Monday, 26 March 2012

Gifts of the June/July 2011 Eclipse Series

The Solar and Lunar power times (solstices, equinoxes, new and full moon, and eclipses) are windows of opportunity to create new, and enhance current, vibrations. The moon also serves to reflect back to us the state of our emotions and thoughts.

We are the powerful creators in the physical/third dimension on earth.Our creations on the Earth plane are most easily manifested through harnessing the power of the dimension below and mastering the dimension above. The dimension below the Earth plane is middle earth, the physical elemental realm, or the second dimension. The dimension above, the astral realm or 4th dimension, carries thought forms and emotional vibrations, and functions as a gateway into the heart or 5th dimension.

In times past we all understood this, and freely followed Lunar and Solar rhythms on Earth to create our reality consciously, but events in our past saw this knowledge become forbidden, hidden, and misused by those seeking to dominate and subjugate the many.

The astral realm has become thick with the fog of the fear vibration. The creation of this fear fog began with a catastrophe on the Earth plane. This and the subsequent loss of knowledge of the power of the elemental realm, has seen most of human kind become ungrounded, disconnected from the Earth and full of fear.

We continue to be bombarded by this astral fear fog. It is being fed by our fears, judgments and abuse of power, and it further drives these patterns. Sadly there are also those who consciously and systematically feed the fear fog by using the Solar and Lunar power times combined with their knowledge of elemental forces, to further their power.

According to Barbara Hand Clow’s pleiadian chakra System, the solar plexus is in the astral realm/4th dimension , and the heart is the 5th dimension The heart space is accessed through our feelings. A busy mind, and emotions/feelings created through fear-based thoughts, can keep us out of our heart space experience. I find it helpful to distinguish between “feelings” which describes true feelings which originate within us (and no matter how intense, feel authentic), and “emotions” which describe feelings that we absorb from others or which originate from thoughts created by the fog. The heart space is the gateway to finer spiritual vibrations/spiritual dimensions.

Many have been experiencing heartburn and pain in their solar plexus for at least a few weeks. The vibration that dominates the astral realm dominates our thoughts and emotions until we master our thoughts and feelings. These heart and solar plexus sensations being felt in the collective are being stirred up by the fear fog, our self doubt, and caring what others think. 

Many of us have mastered our thoughts and are living with open hearts (at least the majority of the time), and we have access to the finer spiritual vibrations at least in our sleep, yet still we are experiencing these energetic symptoms. I feel this is in part to demonstrate the insidious power of the fear fog over the collective, and to motivate us to override and transmute it with awareness and intention!

The moment we doubt ourselves, judge another or worry what other’s think, we will be punched in the stomach energetically. If we do not allow our feelings to freely flow or allow our fear to get the better of us, we will experience heart pain.

The moment we feel these, and any unpleasant sensations or symptoms, we are being called to create consciously rather than allow the fog to seep in again. By creating I mean we should do anything that feels good! Paint, write, dance, sing, meditate, play, contemplate, exercise, sleep, visualize or enjoy the company of people who feel good to be around. It really doesn’t matter, as long as you feel good while you are doing it.

If you feel inspired, or your heart speaks, or you have a revelation, know that any doubt or fear that follows is just that insidious fear fog finding its way in again! Feel the fear but trust and follow your inspiration, heart, and revelation anyway.

Create again. This feeling good inspired creation creates a mist of pure love that in time will dominate the astral realm and the world of feelings. It will be like the fear fog never existed. Many of us are starting to experience periods of this already, most likely upon first waking. Treasure the bliss and fill your days doing anything that replicates the feeling you wake up in.

Now for the gifts of this long eclipse period. The human-spiritual feed back system advised that access to the “Bliss Templates” be put on hold after it flew open in 2008.

It was felt that a fairytale fog was being formed in the astral realm as a result of deeply ingrained archetypal energies (created by romantic fairytales and held in the collective conscious and unconscious). In a nutshell too many fell into thinking that this bliss announced the arrival of our ultimate soul mate, one true love, twin flame or whatever you may know it as, rather than an opportunity to create a whole reality of our choosing from the space of love and bliss.

After a period of distant support to establish our commitment to create wisely, open our hearts, and remember more of who we really are, this access re-opened at the Lunar Eclipse on 15th/16th June, and will not close again. Continuing support has been promised, and many experienced an unparalleled calm, peace and connection during the Lunar eclipse.

While access was on hold, many of us felt that it was time to access and create from the new templates. Only those aware of themselves in very fine vibrations were able to do this work consciously. Those able to connect with the one mind love vibration through their heart while asleep (or meditating) were able to access the Bliss Templates and create from them, but this was usually unconscious. This is why so many have wanted to sleep more and have felt spacey and far away at times. We have been really busy, but for most it has been in the world of our dreams. This makes for great dreams, but little quality sleep.

Many of those whose spiritual awakening accompanied the Bliss Templates opening in 2008 have become more of who they are very quickly. Those waking now will have the opportunity to do so at an even more astounding pace. I feel this is the biggest gift we have given each other at this time: an even bigger and more dynamic creative wave now.

As most of us have been doing all this work without a strong Earth connection we have further opened ourselves up to the affects of the fear fog astral bombardment. No wonder quite a few are feeling physically unwell at the moment. 

The New Moon Solar eclipse on the 1st July is an extremely powerful manifestation time. Energy is being re-directed back into our physical bodies as working with the Bliss Templates and accessing the finer vibrations is becoming easier. Any  wise and lovingly intended creation will be given full support at this time. We are being encouraged to connect fully with the Earth rather than thinking that our spiritual journey is meant to lead us away from the Earth plane. By connecting with the Earth, following the Solar and Lunar rhythms, and continuing to create more that feels good we are able to create and ground the Pure Love Vibration Mist.

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