-absorption, innocence, courage and independence. Aries rules the brain, head, face, sinus and blood, in terms of blood energy. Aries is ruled by Mars. Mars rules inflammation. Any wishes for health in these areas will be supported by the Aries New Moon.

Just a little Medical Astrology link and Aries New Moon wish suggestion for anybody experiencing depression or prone to depression or melancholy: there have been a few articles recently published about research that shows depression is driven, if not caused, by inflammation. As Mars rules inflammation and Aries, and Aries rules the brain as well as the blood through which hormones are transported, make some wishes around your depression lifting or around gaining insight into its root cause or wish to find the perfect therapist to help you work through it.

Everything becomes possible at the Aries New Moon…

It is also the beginning of Dragon month in Chinese Astrology. You might feel increased power and strength because this new Moon begins the month of the Metal Dragon. The Metal Dragon, or white Dragon, is powerful and intense. There is a sense of karma or fate in even the smallest interactions this month. Mighty Dragon is the most powerful sign of the Chinese zodiac, a strong leader who brings luck, prosperity, and rain.” (Susan Levitt -

This is also the Willow Tree/Sea Dragon New Moon in Celtic Astrology. Willow is ruled by the Moon. Willow has a long and extensive history of symbolism affiliated with ritual and metaphysical practices. Willow tree leaves have been found in megalithic burial sites and the tombs of the Pharaohs. At the Feast of the Tabernacle, ancient Israelites decorated their altar with Willow boughs. The Willow tree was considered one of the trees of enchantment, along with the Ash, in Northern Europe and Greece.The first tree of creation in Celtic mythology was the Willow. In the Druidic creation myth the two scarlet sea serpent’s eggs, which contained the Sun and The Earth, lay hidden in the boughs of the Willow. Thus, the universe was “hatched,” symbolizing both cosmic birth and the birth of life on Earth. In Robert Graves account of the life and death of Jesus, Mary Magdalene was living in a Willow tree when she and Jesus first met. 

The wood of the Willow has been used in ceremonies to honour the Moon and to enhance psychic abilities. Symbolically flora and fauna in close proximity to water were thought to inhabit the psychic realm and inspire the imagination. Magically Willow is used in New Moon magick, creativity, fertility, love divination, protection, healing and female rites of passage. A wand made of Willow wood can be used for protection during underworld journeys, to promote more vivid dreams and to draw down the Moon. Witches brooms are traditionally bound with the branch of a Willow.

Willow bark contains salicylic acid which is used to make aspirin. Willow bark infusions have long been used as a remedy for rheumatism, fever and chills. Willow sap applied directly to the skin is an acne remedy. Boiling Willow bark and leaves in water to create a strong decoction and applied once cooled to the scalp is a remedy for dandruff.

Willow is extremely flexible. It can bend into the most extreme poses without snapping. This is a powerful metaphor for the spiritual path. We can be bent but not broken when we are flexible and adjust to challenges rather than fighting against them.

“I am a willow of the wilderness, loving the wind that bent me.” (Ralph Waldo-Emmerson)

The Willow can take root from a single branch in moist conditions and can thrive in the most challenging conditions, a further testament to its adaptability and a reason it is called the Tree of Immortality. Willow reminds us to keep growing and reach higher no matter where we are rooted.

“Willow asks you to bend with her into the path of retrieval. Follow the labyrinth trail, connect with the power of wisdom and the rhythm of your soul, and return to the ordinary world strengthened. You will find that your awareness of your purpose is stronger and your intent cannot be broken by the spell of someone else’s desire.”  (“The Faces of Woman-Spirit - A Celtic Oracle of Avalon,” by Katherine Torres)

In the "Wisdom of Trees," Jane Gifford says the Willow encourages us to express deeply buried feelings so as to ease sadness through tears and the grieving process. The Willow reminds us that sometimes we need to let go completely, to surrender to the watery world of the subconscious and emotions; So that we may be led to a deeper understanding of our inner-most feelings, hidden motives and secret desires and fears. Suppressed and unacknowledged emotions can lead to energetic imbalances and stress, which can lead to illness. The Willow helps us acknowledge that within every loss is the potential for something new.

“We teach what we need to learn,” really! Our experience, process and transformation inspires us to share and inspire others to reach for the stars. It ignites our passion and creativity. In a sense all creativity is ignited by a passion for discovery. The creative process offers a spectrum of lesson opportunities. The more passionate the creator becomes about self-discovery and self-mastery, the longer the path, the greater the challenge, the deeper the experience, the more developed the innate gifts, and the more expanded and connected the resulting being becomes. This drive has an Aries flavour.

Yesterday morning during my mediation/contemplation I heard the words, “I am more evolved than you are.” I find this kind of thinking strange but it also triggers me, because of the arrogance, and because I feel sadness that the spiritual path has become a field of competition.

A truly spiritually evolved being is gentle and humble. They may or may not share their experience and speak their truth, but the need to compare themselves has long since left them. 

Anyway, how can one possibly judge the spiritual evolution status of another being? Aries is competitive by nature. Used most powerfully this Aries-flavoured drive can be used to propel us forward on the path towards becoming the greatest version of ourselves. Used in a less productive manner (long-term) this brings out the worst kind of competition, the ego-fueled spiritual evolution game. Nothing wrong with a healthy ego, in my opinion, but when the ego is disowned or projected it becomes like a raging beast which fills our mind with all manner of distorted thoughts, driven by anything lurking in denied and disowned parts of our being.

In my experience the assessment of status of somebody’s spiritual evolution is usually based upon things like their current challenges. Let’s say Bob is going through some kind of breakdown. Betty thinks, and maybe even says, “Oh I already had a breakdown and recovered, I’m more spiritually evolved than Bob.” 

Not everyone needs to have a breakdown, illness, spiritual emergency, tragic event, near-death experience or trauma to evolve to their next level, though for some of us it feels like we've had one thing after another. Bob may have been on his path for a long time and been in a really aware and expanded state of being when he began to go through his breakdown, while Betty’s breakdown may have been what took her out of her old life and put her on her spiritual path. How can you compare?

Who can tell who is where by when they had their breakdown? These challenges or lessons are merely spokes on the Great Wheel. We don’t all do the spokes in the same order. Some people do not do every spoke in a lifetime, some do a few spokes over and over again. Ultimately the path to spiritual evolution and self-mastery is unique for everyone and when we let go of comparison and judgement we leap forward on our path.

The Great Wheel brings me to time, cycles, spirals and the brain. Since Aries rules the brain and the Moon rules cycles, I’m going to keep on writing!
How we envision time says a great deal about which side of our brain is dominant. 

“The right brain is relational and unifying. When the right brain predominates everything – humans, animals, plants, the spiritual, and physical worlds – is interdependent aspects of one living being. The right brain sees time as cyclic and is audial and intuitive. The left brain is masculine, linear, logical, and visual. “It has been prevalent in the analytical, technological and scientific intellectualism of modern times.” (Demetra George) The right brain focuses on how things are alike while the left brain sees the differences. According to George, left brain dominance sees a separation between self and others, between us and them. Taken to extremes this attachment to self as being external to others results in feelings of isolation, fear, and disconnectedness.”
The above quote is from an article I wrote about the bicameral mind for It’s All Well+Good Magazine. Click HERE to read the rest of the article.

The ancients saw time in terms of cycles; The Lunar cycle; The Solar cycle; The birth, life, death, rebirth cycle. Now, time is measured and thought of by most in the developed world as being linear. Cycles are circular, beginnings are also endings. Something dies but something else is born. Energy is transformed from one thing into another; nothing is lost.

It follows that constantly comparing ourselves to others, judging others and competing is a pretty left brain thing to do. Seeing everything in terms of oneness, win-win and interconnected, as taught on the spiritual path (though not always practiced), is a natural function of the right brain. Perhaps an important step towards spiritual evolution is, at least in part, the return to right-brain dominance; the return to seeing EVERYTHING as interdependent aspects of one living being. 

The Great Wheel spins on a spiral, propelling us onward through experience, and upward in terms of frequency and vibration. Have you ever wondered why some issues and lessons repeat? We often think “but I've done this one so many times already, why? WHY? At least that is what I have often thought.

I feel that our core, deeply rooted lessons, challenges, gifts and life purpose are multi-faceted and part of how we are made. We can only address them up to the level we have reached on the spiral. As The Great Wheel spins onward and spirals ever upwards, back towards the source of all things, we also spiral upwards, addressing each spoke on the wheel destined for us again and again if necessary, or not, we can always resist. We can always choose to try and stay unaware or try and go back to sleep. Some are quite successful, or appear to have been thus far.

I saw a post on Facebook the other day. I can’t remember the exact words but it said something like, don’t focus on the shadow, focus on the light instead. All well and good and I agree, don’t focus on the shadow, BUT one of the least productive and potentially damaging things we can do on our spiritual path is to ignore or deny what our shadow is revealing to us, when it makes its presence known.

The shadow or dark phase is part of every cycle, including the Great Wheel. In the Lunar phase the shadow phase is represented by the Balsamic Moon, the last few days of the waning Moon and just before the New Moon. We can run from our shadow for the rest of our days, it’s our choice, but choosing to address our shadow when it is brought to our attention is the fast track way to unlocking our creative power. When we allow ourselves to acknowledge what makes us feel uncomfortable with ourselves and others, and why, we are able to make more conscious choices as to what no longer serves us, what is no longer in alignment with us and our purpose. The sahdow is not bad or good, it is just what we are denying, or rejecting, or what hasn't been brought into our conscious awareness yet. Sometimes what we are disowning and denying are our gifts and power. If we refuse to look at it, we won’t ever release it, heal it and become empowered by the gifts in the lessons learnt and challenges faced. It will keep coming back, no matter how much love and light we talk and sprinkle.

Earlier today I experienced one of those high pitched sounds. It blasted me in one ear but only lasted only as long as it took for me to acknowledge it and remember the purpose of high pitched ear blasts.

I am currently processing something that has been challenging me for some time. The lesson I am talking about has a lot to do with my boundaries and honouring myself. 

The high-pitched sound made me wonder if I am missing something, if I need to look at the issue from a different angle, if perhaps I am being too stubborn and unwise rather than honest and true with myself? Perhaps there is an opportunity for healing the root cause of this situation? 

Now I am dancing with my shadow. I have experienced a spectrum of emotions since the ear-piercing noise. I have both softened and experienced a brief outburst of anger. I don't get really angry easily or often, but when I do it can be pretty fiery. Fortunately it is over quickly too. I am reminded that once in motion, the pendulum swings from side to side before resting again in the middle. The high pitched noise stirred things-up, made the pendulum swing. I can only wonder where it will lead me.

I am posting this blog entry about 24 hours before the Aries New Moon. It is still the Balsamic or Dark Phase of the Lunar Cycle. The Shadow is likely to have come up for a review of something that needs to be owned, healed or released in the last day or so. It has for me. Perhaps you don’t recognize the energy that shows us what needs to be healed, released or owned as the shadow. It truly matters not what you call it, but allowing it to complete the breakdown of the old so that the energy may be transformed into the new is powerful creatively. That is what working consciously with creative cycles is about. This is more than just any New Moon. The shifts that have taken place since the Solar Eclipse, March Equinox, and Lunar Eclipse have been extremely powerful, even if we can’t see evidence of them in the physical just yet. We are different as a result, whether we are aware or not. We are in a position to seed the new with beautiful possibilities as never before.

Time to make a wish, or two! Let’s dance! Love!!!!!!!!

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Photos and Mandalas by Virginia (except Willow Tree photo)

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Leveling-up and Sky Dancing With the Dakini: The Last Quarter Moon

As the moon wanes and makes her last square to the Sun we find the old and no longer useful being broken down to be transformed into new seeds for sewing at the Aries/Dragon/Willow/Sea Serpent New Moon next week. The last quarter moon is in Capricorn. The last Pluto and Uranus square continues to slowly separate. Mercury’s square to the Moon approaches as Mercury’s conjunction to the Sun separates. It’s only after I finished writing the blog entry below that I realized why Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler) and Mercury themes and archetypes have been at the forefront of my mind. The Last Lunar Square is associated with bringing about a crisis in consciousness, an inner revolt which is precipitated by the breakdown of useless forms and structures.

As I began to think about the themes on my mind as the Last Lunar Square approaches, I was reminded of the performance artist Marina Abramović. She has allowed the public to poke, probe and abuse her while she lay prone. As she explained in an interview for The Guardian, she deals with what she calls “true reality.” She is not acting. Nothing is fake. The emotions are real. The knives, guns, and fire used, for example, are real. The blood, the wounds, both physical and psychological, are real.

This week, since the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse last week, I have come to the conclusion that many of us have been suffering for our lives, not unlike the way Marina Abramović suffers for her art. There is something poetic and beautiful about intensely sensitive experiences, and there are many wonderful lessons to be learnt, but at some point the gifts wane, while the challenges remain.

I have really been immersed in my own process and not so aware of the collective this last week, but I imagine others are in the process of letting go of outmoded ways of being and shifting too. 

A few old patterns have been repeating lately and I am trying to deal with them differently. My biggie this lifetime is my energetic boundaries. Living without boundaries or energetic buffering space is like being a performance artist, all the time. This applies to empaths and sensitives alike. There are many astrological aspects that create intense sensitivity and Neptune transits, in particular, can heighten sensitivity, by dissolving our boundaries for their duration.

From a personal astrological perspective, Neptune is opposite Saturn in my natal chart which, in a nutshell, means I have no container; My boundaries/structure (Saturn) are dissolved by Neptune (the dissolver). It’s simply the way I was made and no well-meaning advice like, “just block it out” has proven helpful. The only thing that helped was when my Astrologer, the lovely Kelly Surtees, said I was fortunate, unlike many Saturn opposite Neptune natives, because the planet Mercury’s placement in my chart provides me with an opportunity to create space around me, a boundary of sorts, through communication; I just have to get it working for me.

My astrology teacher, the late and inspiring Parampara Hughes, said Mercury was the key to my chart; Everything leads back to my natal Mercury. Mercury rules communication. Mercury is the only God able to travel freely between the Underworld, the Earth plane, and the Heavens, and as such is called the Messenger. My natal Mercury is in my 9th house, the house of spirituality and higher learning. Writing these blog entries is helping me finally establish some energetic space around me.
When you don’t have the usual boundary, to “know thyself” becomes a lesson of monumental proportions, as well as a lesson of monumental importance. I have had many dark nights of the soul, and spiritual emergencies, breakdowns, astral attachments, mysterious physical/energetic ailments, intense visions and/or dreams and so on, on and off, for as long as I can remember. Who knows if it was all my stuff? Now I am finally starting to find a way to stand my energetic ground and lay down my piece/peace first. I know the value of my own worth, I know what is mine and what isn't! Staying alive and sane depended on me working myself out. So now there is no more disowning what is mine or taking responsibility for what isn't mine, whether it be energy or knowledge, arrogance, ignorance, wisdom or power. 

Perhaps some other sensitives and empaths are finding space around themselves too? If you are struggling with your sensitivity and empathic nature remember, you were made perfectly and there is a way to create an energetic buffer zone, you just need to discover your way. After all, sensitivity is a SUPERPOWER it's a matter of finding a way to get the energy working for you rather than being used by it!! One of the keys to unlocking my SENSITIVITY SUPERPOWER is through the Dakini!

As each one of us shifts, we create shift ripples which ripple outwards and create shifts into the beyond… And on we move up the spiral…

For many years I have been at a loss for how to describe a powerful creative force I feel pulsing through me sometimes. I first remember feeling it in this powerful way over twenty years ago. When it first came I would experience panic attacks. Each one would be less intense than the previous one and after a while I realized that the symptoms of the panic attack were actually my physiological response to a dimensional shift I was becoming increasingly aware of experiencing. Fast forward until the last few years. Every time I have wondered what to call this force I have heard what sounded like the word “daikin.” I thought I was hearing daikon, the Japanese name for a type of radish. Until I read about the Dakini recently, I thought my guidance was having a joke with me.

There are many ways to look at the layers of the multi-dimensional nature of our beings. From an astrological perspective we can say there is a personal story perspective and an archetypal perspective on planetary energies. I’m a fan of a more archetypal perspective and interpretation because that is where I have discovered the most illuminating answers for why I am wired as I am, why I attract certain experiences, and why my interests and passions are what they are, but no archetype in my chart provided me with a satisfying explanation for the Dakini energy I had no name for until this current Lunar Phase.

Once we get our natal and ever-evolving astro-energies working for us we transcend the personal stories. It is as though me live in the center of our chart and only an extremely intense transit can throw us off balance. Next we face the challenge of our archetypal stories. Once we have our archetypal energies working for us we are able to transcend our archetypal stories. Most have us have only sipped the occasional archetypal transcendence. Some are able to transcend for longer periods sometimes experiencing frying our nervous system through information and energy overload.

On top of the many planetary energies are frequencies being broadcast from within the Earth and from beyond our solar system. These frequencies are increasing. The Earth’s Schumann Resonance is one such measurable and increasing frequency which has reportedly reached the same frequency used by scientists to spontaneously repair DNA sequences. Read what Lia Scallon wrote about the Schumann Resonance recently here. I wrote about the Earth deciding to level-up frequency-wise last blog entry and was thrilled to read confirmation from a few sources a few days later. It’s all a bit fry, rest, heal, leap, fry, rest, heal, leap for many of us… with no sign of it slowing down… We are all leveling-up!

What is beyond archetypal experience? What is the Dakini? How is it a gift?

M. Kelly Hunter in her book, “Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine” describes Dakini as the Sky Dancer.

“There is nothing in the world except empty curved space.” ~ John A. Wheeler, Physicist

On, within, through, this empty dark curved space dances the Dakini. Described as a celestial woman, a fairy, a fury, a Valkyrie, a witch, a ghoul, a wisdom keeper, an angel, a death bringer, and she-who-moves-through-space. Derived from the Indian Tantric tradition, the Dakini became the cosmic feminine in Tibetan Buddhism. She has been described as a semi-wrathful spirit woman. She manifests in dreams, visions and mediation practices.

“Sky dancing with the Dakini is a form of meditative practice to illuminate the mind with the pristine emptiness of pure space, the fundamental ground of reality…Dakini is beyond psychological interpretation, and symbolic expression, nonexistent at the archetypal level.” ~ M. Kelly Hunter

The more formulated archetypal level arises from the spiritual aspect her illumination represents. The moment I read the words “Dakini, Sky Dancer” I recognized her essence from my childhood. I have been dancing through the skies since I was a small child. For as long as I can remember I experienced myself dancing in the sky. Whether physically dancing or imagining myself dancing, when enjoyable music played, I danced with the Dakini. From this state of being many things have been revealed to me or remembered. I have felt expanded into indescribable states of awareness.

When I went through a depression, as a result of Seasonal Affected Disorder, I described how I was feeling, or rather, not feeling, as the fairy within no longer being able to dance, let alone in the sky. Once I could dance again I knew the depression had passed. Without knowing consciously what I was doing, I was practicing an ancient form of dancing mediation: Sky Dancing with the Dakini!!!

I have met all faces of the Dakini at some point; Angel; Ghoul; Wisdom Keeper; Semi-wrathful woman... I have met them in both spirit and the physical, because sometimes we meet somebody who plays the Dakini for our growth;sometimes we play the Dakini for others too, often without our awareness. Perhaps you recognize the Dakini too? Perhaps you have always danced with her too?

When I am Sky Dancing with the Dakini, my sensitivity becomes a SUPERPOWER, but the Dakini cannot be owned, she cannot be controlled. It is unwise to think we can ever control her. The Dakini is the dancing cosmic divine feminine in creative motion and she has her own purpose! 

The Dakini asks the same question as The Killers, Are We Human Or Are We Dancer?

Let’s Dance!!! LOVE!!!

More on the Dakini here. 

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Photos and Mandalas by Virginia

Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra: To Dream is to Be, To Love is Divine

I’m on the road as I begin writing this full moon lunar eclipse blog entry. The words playing through the car speakers, “hold on to this, to dream is to be, to love is divine and I won’t let you down… and breaks on through…”
The other afternoon while traveling through the lofty spheres there was an assurance that we are in safe hands, but that no outside force can save us from ourselves; We must save ourselves.

Yesterday the forest behind my house was uprooted and fell before my eyes with strong winds. The trees were mainly pine and were the tallest in all the areas of forest around where I live. I have watched these trees billow in the breeze for 3 years and marveled at them still standing, knowing that pine trees grow tall quickly but do not have deep roots. Understanding their destiny and having a multitude of things I needed to prepare for holidays, I still watched in numb immobility as they fell. This morning everything was covered in snow. As a friend wrote on FB, the snow cleared the chaotic energy the destruction the wind had created the day before.

This event has had a great impact on me for a few reasons; These trees had become my friends (as an old friend pointed out); the landscape around me completely changed before my eyes, in a matter of hours; And I was reminded of both the awesome force of nature, as well as my inability to alter other being’s chosen path. I can only hold space.

At the New Moon Solar Eclipse/Aries Equinox last week I wrote about Equinoxes being about balance and justice, particularly this recent one two weeks ago. The Vernal Equinox, according to the Druids represented the free will of humans. Humans are accountable for their actions, because they are capable of altering their circumstances (unlike all other animals on Earth) but are still part of the evolutionary wheels that affect all animals on Earth according to the Drudic evolutionary system.

Equinox energies seeded the Pisces New Moon and the Solar Eclipse seeded the Aries Equinox, and the New Solar Cycle which began on March 20th. This Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse further expands on themes of balance, justice, accountability and true purpose. The April 4th Lunar Eclipse at 14° Libra at 12:05 pm GMT/UT belong to Saros Series 17 South. This family of eclipses, says Bernadette Brady, brings sudden success in personal relationship matters and group projects. Thinking of matters of love, Happiness in love, good news concerning relationships or creative expression with a group are all associated with this eclipse family.

We plant seeds at the beginning of a cycle, and halfway through the cycle we see what we have sewn in all its glory, potential or disappointment. The Full Moon is the half way point of the lunar cycle which began at New Moon. Leading up to this Full Moon culmination, we are being encouraged to see what we have planted. The Solar Cycle culmination will be at the Libra Equinox in September. After the culmination of the cycle we can continue to nurture our glory and potential and let our disappointments be transformed into something new at the next cycle, or we can resist. Resistance continues to become increasingly challenging.

As so many have been saying and writing, some for many, many, years, this is a time of both a great beginning and an ending. Endings and beginnings happen simultaneously as one cycle ends and another begins. We are living in unprecedented times and we all chose to take part. We can party or cry, thrive or fade, build, create or destroy… We can do all of these and more, depending on what mood we are in, but the way I see it, many things will continue to change and shift, die and be created anew no matter what part we choose to take. It’s up to each person how they choose to perceive these changes.

Some people have said Mother Earth, the Goddess, is angry but I feel the following story explains better what is coming and what is known by many:

Europeans who built upon what looked like an open plain were laughed at by the local indigenous Australians. The Europeans were told that they were in a lake, and when the rains came they would be flooded. The settlers laughed at what they thought was complete nonsense. There wasn’t a drop of water in sight. Some time went by, years. The Aboriginals continued to laugh and shake their heads and the Europeans continued to think the warning was a load of nonsense. Then the drought broke. Within hours the lake was full and the settlement was flooded.

And so it is at this time. There have been ample warnings and discourse on topics and issues such as the environment, local and global economic systems, banking and business practices, inequality, our health, our healthcare, our food and water supply, our farming practices, our government’s agendas, our energy sources, our cultural focuses and obsessions… I could go on and on…

These warnings and discussions have come from a spectrum of “experts” such as scientists, economists, psychologists, environmentalists, farmers, whistle-blowers, indigenous tribes from around the planet, visionaries, prophets, channels, astrologers, writers, artists and some people who just see what is out of balance. Not to forget many ancient prophecies which harbor many similar warnings. Some of us have listened, some continue to ignore the warnings and information, or do not believe it. Some have made changes, and are advocating change on many levels, but on the whole, we are in a precarious position on many fronts. Many feel powerless to change things. Change is upon us regardless.

As a teenager I became conscious of seeing time and energy in terms of a spiral. I have seen and experienced many things since, as many of us have, but one of the most intense visions I have ever experienced was in early 2009 when I was hurtled in a very tight spiral formation through an increasingly intense experience due to increasing frequency. The pressure was beyond anything I can describe in words. I marveled that I was still alive. I travelled roughly forty years through energetic space-time. The intensity and frequency continued to increase. Everything continued to get brighter and brighter–blindingly bright, but beautifully so. I was travelling as through the eye of a needle, as has been foretold. Very cool that before finishing this blog entry I just happened to visit a museum that had a DeLorean DMC, the car Marty McFly travelled with into the future in the 1980s “Back to the Future” movie Trilogy.

There was no possibility of the thread missing the needle’s eye in my experience. There was no choice other than to make the journey, or leave the physical. One goes through, we all go through. I knew in that moment we were in for some intense energies in the near future.

Now here we are, since at least 21.12.12, and gaining momentum every day. Many will find this continuing experience too much to bare energetically. Many are struggling on some level. Many have already decided not to travel through with us. Some of us are feeling the intensity and are struggling some days but are great other days. Many seem oblivious and are carrying on as normal, but take a closer look; many of these are the people deeply invested in their opinions. They are clinging to what no longer serves themselves or the planet. It matters not. Let the sleepers sleep, as they say, but if you are aware, there is no ignoring it now.

The intense pressure I felt in my experience was that of resistance to letting go of what is not aligned with our truth. If the intense energies and increasing brightness do not strip away our resistance, the falling away of the old world, as everything strives for balance and justice, surely will.

What I understood during my experience was that once we let go of our resistance and allow ourselves to align with our true being and purpose we have all the space we can imagine to expand into.

It is from this expanded place that our creative abilities are most powerful. From here the new and true are created in their full glory - our kingdom of gold - but from here we must be most responsible and aware. Once we are here a little nudge into the old is like an earthquake energetically. We must draw upon the acquired knowledge and wisdom of our many lifetimes of experience. We must be gentle, compassionate, empathetic and loving or risk creating unnecessary havoc. Fortunately this is the expanded space of those living in alignment with who they truly are with awareness and consciousness most of the time, and not a play space for those living out of alignment and unconsciously, whatever claims are made.

This is the creator God and Goddess dimension that is our promise, a reward for our self-mastery, an extremely hard won battle we fight as our fractured selves so we may remember how to heal ourselves and become whole once more. Before we deliver ourselves into this state of expanded whole being, we are as though coal being transformed into diamonds through the force of intense pressure. Even if we live mostly in expanded states, any out of alignment creation will have us back in the pressure-zone.

Some of us are feeling expanded, some of us are experiencing extreme pressure, some of us are desperately holding onto our old beliefs, some of us are physically sick, some of us are burying our heads in the sand, and some of us are feeling like we are experiencing all of these and more, at once. It matters not where we are and what we are experiencing. We are all playing our part in this momentous beginning and ending where we are travelling through the eye of the needle; United as a single spiraling thread; part of a spiraling consciousness living on a planet rotating around our Sun which is part of a solar system spiraling through a galaxy, spiraling through a universe…

Explaining it in terms of levels, the Earth is supporting us and encouraging us to find our place and dig deep roots. She is holding space but she is also striving to get back into balance, continuing to raise her frequency/vibration to do so. From expanded lofty spheres we are loved and encouraged to expand our consciousness to align with our promise. These two dimensions, let’s call them Heaven and Earth to keep it simple, are moving together in terms of frequency and alignment. In-between is where the action is, the pressure, the drama, the physically manifesting endings and beginnings. We are being transformed, or being stripped of what is not in alignment with our truth in preparation to live in Heaven on Earth, so to speak. many can feel the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, light-body changes or a combination of them.

Pennies are dropping as what was unseen or out of focus comes into focus and can clearly be seen. Any lies dressed up as truth will be exposed. Pennies from heaven.

Changes are happening within us and around us and are driven by what I have already described. I take comfort in knowing that it is already done. I have seen it, as have others, and it is wonderful. There is work to do, but there is fun to be had too. Another source of comfort has been experiencing my soul’s enjoyment even when my human self is sometimes struggling. I regularly check-in and see how my soul is experiencing my life. This always lifts me up, back into the lofty spheres, back into the party where we are all dancing.

Let’s dance! Drink lots of water! Love!!!