Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sun into Leo, 22nd July 2012: Shining Through Distractions

The Sun went into Leo on July 22nd just after midday in Germany, 6pm in Singapore, and 8pm in Australia, so I am a few days late with this blog.

I have no excuse except that I didn't feel like putting myself through possible heavy intense collective energy when I was feeling so light and peaceful, but last night I felt bombarded by collective stories and writing helps with their release whether they are mine or another's, so here goes.

Big, powerful, dynamic energies are available to us right now and the filter through which they are received determines everything. While this is always the case the intensity knob has been turned up higher than ever before, actually it keeps being turned up, and will continue to be turned up throughout the year. 

I have been writing monthly posts since March and what I have come to appreciate is that they all still apply to one group or another because each month is dealing with a different spoke on the vibrational wheel, and we are not all doing the same spoke at the same time. This is a wonderful thing because there is always a group of beings able to hold a happier, more peaceful space while others delve deep to release more and more. 

Energy comes in waves and the waves continue to roll in regardless of how we are dealing with them. In many ways this year is a make or break year. The waves are continuing to roll and are increasing in intensity. Get on board the spiritual evolution spiral or decline, because if you aren't prepared to start sifting through your garbage (old belief systems and stories you are attached to), face who you think you are and become who really are, you will find the space you inhabit shrinking to an unbearable intensity. I don't want to predict what happens at breaking point, because it is different for everyone, but serious illness and major breakdowns and burnouts are all high on the possibility scale.

For those who accept change, embrace new discoveries about themselves and make efforts to release stories and belief systems that no longer serve them, space will open up and the intensity will subside for some time. As each new energy wave hits the intensity is turned up and the process begins again with ever increasing levels of awareness. The Sun in Leo 2012 is a time of big possibilities in terms of receiving rewards once you know how to see them through the drama. When you can see that your awareness level increases each time the same old story comes up (again and again and again) feel assured that you are on the right path.

Creativity and joy go hand in hand with Leo, and so too can drama. Now is ripe for creativity, but now more than ever we are at risk of being pulled into drama. Some of us thrive on drama, it makes us feel important, and Leo does love to stand out, or not, because sometimes Leo is self-conscious and excruciatingly uncomfortable with attention, and all too aware of standing out in the crowd. 

Drama attachment is not an easy pattern to break. The intensity and attention that comes with being at the centre of a big story is a difficult thing to let go of. At the time you might be saying that you aren't enjoying it, but once the drama has subsided, and peace and quiet settle in, the stillness can feel like melancholy and boredom can set in. It can feel like you are not really existing, not being noticed, the wish for another drama arises, and so the pattern continues. This quiet and peaceful time is the perfect time to discover what lies within. Who knows, perhaps your inner world will meet the needs your outer world drama has been meeting (I have a Leo moon in the first house and this has been part of my experience and now I am trying to release the drama here) or you will let go of your attachment to drama altogether. Either way you will have discovered more about yourself, released some "garbage," and will be experiencing inner peace more often. Your outer world will reflect this. Peace is a path to joy and your dreams come true.

Turning the other cheek by feeling love and so sewing and watering seeds of love, no matter what powerful and uncomfortable emotions are being churned up or expressed, is the highest path through any drama, on any level.

Everywhere I turn I hear or see something about like attracting like, the law of attraction, how to manifest your dreams, and so on. We are powerful creators and are responsible for our reality. This is how it is. Accept the responsibility and your world will open up in wonderful ways. I choose to keep things simple because I have experienced my creative power and sometimes getting what I want has led to some intense  experiences I do not wish to repeat. For example, I was running late to collect my children from school so I willed every green traffic light and a smooth traffic-free journey. I received exactly what I wished for and arrived on time but half a minute from my destination two children ran out in front of me, one after another, from different places, then a parent walked in front of my car as I drove through the car park. These people did not see me but thankfully I saw them. Perhaps I was not meant to be there.... 

Sometimes it feels as though everything is going wrong and nothing feels further away than the manifestation of our wish, but this can be because we need to be directed somewhere different to where our minds think we should be. The clearest example I can think of happened between one and two years ago. I was flustered and agitated, couldn't think clearly, couldn't get organised and couldn't find my keys. I had a friend visiting and had a plan for what I wanted to achieve that day, but by the time we made it into the car we were running late so I had to totally change my plan. Interestingly as I started my car I noticed that the speedometer showed an 1111. Talking about this with my friend calmed me down. Perhaps I was in right time right place and there was nothing wrong after all. An hour later, while in my friend's condo pool with one of my sons (filling in time before collecting my other son) I pulled a drowning girl out of the water. I wasn't supposed to be there, and I received no thank you or acknowledgement as the three year old's mother was intent on reprimanding her spluttering daughter for entering the pool while her back was turned, but I did realise just how important it is to go with the flow. 

There is a perfect and true path for all of us but most of the time we are blind or resistant to it. Trust is everything. When we know that we are always in right time right place we are always in right time right place. 

I no longer wish myself to be on time, or somewhere in particular when there are obstacles. Wishing something different to what is happening is resistance to what is. I simply accept the journey as being perfect. "I am in perfect time." I see my active role as becoming master of my mind and emotions so that I am able to enjoy the ride that is my true path, even when I am unable to see ahead because there is a sharp turn or an obstacle. When I can see ahead, no matter how unlikely it may seem at the time or how much I want it or am resisting it, I am learning to allow everything to unfold in perfect time.

I have discovered that life unfolds according to our internal vibrational alignment rather than on a timeline. When we are in alignment with a certain vibration, the gifts and lessons of that vibration are revealed. Sometimes we are earlier or later than expected and supporting energies (planetary alignments, the space being held by others and so on) are out of synch with where we are in terms of vibration, but this is perfect too as an unexpected layer of  gifts, wisdom and lessons are made available to us. We always receive exactly what we need in every single moment. Then gift of peace and patience is always on offer. 

When we find joy in the little things we attract more joyful experiences. When we find peace, even in a storm, we attract more peace. Being and feeling love attracts waves of love back. We only have to feel worthy of giving, receiving, and ultimately being, peace, love and joy. 

Leo loves romance, needs romance. Romance yourself to attract more romance into your life. Treat yourself as though you have just met who you really are and have fallen madly in love. Have candlelit baths, buy yourself flowers, love yourself deeply, even the parts you aren't comfortable with. Fresh new love sees only what is beautiful and feels magical beyond words. Who doesn't want to feel that?

When we are walking our path, living our truth, we simply stand out. We don't have to live a big visible life, most of us are not here to do so, but we are all here to live our life in a big way. The time of the Sun in Leo is the perfect time to start shining as who we really are, in all our glory. So you may stand out, you may find people react to you uncomfortably, but so what, that is their stuff. Any negative reaction to you is simply their resistance to being who they really are. You may also find as you become more comfortable with who you are that you inspire others to be who they really are. There is no competition. There is space for everyone when we are who we really are. The Sun in Leo says stand tall, stand proud, simply be who you really are, be authentic, trust and everything will fall into place in perfect time. 


Friday, 22 June 2012

The Sun into Cancer: Home

Happy Solstice!!!

I am a little late with this post because I have been travelling and visiting my old homes and my family and friends who still live there. As the Sun moved into Cancer yesterday I was experiencing an intense energetic transition. As I re-settled into my new home, a country on the other side of the world from where I was born, a country where I do not yet speak or really understand the language, a country where I know few people, I felt completely lost and out of place. As afternoon became evening I walked my dogs through the forest (something I absolutely love doing) and remembered the simple life. The joy and sense of perfect time and place re-established itself within me as I prepared dinner to some of my favourite music. Home at last!

Cancer rules home and clan, and the fourth house which represents our inner world. Cancer is ruled by the Moon which represents our intuition and influences our emotions.

The meeting point between spirit and matter is where the Greatest Story Ever told is evolving, right now. That meeting point is within us. It has always been, but we are becoming increasingly aware of it and  it's potential to create change on every level. Perhaps we can see the story playing out around us, but there can be no doubt of what is taking place within us. 

Whether we are feeling extremely uncomfortable and ill or we are in party mode, our inner landscape is changing. We can choose to embrace or resist this. Our level of comfort at any moment is a clear indicator of our resistance or acceptance of that moment! We may be able to lie to others, but there is no escaping ourself and what lies within. What is within needs to be acknowledged, accepted, sometimes released but always celebrated. We are as we were made: perfect. The only thing separating us from experiencing our perfection is attachment to, and judgement of, our stories, thoughts and emotions.

Available to each of us right now are new and beautiful frequencies that if fully embraced, will assist in us stepping into our perfection and purpose. Any resistance does not feel comfortable. Sometimes resistance feels extremely painful, sometimes it makes us ill. The purpose of uncomfortable feelings, and other symptoms of resistance, is not to make life difficult, but to demonstrate in no uncertain terms that something is not right. More often than not the something that is not right is an old belief system, story or emotion that we are holding onto. Often we are not consciously aware of what we are holding onto, but this does not matter. All we need do in any moment is allow life to unfold and accept the moment, and ourselves, as being perfect. By doing this we are able to embrace the new and beautiful frequencies available to us, release old attachments, bring peace to our inner world and so create new possibilities with ease.

I feel that the key to making the most of the time of the Sun in Cancer in 2012 is to embrace and find pleasure in the simple things, especially our physical home life, and to connect with our family, whether that be our biological family or soul family of friends, or both.

The Sun in Cancer is a wonderful time to further develop our intuition. Keeping life simple will assist this. When we are rushing about and everything feels complicated it is difficult to listen to our inner truth, our intuition.

I am struggling to find the words to express what I sense about frequency and our potential to evolve during the time of the sun in cancer. I am trusting that what cannot be written will be experienced in feeling as this is read. Cancer is a water sign, and water is the emotional feeling element. "I feel," says Cancer. I feel Love.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Sun in Gemini, 2012: Mastering the Mind

The Sun moves from Taurus and into Gemini on Sunday May 20th at 3:15 GMT.

The sun in Gemini begins with Venus having just gone retrograde in Gemini, and the Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse occurring less than 12 hours after The Sun enters Gemini! This certainly sets the energetic tone!

As I look into the chart I find my usual sense of feelings and themes is failing me. It seems that to be able to intuit the Sun in Gemini I must enter the mind, which makes sense because Gemini rules the lower mind.

I can sense a refinement of purpose within my third eye. What usually feels uniform can be felt as many vibrating particles making up the whole. The particles are in alignment, but each has an individual resonance and awareness. We are one, but we are unique. Now is a potent time for creating this awareness in the collective.

This eclipse, says Bernadette Brady, is a positive one that can bring breakthroughs in relation to work and ideas when efforts are made to accept what is. Accepting what is means accepting all of yourself, even the uncomfortable bits!

It is not possible to find your true purpose while comparing yourself to others. There will always be somebody with more knowledge and awareness than you, and somebody with less. Those who continue to look outside of themselves, comparing themselves with others are likely to struggle during this period. Comparing is a mental process, and the lower mental energy available is massive and magnetic. Trying to find any truth in the lower mind is much like looking for a needle in a haystack! Focus on being authentically you and you will not get lost in the sea of all thoughts.

Now more than ever we must become Masters of our Minds. Mercury, the planetary ruler of Gemini, was named after the only God allowed to freely travel between The Heavens and The Underworld. Mercury is the Messenger between these worlds. Instead of seeing our thoughts in a negative light or giving them all our power, think of them as being messengers linking the deepest and most unconscious parts of your being, the lofty heights of your spiritual being, your heartfelt feelings and knowing, and the inspiration of your higher mind. Thoughts are messages from your expanded being. Thoughts bring an awareness of what you need to know now to your conscious being .

Periods of not being able to think are a gift when we stop judging ourselves as being vague, stupid or brain dead. When there are no thoughts, know that you know everything that you need to be aware of in that moment! The drive to fill your mind with thoughts, and have an endless stream of irrelevant information going around your mind, is an old habit that our society has encouraged as being both normal and a sign of intelligence. Yet anybody under stress with an active mind knows that it is not comfortable and makes sleep and finding inner peace difficult. Trust that what we need to know is available to us when we really need it. Any information not forthcoming at the time is simply not important at that moment.

Thoughts can make us aware of what we need to release. Old belief systems and stories continue to replay in our mind until we consciously write a new script. Don't judge your thoughts. If you find them uncomfortable acknowledge them as your old way of being and create a new more comfortable and positive way of being by creating a new thought on the topic. I focus on what I learnt about myself and I tell myself that it was never going to be any other way. That moment was perfect, but I have no need to repeat it because I understand now, what I did not understand then.

It does not matter if the old thoughts keep appearing in your mind. Chances are they deeply rooted and so it must be released in stages. Just repeat the process and continue to be gentle with yourself by not judging anything as bad. They are just thoughts. There are no thought police.

If you write a new script that becomes obsolete and uncomfortable within a short period know that you are doing well and evolving quickly. You did not make a mistake. There are no mistakes, merely stepping stones of choice along our path.

Your thoughts become powerful creators of your reality only when your judgements about them create emotions. Many have said thoughts are creative, and they are, but it is more because of the feeling that is inspired by the thought, than the thought itself. Being detached from your thoughts is a great skill to master. You can learn to stop thoughts before they fully form because your detachment means that you are able to let it go without having to play it through. It is also possible to develop a sense of whether the unformed thought is a joy and peace inspiring one, or one that is out of alignment with your peace and joy! It is important to remember that the feelings of joy and peace are powerfully creative too, so allowing these thoughts to come, and revelling in the feel-good feelings they inspire, creates more joy and peace in our lives.  Mastering our mind creates so many options to choose what feels good.

Those persevering and trusting that everything we need is within, including the knowledge of our life purpose,    will be rewarded with further insights and breakthroughs during the coming months. Perhaps you need to release some old stories and belief systems around feeling worthy of feel-good feelings, having a happy life and realising your dreams and true purpose. Now is fully supporting such an endeavour! Go for it!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Scorpio Full Moon - 6th May, 2012

"I feel"... says it all really! How can you not feel when there is a full moon in Scorpio this close to the Earth?

For the last few weeks I have been very aware of travelling through a very tiny point of light with this sense that only what is in alignment with my true essence, my heart of hearts, my core being is able to come through with me. I have seen and experienced this point many times, over many years, in many different ways.

I have experienced sensations of travelling through it as though with my body, some 40 years into the future. I remember clearly the intensity that felt beyond anything I can describe except by likening it to that point of nearly unbearable G-force when you are on the brink of losing consciousness.

I feel I come from the other side of this point, and I travel between here and there in my light being with ease (perhaps that is one of the places we all travel to in our dreams), but we are attempting to bring our whole being, the physical included, through this "eye of a needle." WOW!!!

The thing is, and it is something that my experiences of this Scorpio Super Full Moon has demonstarted very clearly and very loudly...We can't take our "stuff" with us!!!

We humans are very attached to our "stuff." We carry it through lifetime after lifetime. We are dragging around volumes of stories, belief systems, thoughts, emotions....but it has to go, or at least put released from our thoghts and experience!

Yesterday I lay in bed feeling very peaceful and blissed out. After a little while familiar thought and emotional patterns crept into my awareness. I then experienced in flashes of insight the ways in which I have forced back down these emotions and thoughts. Next thing I was gutted like a fish energetically and the undigested energetic contents of my stomach were emptied into my awareness! Ughhhh not comfortable at all!!!

If I had known that was coming I would have expected it to be very painful, but it wasn't. In the past when I experienced a moment of facing my stuff, I usually went into fear, but I didn't. Instead I lay there and allowed myself to experience it, and I consciously watched it transmute, but that was my old "stuff." I expected the day to be pleasant, as I was feeling much lighter, but it wasn't!

Very old and long ago forgotten memories and connections made themselves known and I was fully immersed in the challenges of now. I could see how the forgotten long ago and the now are woven together tightly, and I spent an uncomfortable day crying with the emotional intensity and trying to think my way out of things.

Deep down I knew that thinking only created more "stuff." It doesn't matter what is going on, how confusing, upsetting and worrying it is. It doesn't matter how fearful, angry, anxious and despairing you are feeling. No matter what your story is, no matter what you have been through, what you have done, there is only one way through.

Finding your centre, your essence, your core being, your heart, your peace, is the only way forward and the only way through. They all mean the same thing. They are all in, and of, Pure Love. Love is the miracle of our healing, the only way through this gauntlet of Now, how to let go of the past, the way to ride the rollercoaster, the wild waves, the stormy emotional weather, and how to deal with the physical world and everyone in it!

You can "if" and "but" all you like, but there is no way around it. It's through in Pure Love awareness, with no mind to the stuff, or not at all! Pay no mind to the "stuff" and forget your past stories and they lose their power. It's like water off a duck's back if you persist and keep coming back to your centre. On the other side of the point is a higher vibrating dimension where Love is all in experience.

This Love experience is available to us here too, but we are challenged by heavier deeply entrenched patterns...

As we align to the Pure Love Vibration (that is Oneness and who we really are) our journey becomes more comfortable, even pleasurable, we experience more and more expanded states of our being, and we come to appreciate the joys and virtues of the physical, our bodies, our natural world, the cosmos, our heritage!

In this State of Love and Gratitude we are one with the "eye of the needle" through which we are travelling (like it or not) and one with the expanded Pure Love Dimensions that are our heritage, our past, our future, and if we allow it, our present.

In Pure Love there is no time, there is only One, and there is only Now.

So thank you divine cosmos for holding the perfect energetic vibration required for our awakening and transformation on all levels! Thank you Scorpio for your intensity and drive to explore ever deeper, Taurus for your lessons in appreciating the physical and the moment, and the Moon for your cycle which stirs and transforms our emotions, and your rulership of our stomach, which digests both what we eat and what we experience!

Next we have the eclipse series to look forward to... LOVE.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sun in Taurus, April 19th/20th - 20th/21st May, 2012: Sprouting Roots and Grounding Who We Really Are.

During the time of the Sun in Taurus, 2012 a revelation or great unfolding of who we really are is before us. The Sun enters Taurus at 6:12pm on April 19th in Germany, and on April 20th just after midnight in Singapore (2:12 am Sydney time).

The first thing that comes to me is the feeling of being stuck, or perhaps it is more accurate to say there is a sense of immobility due to not being able to see around corners. The lack of visibility is creating a lack of vision, or is it the other way around? A lack of imagination (vision) has led to a creative block, and so things have become stuck for many!

There are a few opportunities for movement and creativity to be initiated in the time of the Sun in Taurus. It feels like an unexpected vision or flash of insight, which has the potential to inspire creativity and so movement, is coming soon, so to is a lifting of the veil which has been preventing many of us from seeing around corners.

The veil is interesting. It is more like a fog, and it has even affected those who are usually able to see further ahead! There are those who say this inability to see further ahead is due to nobody knowing what is coming because it hasn't been created yet, but there is also a sense that it is because what is on the path is unlike anything previously experienced. There is no language to describe it yet. Translating the feelings and sensual experience of it is challenging because it's subtleties register differently from anything previously experienced. Every part of our physical being is evolving, and so to our senses, and the nervous system which registers and translates these senses.

No matter how evolved we are, as human beings we are in Earth time, experiencing Earth dimensions, densities and stories. As time speeds up and ceases to exist as a way to orient ourselves on a timeline, as we expand our dimensional awareness, as realities shift and old ways of being fall away, we can become confused or "foggy" until we are able to catch-up and re-orient ourselves in our new state of being. It takes time, but then no time that can be measured. It is a particular way one day, and in the next moment a completely different way. We are in, and out, and in, and out, until we can stay where we are going completely!

This is an intense experience for everyone, but the more we are hanging onto (whether it be a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual attachment) the more it will be layered with intense and confusing stories, uncomfortable emotions, and hectic thoughts!

There are many ways to journey through the gauntlet that is now, but those who's feet are touching the ground will journey with the greatest ease. Taurus is the sign most grounded and fixed in Earth. Taurus doesn't shift easily, but in times when shifting is forced upon us, some Earthy fixed energy can be an advantage!

Caring for the whole being is important. There are many who have neglected the physical and see their evolution as being into the spiritual and out of the physical 3rd dimensional world, but we are multi-dimensional beings. We are here to be all that we are, not to deny a big part of ourselves in this life! To embrace and Master the physical dimension is challenging, but it is one of the greatest opportunities our human incarnation affords. Yet many are still off floating in the clouds, willing the physical to end!

Taurus teaches that the physical is an essential and enjoyably sensual part of our whole being, and the Sun in Taurus in 2012 is all about taking responsibility for our physical creations! Time to accept what is and take responsibility for creating something more in alignment with our whole being! How easy it would be to give it all up and transcend the physical. I'm not afraid to leave the physical, are you? All the best to those who choose to, but ask yourself, look into your soul, into the core of your being, will you be satisfied with what you have achieved in and on the physical?

When I asked myself this question, the answer was a resounding no. Ever since I have been remembering how to be happy here in the physical, embracing this physical dimension as part of my whole being, seeing it as being just as important in this life as my spiritual being is. They are one. Some days are challenging, some are effortless, but more and more flow with ease. I have found that no matter how elated I feel, how blissed out, or how melancholic I become I don't become vague, manic, depressed or neglectful of my physical being for more than a moment! I am able to be in whatever energy I am experiencing and remain present and aware. This is what it is to be grounded, and remembering how to achieve this is one of the gifts of the time of Taurus.

Taurus is the nurturer! Now is an opportunity for new ideas and ways of being to be nurtured and take root, and take root they must if we wish to experience them in all their glory! The challenge of Taurus is letting go, and we all need to let go of the old ways that no longer serve us. This is where many wonderful ideas risk becoming unstuck! If we continue to hold onto, and focus on, what we are attached to (the old familiar however uncomfortable) we will neglect the opportunity to nurture the new that is aligned with who we have become, and are becoming!

Taurus is the toddler learning how they affect the world, marvelling in the wonder of their creations. While playing in possibilities is fun, it really is time to reign ourselves in and realise our powerful true natures as creators of realities, of our lives. This is not to instil a sense of guilt, there is a buffer zone whereby our intentions harbour us from mis-creations as we learn to wield our powerful gifts! Just remember that responsibility grows in proportion to awareness, so those who have achieved a high state of awareness (even when out of it momentarily) will experience everything being attracted back to them and magnified in bigger and more powerful ways! Fantastic when the creation intent was in love from the heart, but a rough ride when it was sent out in a moment of despair, frustration and anger. But it's all good, it's all part of the journey of self-discovery! There are no mistakes, just lessons, plus Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love, and there is Love for all of us, in spades, just for being, just because we are. It's always a great time to remember how loved we all are.

The discovery that each one of us is at the centre of our universe, here now to be all that we are, to embody it, to ground it in the physical, to take responsibility and intend to create from the heart, in Love, is all possible in the Time of Taurus. Enjoy. In Love. Love, Virginia.

Monday, 26 March 2012

The Equinox and Astrological New Year, March 20th, 2012

I haven't felt inspired to write about the Equinox until now, several hours after it was exact. The Spring Equinox/Autumn Equinox (Southern Hemisphere) is the beginning of The Astrological Calender, so Happy New Year!!!

Today feels very new to me. When something new arrives we react in different ways depending on our expectations and past experiences which have established how stuck or open to change we are in the moment of it's arrival.

There are as many ways to interpret a chart as there are astrologers, and my way is more energetic than intellectual. What I write here is my translation of the feelings and themes that are activated in me as I look into the chart...

The influx of challenges and change will continue, and it is my feeling that anything could happen, but we know that, it's 2012!!!

The Astrological New Year begins with a grounding force that inspires me to think that whatever we say or think will come to be in a more powerful way than before. We are laying down our own foundations, the training wheels are off, but not everybody is ready for the responsibility!

Although we have been told before that we create our reality and experience from our thoughts, now is a time when those who have doubted their power will very clearly see that this is so, and those who fear it, will have it magnified and reflected back to them in bigger and bigger ways.

Actually, everything is being magnified and reflected in big ways. The more loving and gentle we are with ourselves and the more we trust that a part of us knows exactly what we are doing, the more comfortable this year will be.

You may find yourself asking if your experiences of yourself and others are a reflection of you, or smoke and mirrors at play, but in time you will discover that it is all one. This may sound a bit cryptic but if you haven't already lived through experiences that involve lessons of oneness, you soon will.

It is my feeling that intuitive and psychic gifts will awaken in many more of us in many ways, and strengthen in those with awareness of them. This time could be confusing. There will be so much more information available to us on layers of our being that we may not have been aware of before, and if we don't have our mental and emotional filing system in order, everything could feel totally out of control in a way never before imagined. Listening to or making music, dancing, meditation and contemplation are ways to alleviate the confusion, but at the very least, make some time to be alone.

Movies or themes of our lives in all directions of time will play out in some way. These may come as thoughts, feelings, experiences, dreams, hallucinations, visions...your belief system will determine how it plays out for you. This is not to stir things up for the fun or hell of it, rather, it is an opportunity to heal the past and choose which path you most wish to follow from here and now.

Your belief systems are being challenged in order to create ones that serve you from now. To lay foundations not rooted in fear try and be the observer of any drama. The more you are amused by what you have created, the less likely you are to re-live the old and painful, and re-create it!

Many will experience the feeling that everything is for them. Some will feel unworthy, others will lap it up, but either way, it is all about you. Your story, your thoughts, your experiences, they are all about you. Don't worry about everyone else, as they are also experiencing themselves on centre stage, the star, the director, the writer, the chorus, the set creator, and the audience. "It's your party and you can cry if you want to," but laughing and playing is also an option, and woohooing yourself is an awesome and liberating thing to do. Whatever you choose, know that a part of you is enjoying the experience even if it doesn't feel that way.

For many of us this is like a walking on water time. We are moving into being all that we are now, and the impossible and hidden is becoming possible and visible. The hard work has paid off and the party really is in full swing. It is possible to have fun and be at peace with yourself while facing challenges, because we understand how we create stories, their purpose, and how to be the observer, the creator and the player without losing ourselves in any role. "Knowing thyself" has become reality, but this is only the beginning!

Solstice 21st/22nd June 2011, Basic Medical Astrology

Solstice 21st/22nd June 2011 Basic Medical Astrology: The Sun (ruler of the heart) moves into Cancer (ruler of the stomach) opposite Pluto (the transformative planet). These planets square Uranus (the spasmodic planet) and Saturn (the restrictive and chronic planet). The Sun is conjunct the South Node which represents past life energy patterns.

Mmmm... certainly explains the heartburn and stomach issues in the collective. We digest ideas, thoughts, emotions etcetera using stomach energy, and the feelings we deny affect our heart energy. Disappointment can drop heart energy into the stomach and I imagine its release would feel pretty uncomfortable! Food for thought! Hehe! May we release the old as quickly and comfortably as possible! We can expect to feel transformed emtionally and mentally once it is done! 

I don't feel like writing much more about the Solstice energies, but I will say that the Sun in Cancer will be part of the Cardinal Grand Cross which has been dancing across our sky for ages now.

The planets involved are Pluto (the Transformer) opposite the Sun (the Soul) and Uranus (the Awakener) opposite Saturn (the Teacher). In Singapore these planets are conjunct the angles, so we should feel some pretty powerful activating energies here.

The Summer Solstice is about receiving with open arms and giving thanks for everything in our lives without judging it to be good or bad. Take time to bask in the energies of the Sun with the intention of resonating with it. From now until the Autumn Equinox is a time to really ground and develop what we have received.

Cardinal energy is action oriented. I have injured my foot and can't be as physically active as I would like to be right now. Makes sense as a Grand Cross brings the feeling of tension and frustration. The challenge is to find a way to spiral above it. I won't be dancing in the physical at this Solstice, but I will be dancing in spirit.

Gifts of the June/July 2011 Eclipse Series

The Solar and Lunar power times (solstices, equinoxes, new and full moon, and eclipses) are windows of opportunity to create new, and enhance current, vibrations. The moon also serves to reflect back to us the state of our emotions and thoughts.

We are the powerful creators in the physical/third dimension on earth.Our creations on the Earth plane are most easily manifested through harnessing the power of the dimension below and mastering the dimension above. The dimension below the Earth plane is middle earth, the physical elemental realm, or the second dimension. The dimension above, the astral realm or 4th dimension, carries thought forms and emotional vibrations, and functions as a gateway into the heart or 5th dimension.

In times past we all understood this, and freely followed Lunar and Solar rhythms on Earth to create our reality consciously, but events in our past saw this knowledge become forbidden, hidden, and misused by those seeking to dominate and subjugate the many.

The astral realm has become thick with the fog of the fear vibration. The creation of this fear fog began with a catastrophe on the Earth plane. This and the subsequent loss of knowledge of the power of the elemental realm, has seen most of human kind become ungrounded, disconnected from the Earth and full of fear.

We continue to be bombarded by this astral fear fog. It is being fed by our fears, judgments and abuse of power, and it further drives these patterns. Sadly there are also those who consciously and systematically feed the fear fog by using the Solar and Lunar power times combined with their knowledge of elemental forces, to further their power.

According to Barbara Hand Clow’s pleiadian chakra System, the solar plexus is in the astral realm/4th dimension , and the heart is the 5th dimension The heart space is accessed through our feelings. A busy mind, and emotions/feelings created through fear-based thoughts, can keep us out of our heart space experience. I find it helpful to distinguish between “feelings” which describes true feelings which originate within us (and no matter how intense, feel authentic), and “emotions” which describe feelings that we absorb from others or which originate from thoughts created by the fog. The heart space is the gateway to finer spiritual vibrations/spiritual dimensions.

Many have been experiencing heartburn and pain in their solar plexus for at least a few weeks. The vibration that dominates the astral realm dominates our thoughts and emotions until we master our thoughts and feelings. These heart and solar plexus sensations being felt in the collective are being stirred up by the fear fog, our self doubt, and caring what others think. 

Many of us have mastered our thoughts and are living with open hearts (at least the majority of the time), and we have access to the finer spiritual vibrations at least in our sleep, yet still we are experiencing these energetic symptoms. I feel this is in part to demonstrate the insidious power of the fear fog over the collective, and to motivate us to override and transmute it with awareness and intention!

The moment we doubt ourselves, judge another or worry what other’s think, we will be punched in the stomach energetically. If we do not allow our feelings to freely flow or allow our fear to get the better of us, we will experience heart pain.

The moment we feel these, and any unpleasant sensations or symptoms, we are being called to create consciously rather than allow the fog to seep in again. By creating I mean we should do anything that feels good! Paint, write, dance, sing, meditate, play, contemplate, exercise, sleep, visualize or enjoy the company of people who feel good to be around. It really doesn’t matter, as long as you feel good while you are doing it.

If you feel inspired, or your heart speaks, or you have a revelation, know that any doubt or fear that follows is just that insidious fear fog finding its way in again! Feel the fear but trust and follow your inspiration, heart, and revelation anyway.

Create again. This feeling good inspired creation creates a mist of pure love that in time will dominate the astral realm and the world of feelings. It will be like the fear fog never existed. Many of us are starting to experience periods of this already, most likely upon first waking. Treasure the bliss and fill your days doing anything that replicates the feeling you wake up in.

Now for the gifts of this long eclipse period. The human-spiritual feed back system advised that access to the “Bliss Templates” be put on hold after it flew open in 2008.

It was felt that a fairytale fog was being formed in the astral realm as a result of deeply ingrained archetypal energies (created by romantic fairytales and held in the collective conscious and unconscious). In a nutshell too many fell into thinking that this bliss announced the arrival of our ultimate soul mate, one true love, twin flame or whatever you may know it as, rather than an opportunity to create a whole reality of our choosing from the space of love and bliss.

After a period of distant support to establish our commitment to create wisely, open our hearts, and remember more of who we really are, this access re-opened at the Lunar Eclipse on 15th/16th June, and will not close again. Continuing support has been promised, and many experienced an unparalleled calm, peace and connection during the Lunar eclipse.

While access was on hold, many of us felt that it was time to access and create from the new templates. Only those aware of themselves in very fine vibrations were able to do this work consciously. Those able to connect with the one mind love vibration through their heart while asleep (or meditating) were able to access the Bliss Templates and create from them, but this was usually unconscious. This is why so many have wanted to sleep more and have felt spacey and far away at times. We have been really busy, but for most it has been in the world of our dreams. This makes for great dreams, but little quality sleep.

Many of those whose spiritual awakening accompanied the Bliss Templates opening in 2008 have become more of who they are very quickly. Those waking now will have the opportunity to do so at an even more astounding pace. I feel this is the biggest gift we have given each other at this time: an even bigger and more dynamic creative wave now.

As most of us have been doing all this work without a strong Earth connection we have further opened ourselves up to the affects of the fear fog astral bombardment. No wonder quite a few are feeling physically unwell at the moment. 

The New Moon Solar eclipse on the 1st July is an extremely powerful manifestation time. Energy is being re-directed back into our physical bodies as working with the Bliss Templates and accessing the finer vibrations is becoming easier. Any  wise and lovingly intended creation will be given full support at this time. We are being encouraged to connect fully with the Earth rather than thinking that our spiritual journey is meant to lead us away from the Earth plane. By connecting with the Earth, following the Solar and Lunar rhythms, and continuing to create more that feels good we are able to create and ground the Pure Love Vibration Mist.

Full Moon Eclipse 15th/16th June 2011

To me the full moon symbolizes the fruition of the ideas and energies at play building up to it. In the case of an eclipse the internal shifts are not usually felt /experienced in full, until about 3 months later.

According to Bernadette Brady this family of eclipses "brings expansive energy under which lies a more sinister flavour. An urge to expand is experienced, but the expansion contains frustration, inhibitions and loss or separation." I feel the word sinister is misused here. It is more like expansive energy that brings challenges for transformational and teaching purposes. Feelings of restriction, frustration, loss etcetera are great teachers that open us up to the experience of our innate wisdom and knowing.

Kelly surtees said the following about this eclipse on her Astrology blog today. "The balance between truth and trust needs to be reworked as this Full Moon eclipse reveals where faith and fact can mingle. The Sun aligns with Mercury and the desire to know what’s what becomes essential to defining your identity."

This week leading up to the eclipse has been interesting personally. It feels like I have been in a state of revelation with myself as I have been remembering more and more of who I really am. I feel this is what this eclipse series is ultimately about! It is a great calling back to yourself, your higher purpose, your core, either freely and joyously, by reluctant acceptance, or by being forced back kicking and screaming. But come you must! Feelings of restriction, frustration and loss are merely resistance to what is, and what must come to pass, as great shifts are made.

On Monday I had my second Life Between Life Hypnotic Regression. The biggest thing to come out of it was an acute awareness of my essence/vibration. The vibration was very familiar but I had always assumed it was a space I visited when alone and connecting with source, meditating, contemplating, playing with energy etcetera. It never occurred to me that this fine and gentle vibration was my essence.

Except when alone I have been experiencing everyone else's energy rather than mine because on some level I wasn't able to appreciate the power of gentleness! Funny now to see that the boundaries I tried to build served only to let in that which was not aligned with my true nature!

These higher vibrations we are experiencing now are not new to us, or separate from us, they are us. In this life we can make the choice to be able to experience all dimensions of ourselves simultaneously. When we feel and experience ourselves from within the very core of the physical Earth all the way through to the light and gentle vibrations that are in oneness with all that is/source, we are able to anchor the love vibration, heaven on earth, or whatever you prefer to call it.

When we are all that we are, it just happens. The work is simply to become, and be, all that we are!!! The shift happens because we are all that we are, with all the wisdom, knowledge, compassion, love and power that is intrinsically part of our true being!

We came to be wisdom and knowledge. To trust in our knowing rather than thinking in terms of having knowledge and having wisdom, as if it is something that is bestowed on us.

Remember who you are! Enjoy the discovery! Trust it! Savour it! Be it! You are Heaven on Earth! Bring it-I mean YOU!!!