Monday, 26 March 2012

Full Moon Eclipse 15th/16th June 2011

To me the full moon symbolizes the fruition of the ideas and energies at play building up to it. In the case of an eclipse the internal shifts are not usually felt /experienced in full, until about 3 months later.

According to Bernadette Brady this family of eclipses "brings expansive energy under which lies a more sinister flavour. An urge to expand is experienced, but the expansion contains frustration, inhibitions and loss or separation." I feel the word sinister is misused here. It is more like expansive energy that brings challenges for transformational and teaching purposes. Feelings of restriction, frustration, loss etcetera are great teachers that open us up to the experience of our innate wisdom and knowing.

Kelly surtees said the following about this eclipse on her Astrology blog today. "The balance between truth and trust needs to be reworked as this Full Moon eclipse reveals where faith and fact can mingle. The Sun aligns with Mercury and the desire to know what’s what becomes essential to defining your identity."

This week leading up to the eclipse has been interesting personally. It feels like I have been in a state of revelation with myself as I have been remembering more and more of who I really am. I feel this is what this eclipse series is ultimately about! It is a great calling back to yourself, your higher purpose, your core, either freely and joyously, by reluctant acceptance, or by being forced back kicking and screaming. But come you must! Feelings of restriction, frustration and loss are merely resistance to what is, and what must come to pass, as great shifts are made.

On Monday I had my second Life Between Life Hypnotic Regression. The biggest thing to come out of it was an acute awareness of my essence/vibration. The vibration was very familiar but I had always assumed it was a space I visited when alone and connecting with source, meditating, contemplating, playing with energy etcetera. It never occurred to me that this fine and gentle vibration was my essence.

Except when alone I have been experiencing everyone else's energy rather than mine because on some level I wasn't able to appreciate the power of gentleness! Funny now to see that the boundaries I tried to build served only to let in that which was not aligned with my true nature!

These higher vibrations we are experiencing now are not new to us, or separate from us, they are us. In this life we can make the choice to be able to experience all dimensions of ourselves simultaneously. When we feel and experience ourselves from within the very core of the physical Earth all the way through to the light and gentle vibrations that are in oneness with all that is/source, we are able to anchor the love vibration, heaven on earth, or whatever you prefer to call it.

When we are all that we are, it just happens. The work is simply to become, and be, all that we are!!! The shift happens because we are all that we are, with all the wisdom, knowledge, compassion, love and power that is intrinsically part of our true being!

We came to be wisdom and knowledge. To trust in our knowing rather than thinking in terms of having knowledge and having wisdom, as if it is something that is bestowed on us.

Remember who you are! Enjoy the discovery! Trust it! Savour it! Be it! You are Heaven on Earth! Bring it-I mean YOU!!!

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