Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra: To Dream is to Be, To Love is Divine

I’m on the road as I begin writing this full moon lunar eclipse blog entry. The words playing through the car speakers, “hold on to this, to dream is to be, to love is divine and I won’t let you down… and breaks on through…”
The other afternoon while traveling through the lofty spheres there was an assurance that we are in safe hands, but that no outside force can save us from ourselves; We must save ourselves.

Yesterday the forest behind my house was uprooted and fell before my eyes with strong winds. The trees were mainly pine and were the tallest in all the areas of forest around where I live. I have watched these trees billow in the breeze for 3 years and marveled at them still standing, knowing that pine trees grow tall quickly but do not have deep roots. Understanding their destiny and having a multitude of things I needed to prepare for holidays, I still watched in numb immobility as they fell. This morning everything was covered in snow. As a friend wrote on FB, the snow cleared the chaotic energy the destruction the wind had created the day before.

This event has had a great impact on me for a few reasons; These trees had become my friends (as an old friend pointed out); the landscape around me completely changed before my eyes, in a matter of hours; And I was reminded of both the awesome force of nature, as well as my inability to alter other being’s chosen path. I can only hold space.

At the New Moon Solar Eclipse/Aries Equinox last week I wrote about Equinoxes being about balance and justice, particularly this recent one two weeks ago. The Vernal Equinox, according to the Druids represented the free will of humans. Humans are accountable for their actions, because they are capable of altering their circumstances (unlike all other animals on Earth) but are still part of the evolutionary wheels that affect all animals on Earth according to the Drudic evolutionary system.

Equinox energies seeded the Pisces New Moon and the Solar Eclipse seeded the Aries Equinox, and the New Solar Cycle which began on March 20th. This Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse further expands on themes of balance, justice, accountability and true purpose. The April 4th Lunar Eclipse at 14° Libra at 12:05 pm GMT/UT belong to Saros Series 17 South. This family of eclipses, says Bernadette Brady, brings sudden success in personal relationship matters and group projects. Thinking of matters of love, Happiness in love, good news concerning relationships or creative expression with a group are all associated with this eclipse family.

We plant seeds at the beginning of a cycle, and halfway through the cycle we see what we have sewn in all its glory, potential or disappointment. The Full Moon is the half way point of the lunar cycle which began at New Moon. Leading up to this Full Moon culmination, we are being encouraged to see what we have planted. The Solar Cycle culmination will be at the Libra Equinox in September. After the culmination of the cycle we can continue to nurture our glory and potential and let our disappointments be transformed into something new at the next cycle, or we can resist. Resistance continues to become increasingly challenging.

As so many have been saying and writing, some for many, many, years, this is a time of both a great beginning and an ending. Endings and beginnings happen simultaneously as one cycle ends and another begins. We are living in unprecedented times and we all chose to take part. We can party or cry, thrive or fade, build, create or destroy… We can do all of these and more, depending on what mood we are in, but the way I see it, many things will continue to change and shift, die and be created anew no matter what part we choose to take. It’s up to each person how they choose to perceive these changes.

Some people have said Mother Earth, the Goddess, is angry but I feel the following story explains better what is coming and what is known by many:

Europeans who built upon what looked like an open plain were laughed at by the local indigenous Australians. The Europeans were told that they were in a lake, and when the rains came they would be flooded. The settlers laughed at what they thought was complete nonsense. There wasn’t a drop of water in sight. Some time went by, years. The Aboriginals continued to laugh and shake their heads and the Europeans continued to think the warning was a load of nonsense. Then the drought broke. Within hours the lake was full and the settlement was flooded.

And so it is at this time. There have been ample warnings and discourse on topics and issues such as the environment, local and global economic systems, banking and business practices, inequality, our health, our healthcare, our food and water supply, our farming practices, our government’s agendas, our energy sources, our cultural focuses and obsessions… I could go on and on…

These warnings and discussions have come from a spectrum of “experts” such as scientists, economists, psychologists, environmentalists, farmers, whistle-blowers, indigenous tribes from around the planet, visionaries, prophets, channels, astrologers, writers, artists and some people who just see what is out of balance. Not to forget many ancient prophecies which harbor many similar warnings. Some of us have listened, some continue to ignore the warnings and information, or do not believe it. Some have made changes, and are advocating change on many levels, but on the whole, we are in a precarious position on many fronts. Many feel powerless to change things. Change is upon us regardless.

As a teenager I became conscious of seeing time and energy in terms of a spiral. I have seen and experienced many things since, as many of us have, but one of the most intense visions I have ever experienced was in early 2009 when I was hurtled in a very tight spiral formation through an increasingly intense experience due to increasing frequency. The pressure was beyond anything I can describe in words. I marveled that I was still alive. I travelled roughly forty years through energetic space-time. The intensity and frequency continued to increase. Everything continued to get brighter and brighter–blindingly bright, but beautifully so. I was travelling as through the eye of a needle, as has been foretold. Very cool that before finishing this blog entry I just happened to visit a museum that had a DeLorean DMC, the car Marty McFly travelled with into the future in the 1980s “Back to the Future” movie Trilogy.

There was no possibility of the thread missing the needle’s eye in my experience. There was no choice other than to make the journey, or leave the physical. One goes through, we all go through. I knew in that moment we were in for some intense energies in the near future.

Now here we are, since at least 21.12.12, and gaining momentum every day. Many will find this continuing experience too much to bare energetically. Many are struggling on some level. Many have already decided not to travel through with us. Some of us are feeling the intensity and are struggling some days but are great other days. Many seem oblivious and are carrying on as normal, but take a closer look; many of these are the people deeply invested in their opinions. They are clinging to what no longer serves themselves or the planet. It matters not. Let the sleepers sleep, as they say, but if you are aware, there is no ignoring it now.

The intense pressure I felt in my experience was that of resistance to letting go of what is not aligned with our truth. If the intense energies and increasing brightness do not strip away our resistance, the falling away of the old world, as everything strives for balance and justice, surely will.

What I understood during my experience was that once we let go of our resistance and allow ourselves to align with our true being and purpose we have all the space we can imagine to expand into.

It is from this expanded place that our creative abilities are most powerful. From here the new and true are created in their full glory - our kingdom of gold - but from here we must be most responsible and aware. Once we are here a little nudge into the old is like an earthquake energetically. We must draw upon the acquired knowledge and wisdom of our many lifetimes of experience. We must be gentle, compassionate, empathetic and loving or risk creating unnecessary havoc. Fortunately this is the expanded space of those living in alignment with who they truly are with awareness and consciousness most of the time, and not a play space for those living out of alignment and unconsciously, whatever claims are made.

This is the creator God and Goddess dimension that is our promise, a reward for our self-mastery, an extremely hard won battle we fight as our fractured selves so we may remember how to heal ourselves and become whole once more. Before we deliver ourselves into this state of expanded whole being, we are as though coal being transformed into diamonds through the force of intense pressure. Even if we live mostly in expanded states, any out of alignment creation will have us back in the pressure-zone.

Some of us are feeling expanded, some of us are experiencing extreme pressure, some of us are desperately holding onto our old beliefs, some of us are physically sick, some of us are burying our heads in the sand, and some of us are feeling like we are experiencing all of these and more, at once. It matters not where we are and what we are experiencing. We are all playing our part in this momentous beginning and ending where we are travelling through the eye of the needle; United as a single spiraling thread; part of a spiraling consciousness living on a planet rotating around our Sun which is part of a solar system spiraling through a galaxy, spiraling through a universe…

Explaining it in terms of levels, the Earth is supporting us and encouraging us to find our place and dig deep roots. She is holding space but she is also striving to get back into balance, continuing to raise her frequency/vibration to do so. From expanded lofty spheres we are loved and encouraged to expand our consciousness to align with our promise. These two dimensions, let’s call them Heaven and Earth to keep it simple, are moving together in terms of frequency and alignment. In-between is where the action is, the pressure, the drama, the physically manifesting endings and beginnings. We are being transformed, or being stripped of what is not in alignment with our truth in preparation to live in Heaven on Earth, so to speak. many can feel the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, light-body changes or a combination of them.

Pennies are dropping as what was unseen or out of focus comes into focus and can clearly be seen. Any lies dressed up as truth will be exposed. Pennies from heaven.

Changes are happening within us and around us and are driven by what I have already described. I take comfort in knowing that it is already done. I have seen it, as have others, and it is wonderful. There is work to do, but there is fun to be had too. Another source of comfort has been experiencing my soul’s enjoyment even when my human self is sometimes struggling. I regularly check-in and see how my soul is experiencing my life. This always lifts me up, back into the lofty spheres, back into the party where we are all dancing.

Let’s dance! Drink lots of water! Love!!!

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