Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Gemini and Oak New Moon

The New Moon was exact at 2:05:18 pm/14:05:18 UT/GMT on Tuesday 16th June. As with every New Moon the following twenty-four hours is a potent time to set intentions and make a wish, or many.

After this intense Gemini Mercury retrograde most of us will have a good idea or feeling about what seeds we would like to sew at this time, so I won’t suggest any Gemini themes.

I have had a busy day and was out and about just before the New Moon was exact. I didn’t have any confrontations but I encountered a few frustrated and perhaps angry people and found many people wanting to communicate and interact more than usual. Perhaps that is because Mars is also in Gemini and conjunct the Sun and Moon at this New Moon.

Earlier today I was thinking how different forms of expression and different emotions are misunderstood and labelled as anger, as happened to me yesterday when I was very upset and hurt about something and was accused of being angry, something I wasn’t feeling at the time. Once upon a time the angry label may have applied, and while some over-reaction may still occur pinpointing the root feeling or root issue has never been easier. 

Perhaps this Mercury retrograde has brought awareness or somehow refined and re-defined your thoughts, connections and communicating styles, as I feel it has for me. The best way I can describe it is what was once experienced as a 7 coloured rainbow has become a multi–coloured spectrum of shades, and what was once a multi-coloured spectrum of shades has become a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional experience and so on into what becomes utterly indescribable in words for me, at this time at least.

Recently I read something that said we are more than our astrology chart. It started me thinking about my definition of astrology and astrology charts again. We are greater than the sum of all physical and experienced parts, but so are the stars and the planets. Everything is greater than what we can conceive, but it is difficult to interpret and understand beyond what we are able to conceive. We are limited by our imagination. When we limit what the stars and planets are, and represent, to just the physical, we limit astrology and its possible interpretation. When we limit Astrology to include only our solar system and only the luminaries and official planets plus Pluto (not sure of its current planetary status) we also limit Astrology and its interpretation. I can see how people think Astrology is less than all they are, but ultimately this is only true of the interpretation of Astrology. We are connected to all things, “As below, so above, as above so below,” and we are made of stars. Many believe that Source or God/Goddess is a Star… anyway food for thought, something Gemini loves.

I am way behind on so many writing projects because this Mercury retrograde “took me out” in terms of my usual creative focus and outlets. Even as I type this I am standing, stooping over a table of normal dining height. I have had great difficulty sitting still this last month and it doesn’t look set to change anytime soon. So while I have managed to paint my Oak Tree Celtic Astrology sign mandala, I have not had the chance to research and write about it. I plan on adding it to this blog over the next few days but I’m not holding my breath. Who knows what the coming days will bring? The last few weeks has been very interesting and a huge learning curve energetically-speaking. 

On Sunday 21st at 4:37:53 pm/16:37:53 UT/GMT, the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer, marking the Summer Solstice and "Full Moon" phase of the Solar cycle in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice and "New Moon" phase of the Solar cycle in the Southern Hemisphere! I hope to write a little more on that too.

Happy Gemini New Moon! Don’t forget to make some wishes and set intentions for the next lunar cycle! Keep dancing!! Love!!!

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