Monday, 26 March 2012

The Equinox and Astrological New Year, March 20th, 2012

I haven't felt inspired to write about the Equinox until now, several hours after it was exact. The Spring Equinox/Autumn Equinox (Southern Hemisphere) is the beginning of The Astrological Calender, so Happy New Year!!!

Today feels very new to me. When something new arrives we react in different ways depending on our expectations and past experiences which have established how stuck or open to change we are in the moment of it's arrival.

There are as many ways to interpret a chart as there are astrologers, and my way is more energetic than intellectual. What I write here is my translation of the feelings and themes that are activated in me as I look into the chart...

The influx of challenges and change will continue, and it is my feeling that anything could happen, but we know that, it's 2012!!!

The Astrological New Year begins with a grounding force that inspires me to think that whatever we say or think will come to be in a more powerful way than before. We are laying down our own foundations, the training wheels are off, but not everybody is ready for the responsibility!

Although we have been told before that we create our reality and experience from our thoughts, now is a time when those who have doubted their power will very clearly see that this is so, and those who fear it, will have it magnified and reflected back to them in bigger and bigger ways.

Actually, everything is being magnified and reflected in big ways. The more loving and gentle we are with ourselves and the more we trust that a part of us knows exactly what we are doing, the more comfortable this year will be.

You may find yourself asking if your experiences of yourself and others are a reflection of you, or smoke and mirrors at play, but in time you will discover that it is all one. This may sound a bit cryptic but if you haven't already lived through experiences that involve lessons of oneness, you soon will.

It is my feeling that intuitive and psychic gifts will awaken in many more of us in many ways, and strengthen in those with awareness of them. This time could be confusing. There will be so much more information available to us on layers of our being that we may not have been aware of before, and if we don't have our mental and emotional filing system in order, everything could feel totally out of control in a way never before imagined. Listening to or making music, dancing, meditation and contemplation are ways to alleviate the confusion, but at the very least, make some time to be alone.

Movies or themes of our lives in all directions of time will play out in some way. These may come as thoughts, feelings, experiences, dreams, hallucinations, visions...your belief system will determine how it plays out for you. This is not to stir things up for the fun or hell of it, rather, it is an opportunity to heal the past and choose which path you most wish to follow from here and now.

Your belief systems are being challenged in order to create ones that serve you from now. To lay foundations not rooted in fear try and be the observer of any drama. The more you are amused by what you have created, the less likely you are to re-live the old and painful, and re-create it!

Many will experience the feeling that everything is for them. Some will feel unworthy, others will lap it up, but either way, it is all about you. Your story, your thoughts, your experiences, they are all about you. Don't worry about everyone else, as they are also experiencing themselves on centre stage, the star, the director, the writer, the chorus, the set creator, and the audience. "It's your party and you can cry if you want to," but laughing and playing is also an option, and woohooing yourself is an awesome and liberating thing to do. Whatever you choose, know that a part of you is enjoying the experience even if it doesn't feel that way.

For many of us this is like a walking on water time. We are moving into being all that we are now, and the impossible and hidden is becoming possible and visible. The hard work has paid off and the party really is in full swing. It is possible to have fun and be at peace with yourself while facing challenges, because we understand how we create stories, their purpose, and how to be the observer, the creator and the player without losing ourselves in any role. "Knowing thyself" has become reality, but this is only the beginning!

Solstice 21st/22nd June 2011, Basic Medical Astrology

Solstice 21st/22nd June 2011 Basic Medical Astrology: The Sun (ruler of the heart) moves into Cancer (ruler of the stomach) opposite Pluto (the transformative planet). These planets square Uranus (the spasmodic planet) and Saturn (the restrictive and chronic planet). The Sun is conjunct the South Node which represents past life energy patterns.

Mmmm... certainly explains the heartburn and stomach issues in the collective. We digest ideas, thoughts, emotions etcetera using stomach energy, and the feelings we deny affect our heart energy. Disappointment can drop heart energy into the stomach and I imagine its release would feel pretty uncomfortable! Food for thought! Hehe! May we release the old as quickly and comfortably as possible! We can expect to feel transformed emtionally and mentally once it is done! 

I don't feel like writing much more about the Solstice energies, but I will say that the Sun in Cancer will be part of the Cardinal Grand Cross which has been dancing across our sky for ages now.

The planets involved are Pluto (the Transformer) opposite the Sun (the Soul) and Uranus (the Awakener) opposite Saturn (the Teacher). In Singapore these planets are conjunct the angles, so we should feel some pretty powerful activating energies here.

The Summer Solstice is about receiving with open arms and giving thanks for everything in our lives without judging it to be good or bad. Take time to bask in the energies of the Sun with the intention of resonating with it. From now until the Autumn Equinox is a time to really ground and develop what we have received.

Cardinal energy is action oriented. I have injured my foot and can't be as physically active as I would like to be right now. Makes sense as a Grand Cross brings the feeling of tension and frustration. The challenge is to find a way to spiral above it. I won't be dancing in the physical at this Solstice, but I will be dancing in spirit.

Gifts of the June/July 2011 Eclipse Series

The Solar and Lunar power times (solstices, equinoxes, new and full moon, and eclipses) are windows of opportunity to create new, and enhance current, vibrations. The moon also serves to reflect back to us the state of our emotions and thoughts.

We are the powerful creators in the physical/third dimension on earth.Our creations on the Earth plane are most easily manifested through harnessing the power of the dimension below and mastering the dimension above. The dimension below the Earth plane is middle earth, the physical elemental realm, or the second dimension. The dimension above, the astral realm or 4th dimension, carries thought forms and emotional vibrations, and functions as a gateway into the heart or 5th dimension.

In times past we all understood this, and freely followed Lunar and Solar rhythms on Earth to create our reality consciously, but events in our past saw this knowledge become forbidden, hidden, and misused by those seeking to dominate and subjugate the many.

The astral realm has become thick with the fog of the fear vibration. The creation of this fear fog began with a catastrophe on the Earth plane. This and the subsequent loss of knowledge of the power of the elemental realm, has seen most of human kind become ungrounded, disconnected from the Earth and full of fear.

We continue to be bombarded by this astral fear fog. It is being fed by our fears, judgments and abuse of power, and it further drives these patterns. Sadly there are also those who consciously and systematically feed the fear fog by using the Solar and Lunar power times combined with their knowledge of elemental forces, to further their power.

According to Barbara Hand Clow’s pleiadian chakra System, the solar plexus is in the astral realm/4th dimension , and the heart is the 5th dimension The heart space is accessed through our feelings. A busy mind, and emotions/feelings created through fear-based thoughts, can keep us out of our heart space experience. I find it helpful to distinguish between “feelings” which describes true feelings which originate within us (and no matter how intense, feel authentic), and “emotions” which describe feelings that we absorb from others or which originate from thoughts created by the fog. The heart space is the gateway to finer spiritual vibrations/spiritual dimensions.

Many have been experiencing heartburn and pain in their solar plexus for at least a few weeks. The vibration that dominates the astral realm dominates our thoughts and emotions until we master our thoughts and feelings. These heart and solar plexus sensations being felt in the collective are being stirred up by the fear fog, our self doubt, and caring what others think. 

Many of us have mastered our thoughts and are living with open hearts (at least the majority of the time), and we have access to the finer spiritual vibrations at least in our sleep, yet still we are experiencing these energetic symptoms. I feel this is in part to demonstrate the insidious power of the fear fog over the collective, and to motivate us to override and transmute it with awareness and intention!

The moment we doubt ourselves, judge another or worry what other’s think, we will be punched in the stomach energetically. If we do not allow our feelings to freely flow or allow our fear to get the better of us, we will experience heart pain.

The moment we feel these, and any unpleasant sensations or symptoms, we are being called to create consciously rather than allow the fog to seep in again. By creating I mean we should do anything that feels good! Paint, write, dance, sing, meditate, play, contemplate, exercise, sleep, visualize or enjoy the company of people who feel good to be around. It really doesn’t matter, as long as you feel good while you are doing it.

If you feel inspired, or your heart speaks, or you have a revelation, know that any doubt or fear that follows is just that insidious fear fog finding its way in again! Feel the fear but trust and follow your inspiration, heart, and revelation anyway.

Create again. This feeling good inspired creation creates a mist of pure love that in time will dominate the astral realm and the world of feelings. It will be like the fear fog never existed. Many of us are starting to experience periods of this already, most likely upon first waking. Treasure the bliss and fill your days doing anything that replicates the feeling you wake up in.

Now for the gifts of this long eclipse period. The human-spiritual feed back system advised that access to the “Bliss Templates” be put on hold after it flew open in 2008.

It was felt that a fairytale fog was being formed in the astral realm as a result of deeply ingrained archetypal energies (created by romantic fairytales and held in the collective conscious and unconscious). In a nutshell too many fell into thinking that this bliss announced the arrival of our ultimate soul mate, one true love, twin flame or whatever you may know it as, rather than an opportunity to create a whole reality of our choosing from the space of love and bliss.

After a period of distant support to establish our commitment to create wisely, open our hearts, and remember more of who we really are, this access re-opened at the Lunar Eclipse on 15th/16th June, and will not close again. Continuing support has been promised, and many experienced an unparalleled calm, peace and connection during the Lunar eclipse.

While access was on hold, many of us felt that it was time to access and create from the new templates. Only those aware of themselves in very fine vibrations were able to do this work consciously. Those able to connect with the one mind love vibration through their heart while asleep (or meditating) were able to access the Bliss Templates and create from them, but this was usually unconscious. This is why so many have wanted to sleep more and have felt spacey and far away at times. We have been really busy, but for most it has been in the world of our dreams. This makes for great dreams, but little quality sleep.

Many of those whose spiritual awakening accompanied the Bliss Templates opening in 2008 have become more of who they are very quickly. Those waking now will have the opportunity to do so at an even more astounding pace. I feel this is the biggest gift we have given each other at this time: an even bigger and more dynamic creative wave now.

As most of us have been doing all this work without a strong Earth connection we have further opened ourselves up to the affects of the fear fog astral bombardment. No wonder quite a few are feeling physically unwell at the moment. 

The New Moon Solar eclipse on the 1st July is an extremely powerful manifestation time. Energy is being re-directed back into our physical bodies as working with the Bliss Templates and accessing the finer vibrations is becoming easier. Any  wise and lovingly intended creation will be given full support at this time. We are being encouraged to connect fully with the Earth rather than thinking that our spiritual journey is meant to lead us away from the Earth plane. By connecting with the Earth, following the Solar and Lunar rhythms, and continuing to create more that feels good we are able to create and ground the Pure Love Vibration Mist.

Full Moon Eclipse 15th/16th June 2011

To me the full moon symbolizes the fruition of the ideas and energies at play building up to it. In the case of an eclipse the internal shifts are not usually felt /experienced in full, until about 3 months later.

According to Bernadette Brady this family of eclipses "brings expansive energy under which lies a more sinister flavour. An urge to expand is experienced, but the expansion contains frustration, inhibitions and loss or separation." I feel the word sinister is misused here. It is more like expansive energy that brings challenges for transformational and teaching purposes. Feelings of restriction, frustration, loss etcetera are great teachers that open us up to the experience of our innate wisdom and knowing.

Kelly surtees said the following about this eclipse on her Astrology blog today. "The balance between truth and trust needs to be reworked as this Full Moon eclipse reveals where faith and fact can mingle. The Sun aligns with Mercury and the desire to know what’s what becomes essential to defining your identity."

This week leading up to the eclipse has been interesting personally. It feels like I have been in a state of revelation with myself as I have been remembering more and more of who I really am. I feel this is what this eclipse series is ultimately about! It is a great calling back to yourself, your higher purpose, your core, either freely and joyously, by reluctant acceptance, or by being forced back kicking and screaming. But come you must! Feelings of restriction, frustration and loss are merely resistance to what is, and what must come to pass, as great shifts are made.

On Monday I had my second Life Between Life Hypnotic Regression. The biggest thing to come out of it was an acute awareness of my essence/vibration. The vibration was very familiar but I had always assumed it was a space I visited when alone and connecting with source, meditating, contemplating, playing with energy etcetera. It never occurred to me that this fine and gentle vibration was my essence.

Except when alone I have been experiencing everyone else's energy rather than mine because on some level I wasn't able to appreciate the power of gentleness! Funny now to see that the boundaries I tried to build served only to let in that which was not aligned with my true nature!

These higher vibrations we are experiencing now are not new to us, or separate from us, they are us. In this life we can make the choice to be able to experience all dimensions of ourselves simultaneously. When we feel and experience ourselves from within the very core of the physical Earth all the way through to the light and gentle vibrations that are in oneness with all that is/source, we are able to anchor the love vibration, heaven on earth, or whatever you prefer to call it.

When we are all that we are, it just happens. The work is simply to become, and be, all that we are!!! The shift happens because we are all that we are, with all the wisdom, knowledge, compassion, love and power that is intrinsically part of our true being!

We came to be wisdom and knowledge. To trust in our knowing rather than thinking in terms of having knowledge and having wisdom, as if it is something that is bestowed on us.

Remember who you are! Enjoy the discovery! Trust it! Savour it! Be it! You are Heaven on Earth! Bring it-I mean YOU!!!