Friday, 24 April 2015

First Quarter Moon in Leo: Self-worth and Grounding Our Heart’s True Wish

It’s been an inexplicable week in many ways with a few more obvious and physical “symptoms” coming up for review and release/healing The other main thing I have observed has been lack of self-worth issues, and on the other end of the spectrum, entitlement issues.

The Sun is in Taurus and the Moon is in Leo when the First Quarter square is exact at 11:55 pm/23:55 UT/GMT, Saturday 25th April. Taurus and Leo are both fixed signs, and in Medical Astrology, conditions tend to be physical and often chronic. The other fixed signs are Scorpio and Aquarius.

I first noticed nose/sinus and eye issues at the Aries New Moon last week and since I have had issue with my tongue and speech, have noticed a few strange heart flutters and have an itchy red rash right over my thymus gland. About half an hour ago I fell over and hurt my neck playing soccer with my son who twisted his ankle just after that, and my large intestine is feeling really heavy as I write. Aries rules inflammation (rashes) and both the sinus and eyes, Leo rules the heart and the thymus gland, Scorpio rules the bowels, Aquarius rules the ankles and Taurus rules the neck.

It seems the body parts ruled by the particular signs the Moon has been in, or will be in, at key times this Lunar cycle are being clearly brought into my awareness . The last New Moon was in Aries, the First Quarter Moon is in Leo. The Full Moon on the 4th May will be in Scorpio, the Last Quarter Moon on 11th May will be in Aquarius, and the next New Moon on 18th May will be in Taurus.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the tongue is the sense organ for the Fire Element (Heart, Small Intestine, Pericardium and Triple Heater meridians) and the nose is the sense organ for the Metal Element (Lung/Large Intestine Meridians). In simple terms, the Heart’s psychological/emotional function in TCM is related to vitality and the spirit of living and enthusiasm. Our capacity to experience joy, love, forgiveness, self-love and process sadness are all related to the Heart. The psychological/emotional function of the Lungs is the capacity to let go, be flexible and to process and release grief.

Self-worth and entitlement issues are Leo themes. Leo often looks outside self for validation and needs can be like a bottomless pit which cannot be met, no matter how much validation and reassurance is given, until the root issues are worked through or at least acknowledged. The same is true for entitlement issues. Those with entitlement issues also have an insatiable need to be validated but demand it in a more aggressive or diva-like manner.

Stringing it all together we are being shown physically any remaining emotional blocks and unresolved issues. I can never be sure how much of my experience is purely personal and how much is also a reflection of the collective but I’m going to write as if my experience is collective.

Taurus is a loyal sign, but once hurt deeply, forgiveness or letting go is difficult. Leo, when hurt deeply, closes their heart and the energy drops into the solar plexus creating a neediness that may as well be an abyss. However, with a little self-awareness and inner work, little miracles are possible in these times. A little work or a little insight goes a long, long way. Big shifts are easily possible now, whereas before big shifts felt like they came only after an immense amount of work. Less is more, literally.

I was chatting to a friend yesterday about all manner of things and one of the conversation’s pearls was: “It’s time to know that when you open your heart, you will be nourished and you will flourish!” (Sandra). Our heart’s true wishes are within our grasp, we only have to be open to receive.

The First quarter Moon is not called “crisis in action” for nothing. Listen to the body now, if it is drawing attention to issues that need to be resolved, healed or released, and the fruits of our labour and inner work will be evident at Full Moon in a week, or we will at the very least glimpse coming expanded possibilities. If we have been putting off a trip to the doctor/therapist for a health issue, avoiding a conversation that needs to be had, or avoiding anything that is unresolved that we are aware of, now is the time to act. We are worth it, every single one of us!

I saw a post on FB the other day about us all having been given a clean slate. I recently pulled the blank rune three times in a row. We are at a point where everything is possible, as I discussed in my last two New Moon blog entries. However, any unresolved issues that are being brought into our awareness now, which we choose to ignore, risk leading to us sabotaging our dreams and wishes, visions and inspirations all too easily because we are more powerfully creative now, than ever. Releasing any emotional blocks evident in our bodies now will help ground not only our heart’s true wish, but more of our expanded being into our awareness as well.

Let’s go for it! Let’s release all that pent up sadness and grief, caused by lifetimes of disappointment and hurt. This is the lifetime of dreams come true!!! This is the lifetime of living the value of our worth as well as honouring each other.

Let’s dance!!! Let’s create the world of our dreams, our heaven on Earth!!!

Love, love, love!!!!!!!!!!!

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