Monday, 26 March 2012

Solstice 21st/22nd June 2011, Basic Medical Astrology

Solstice 21st/22nd June 2011 Basic Medical Astrology: The Sun (ruler of the heart) moves into Cancer (ruler of the stomach) opposite Pluto (the transformative planet). These planets square Uranus (the spasmodic planet) and Saturn (the restrictive and chronic planet). The Sun is conjunct the South Node which represents past life energy patterns.

Mmmm... certainly explains the heartburn and stomach issues in the collective. We digest ideas, thoughts, emotions etcetera using stomach energy, and the feelings we deny affect our heart energy. Disappointment can drop heart energy into the stomach and I imagine its release would feel pretty uncomfortable! Food for thought! Hehe! May we release the old as quickly and comfortably as possible! We can expect to feel transformed emtionally and mentally once it is done! 

I don't feel like writing much more about the Solstice energies, but I will say that the Sun in Cancer will be part of the Cardinal Grand Cross which has been dancing across our sky for ages now.

The planets involved are Pluto (the Transformer) opposite the Sun (the Soul) and Uranus (the Awakener) opposite Saturn (the Teacher). In Singapore these planets are conjunct the angles, so we should feel some pretty powerful activating energies here.

The Summer Solstice is about receiving with open arms and giving thanks for everything in our lives without judging it to be good or bad. Take time to bask in the energies of the Sun with the intention of resonating with it. From now until the Autumn Equinox is a time to really ground and develop what we have received.

Cardinal energy is action oriented. I have injured my foot and can't be as physically active as I would like to be right now. Makes sense as a Grand Cross brings the feeling of tension and frustration. The challenge is to find a way to spiral above it. I won't be dancing in the physical at this Solstice, but I will be dancing in spirit.

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