Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Sun in Gemini, 2012: Mastering the Mind

The Sun moves from Taurus and into Gemini on Sunday May 20th at 3:15 GMT.

The sun in Gemini begins with Venus having just gone retrograde in Gemini, and the Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse occurring less than 12 hours after The Sun enters Gemini! This certainly sets the energetic tone!

As I look into the chart I find my usual sense of feelings and themes is failing me. It seems that to be able to intuit the Sun in Gemini I must enter the mind, which makes sense because Gemini rules the lower mind.

I can sense a refinement of purpose within my third eye. What usually feels uniform can be felt as many vibrating particles making up the whole. The particles are in alignment, but each has an individual resonance and awareness. We are one, but we are unique. Now is a potent time for creating this awareness in the collective.

This eclipse, says Bernadette Brady, is a positive one that can bring breakthroughs in relation to work and ideas when efforts are made to accept what is. Accepting what is means accepting all of yourself, even the uncomfortable bits!

It is not possible to find your true purpose while comparing yourself to others. There will always be somebody with more knowledge and awareness than you, and somebody with less. Those who continue to look outside of themselves, comparing themselves with others are likely to struggle during this period. Comparing is a mental process, and the lower mental energy available is massive and magnetic. Trying to find any truth in the lower mind is much like looking for a needle in a haystack! Focus on being authentically you and you will not get lost in the sea of all thoughts.

Now more than ever we must become Masters of our Minds. Mercury, the planetary ruler of Gemini, was named after the only God allowed to freely travel between The Heavens and The Underworld. Mercury is the Messenger between these worlds. Instead of seeing our thoughts in a negative light or giving them all our power, think of them as being messengers linking the deepest and most unconscious parts of your being, the lofty heights of your spiritual being, your heartfelt feelings and knowing, and the inspiration of your higher mind. Thoughts are messages from your expanded being. Thoughts bring an awareness of what you need to know now to your conscious being .

Periods of not being able to think are a gift when we stop judging ourselves as being vague, stupid or brain dead. When there are no thoughts, know that you know everything that you need to be aware of in that moment! The drive to fill your mind with thoughts, and have an endless stream of irrelevant information going around your mind, is an old habit that our society has encouraged as being both normal and a sign of intelligence. Yet anybody under stress with an active mind knows that it is not comfortable and makes sleep and finding inner peace difficult. Trust that what we need to know is available to us when we really need it. Any information not forthcoming at the time is simply not important at that moment.

Thoughts can make us aware of what we need to release. Old belief systems and stories continue to replay in our mind until we consciously write a new script. Don't judge your thoughts. If you find them uncomfortable acknowledge them as your old way of being and create a new more comfortable and positive way of being by creating a new thought on the topic. I focus on what I learnt about myself and I tell myself that it was never going to be any other way. That moment was perfect, but I have no need to repeat it because I understand now, what I did not understand then.

It does not matter if the old thoughts keep appearing in your mind. Chances are they deeply rooted and so it must be released in stages. Just repeat the process and continue to be gentle with yourself by not judging anything as bad. They are just thoughts. There are no thought police.

If you write a new script that becomes obsolete and uncomfortable within a short period know that you are doing well and evolving quickly. You did not make a mistake. There are no mistakes, merely stepping stones of choice along our path.

Your thoughts become powerful creators of your reality only when your judgements about them create emotions. Many have said thoughts are creative, and they are, but it is more because of the feeling that is inspired by the thought, than the thought itself. Being detached from your thoughts is a great skill to master. You can learn to stop thoughts before they fully form because your detachment means that you are able to let it go without having to play it through. It is also possible to develop a sense of whether the unformed thought is a joy and peace inspiring one, or one that is out of alignment with your peace and joy! It is important to remember that the feelings of joy and peace are powerfully creative too, so allowing these thoughts to come, and revelling in the feel-good feelings they inspire, creates more joy and peace in our lives.  Mastering our mind creates so many options to choose what feels good.

Those persevering and trusting that everything we need is within, including the knowledge of our life purpose,    will be rewarded with further insights and breakthroughs during the coming months. Perhaps you need to release some old stories and belief systems around feeling worthy of feel-good feelings, having a happy life and realising your dreams and true purpose. Now is fully supporting such an endeavour! Go for it!

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