Friday, 22 June 2012

The Sun into Cancer: Home

Happy Solstice!!!

I am a little late with this post because I have been travelling and visiting my old homes and my family and friends who still live there. As the Sun moved into Cancer yesterday I was experiencing an intense energetic transition. As I re-settled into my new home, a country on the other side of the world from where I was born, a country where I do not yet speak or really understand the language, a country where I know few people, I felt completely lost and out of place. As afternoon became evening I walked my dogs through the forest (something I absolutely love doing) and remembered the simple life. The joy and sense of perfect time and place re-established itself within me as I prepared dinner to some of my favourite music. Home at last!

Cancer rules home and clan, and the fourth house which represents our inner world. Cancer is ruled by the Moon which represents our intuition and influences our emotions.

The meeting point between spirit and matter is where the Greatest Story Ever told is evolving, right now. That meeting point is within us. It has always been, but we are becoming increasingly aware of it and  it's potential to create change on every level. Perhaps we can see the story playing out around us, but there can be no doubt of what is taking place within us. 

Whether we are feeling extremely uncomfortable and ill or we are in party mode, our inner landscape is changing. We can choose to embrace or resist this. Our level of comfort at any moment is a clear indicator of our resistance or acceptance of that moment! We may be able to lie to others, but there is no escaping ourself and what lies within. What is within needs to be acknowledged, accepted, sometimes released but always celebrated. We are as we were made: perfect. The only thing separating us from experiencing our perfection is attachment to, and judgement of, our stories, thoughts and emotions.

Available to each of us right now are new and beautiful frequencies that if fully embraced, will assist in us stepping into our perfection and purpose. Any resistance does not feel comfortable. Sometimes resistance feels extremely painful, sometimes it makes us ill. The purpose of uncomfortable feelings, and other symptoms of resistance, is not to make life difficult, but to demonstrate in no uncertain terms that something is not right. More often than not the something that is not right is an old belief system, story or emotion that we are holding onto. Often we are not consciously aware of what we are holding onto, but this does not matter. All we need do in any moment is allow life to unfold and accept the moment, and ourselves, as being perfect. By doing this we are able to embrace the new and beautiful frequencies available to us, release old attachments, bring peace to our inner world and so create new possibilities with ease.

I feel that the key to making the most of the time of the Sun in Cancer in 2012 is to embrace and find pleasure in the simple things, especially our physical home life, and to connect with our family, whether that be our biological family or soul family of friends, or both.

The Sun in Cancer is a wonderful time to further develop our intuition. Keeping life simple will assist this. When we are rushing about and everything feels complicated it is difficult to listen to our inner truth, our intuition.

I am struggling to find the words to express what I sense about frequency and our potential to evolve during the time of the sun in cancer. I am trusting that what cannot be written will be experienced in feeling as this is read. Cancer is a water sign, and water is the emotional feeling element. "I feel," says Cancer. I feel Love.