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Leveling-up and Sky Dancing With the Dakini: The Last Quarter Moon

As the moon wanes and makes her last square to the Sun we find the old and no longer useful being broken down to be transformed into new seeds for sewing at the Aries/Dragon/Willow/Sea Serpent New Moon next week. The last quarter moon is in Capricorn. The last Pluto and Uranus square continues to slowly separate. Mercury’s square to the Moon approaches as Mercury’s conjunction to the Sun separates. It’s only after I finished writing the blog entry below that I realized why Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler) and Mercury themes and archetypes have been at the forefront of my mind. The Last Lunar Square is associated with bringing about a crisis in consciousness, an inner revolt which is precipitated by the breakdown of useless forms and structures.

As I began to think about the themes on my mind as the Last Lunar Square approaches, I was reminded of the performance artist Marina Abramović. She has allowed the public to poke, probe and abuse her while she lay prone. As she explained in an interview for The Guardian, she deals with what she calls “true reality.” She is not acting. Nothing is fake. The emotions are real. The knives, guns, and fire used, for example, are real. The blood, the wounds, both physical and psychological, are real.

This week, since the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse last week, I have come to the conclusion that many of us have been suffering for our lives, not unlike the way Marina Abramović suffers for her art. There is something poetic and beautiful about intensely sensitive experiences, and there are many wonderful lessons to be learnt, but at some point the gifts wane, while the challenges remain.

I have really been immersed in my own process and not so aware of the collective this last week, but I imagine others are in the process of letting go of outmoded ways of being and shifting too. 

A few old patterns have been repeating lately and I am trying to deal with them differently. My biggie this lifetime is my energetic boundaries. Living without boundaries or energetic buffering space is like being a performance artist, all the time. This applies to empaths and sensitives alike. There are many astrological aspects that create intense sensitivity and Neptune transits, in particular, can heighten sensitivity, by dissolving our boundaries for their duration.

From a personal astrological perspective, Neptune is opposite Saturn in my natal chart which, in a nutshell, means I have no container; My boundaries/structure (Saturn) are dissolved by Neptune (the dissolver). It’s simply the way I was made and no well-meaning advice like, “just block it out” has proven helpful. The only thing that helped was when my Astrologer, the lovely Kelly Surtees, said I was fortunate, unlike many Saturn opposite Neptune natives, because the planet Mercury’s placement in my chart provides me with an opportunity to create space around me, a boundary of sorts, through communication; I just have to get it working for me.

My astrology teacher, the late and inspiring Parampara Hughes, said Mercury was the key to my chart; Everything leads back to my natal Mercury. Mercury rules communication. Mercury is the only God able to travel freely between the Underworld, the Earth plane, and the Heavens, and as such is called the Messenger. My natal Mercury is in my 9th house, the house of spirituality and higher learning. Writing these blog entries is helping me finally establish some energetic space around me.
When you don’t have the usual boundary, to “know thyself” becomes a lesson of monumental proportions, as well as a lesson of monumental importance. I have had many dark nights of the soul, and spiritual emergencies, breakdowns, astral attachments, mysterious physical/energetic ailments, intense visions and/or dreams and so on, on and off, for as long as I can remember. Who knows if it was all my stuff? Now I am finally starting to find a way to stand my energetic ground and lay down my piece/peace first. I know the value of my own worth, I know what is mine and what isn't! Staying alive and sane depended on me working myself out. So now there is no more disowning what is mine or taking responsibility for what isn't mine, whether it be energy or knowledge, arrogance, ignorance, wisdom or power. 

Perhaps some other sensitives and empaths are finding space around themselves too? If you are struggling with your sensitivity and empathic nature remember, you were made perfectly and there is a way to create an energetic buffer zone, you just need to discover your way. After all, sensitivity is a SUPERPOWER it's a matter of finding a way to get the energy working for you rather than being used by it!! One of the keys to unlocking my SENSITIVITY SUPERPOWER is through the Dakini!

As each one of us shifts, we create shift ripples which ripple outwards and create shifts into the beyond… And on we move up the spiral…

For many years I have been at a loss for how to describe a powerful creative force I feel pulsing through me sometimes. I first remember feeling it in this powerful way over twenty years ago. When it first came I would experience panic attacks. Each one would be less intense than the previous one and after a while I realized that the symptoms of the panic attack were actually my physiological response to a dimensional shift I was becoming increasingly aware of experiencing. Fast forward until the last few years. Every time I have wondered what to call this force I have heard what sounded like the word “daikin.” I thought I was hearing daikon, the Japanese name for a type of radish. Until I read about the Dakini recently, I thought my guidance was having a joke with me.

There are many ways to look at the layers of the multi-dimensional nature of our beings. From an astrological perspective we can say there is a personal story perspective and an archetypal perspective on planetary energies. I’m a fan of a more archetypal perspective and interpretation because that is where I have discovered the most illuminating answers for why I am wired as I am, why I attract certain experiences, and why my interests and passions are what they are, but no archetype in my chart provided me with a satisfying explanation for the Dakini energy I had no name for until this current Lunar Phase.

Once we get our natal and ever-evolving astro-energies working for us we transcend the personal stories. It is as though me live in the center of our chart and only an extremely intense transit can throw us off balance. Next we face the challenge of our archetypal stories. Once we have our archetypal energies working for us we are able to transcend our archetypal stories. Most have us have only sipped the occasional archetypal transcendence. Some are able to transcend for longer periods sometimes experiencing frying our nervous system through information and energy overload.

On top of the many planetary energies are frequencies being broadcast from within the Earth and from beyond our solar system. These frequencies are increasing. The Earth’s Schumann Resonance is one such measurable and increasing frequency which has reportedly reached the same frequency used by scientists to spontaneously repair DNA sequences. Read what Lia Scallon wrote about the Schumann Resonance recently here. I wrote about the Earth deciding to level-up frequency-wise last blog entry and was thrilled to read confirmation from a few sources a few days later. It’s all a bit fry, rest, heal, leap, fry, rest, heal, leap for many of us… with no sign of it slowing down… We are all leveling-up!

What is beyond archetypal experience? What is the Dakini? How is it a gift?

M. Kelly Hunter in her book, “Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine” describes Dakini as the Sky Dancer.

“There is nothing in the world except empty curved space.” ~ John A. Wheeler, Physicist

On, within, through, this empty dark curved space dances the Dakini. Described as a celestial woman, a fairy, a fury, a Valkyrie, a witch, a ghoul, a wisdom keeper, an angel, a death bringer, and she-who-moves-through-space. Derived from the Indian Tantric tradition, the Dakini became the cosmic feminine in Tibetan Buddhism. She has been described as a semi-wrathful spirit woman. She manifests in dreams, visions and mediation practices.

“Sky dancing with the Dakini is a form of meditative practice to illuminate the mind with the pristine emptiness of pure space, the fundamental ground of reality…Dakini is beyond psychological interpretation, and symbolic expression, nonexistent at the archetypal level.” ~ M. Kelly Hunter

The more formulated archetypal level arises from the spiritual aspect her illumination represents. The moment I read the words “Dakini, Sky Dancer” I recognized her essence from my childhood. I have been dancing through the skies since I was a small child. For as long as I can remember I experienced myself dancing in the sky. Whether physically dancing or imagining myself dancing, when enjoyable music played, I danced with the Dakini. From this state of being many things have been revealed to me or remembered. I have felt expanded into indescribable states of awareness.

When I went through a depression, as a result of Seasonal Affected Disorder, I described how I was feeling, or rather, not feeling, as the fairy within no longer being able to dance, let alone in the sky. Once I could dance again I knew the depression had passed. Without knowing consciously what I was doing, I was practicing an ancient form of dancing mediation: Sky Dancing with the Dakini!!!

I have met all faces of the Dakini at some point; Angel; Ghoul; Wisdom Keeper; Semi-wrathful woman... I have met them in both spirit and the physical, because sometimes we meet somebody who plays the Dakini for our growth;sometimes we play the Dakini for others too, often without our awareness. Perhaps you recognize the Dakini too? Perhaps you have always danced with her too?

When I am Sky Dancing with the Dakini, my sensitivity becomes a SUPERPOWER, but the Dakini cannot be owned, she cannot be controlled. It is unwise to think we can ever control her. The Dakini is the dancing cosmic divine feminine in creative motion and she has her own purpose! 

The Dakini asks the same question as The Killers, Are We Human Or Are We Dancer?

Let’s Dance!!! LOVE!!!

More on the Dakini here. 

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