Wednesday, 25 February 2015

First Quarter Moon 25th February, 2015 - Powering-up the Dreamtime

The Moon, with its constant movement and alternating between light and dark faces, showed people since ancient times that nothing remained static. The Moon came to represent the cycle of transformation and the ability for one thing to transform into another.

During the First Quarter Moon Phase, exact at 17:13 (5:13PM) GMT/UT, Wednesday February 25th, light and dark are in balance and light is ascending; the Moon is waxing. With light increasing, the structural outline of what is to be, what has been wished for, comes into form. This is the time when the seeds that were planted at New Moon establish roots and a stem.

I sat in this First Quarter Moon and planetary alignment yesterday, feeling the energies, planning what to write in this First Quarter Moon blog. I could feel a sense of excitement, anticipation, a sense of possibilities that were just beyond my awareness at that time. I felt as if all parts were working together, or rather singing and dancing, in a celebration of creativity, harmony and balance. Yet, I was unable to form words. The Moon was void of course and it was not yet time for my ideas and words to take form. 

Today is a different story entirely. Last night I dreamt in a way I have not done for some time. I was very busy in my dreams last night. Many ideas were discussed, though I can't remember the discussions today; typical for dreams. 

The dimension of my dreams was fairy and fairy-tale like. In this magical-feeling sphere, fulfillment and happiness drive the manifestation of wishes and ideas into physically felt experiences and physical form. Fear is simply not part of this dimension. The fairy folk do not do fear. They are pleasure and happiness driven. They are able to bridge dreams and possible physical manifestations. Do these dreams and ideas make you feel good. Shall we make them physical they ask? When we say yes, when we choose happiness over fear, feel good over safe, living our dreams over living in our dreams, the fairies know exactly how to make it happen for us.

Today at First Quarter Moon feel into what you are experiencing, the themes and ideas of the last week and any wishes made at New Moon last week. Make conscious what you are bringing into form. Celebrate the roots of what makes you happy as the roots deepen, as the stem comes into form and then reaches towards the stars. Say no to fear like the fairies. Say no if it doesn't feel good but don't be afraid to feel good. Be mindful of any fears that may arise around a sense of responsibility and duty. Limiting our dreams to those that "fit" within the constraints of our perceived duties and responsibilities severely limits the possibilities. There are no dream or wish police. Dare to dream big and wish freely. Then, follow through by continuing to say yes to the big and free dreams and wishes as they can be felt coming into form, instead of allowing fear and resistance to stop them in their tracks. Trust that all will be taken care of, that all is well and fabulous, that what feels good and fulfills us is good for everybody, and a win-win is not only possible, but guaranteed.

Although there continues to be some tensions in the planetary line-up at this time, there is a beautiful Grand Air Trine between the Moon, the North Node and Mercury. Perhaps you will receive some inspiration around what this life is for and be able to communicate it in a meaningful and emotionally mature and connected way? This could be a complete game-changer!

I love when Venus and Mars are conjunct, as they are at the moment (In Aries). Passion and adventure are the first words that come to mind followed by God and Goddess aligned. Beautiful possibilities of gender equality and a future world full of passion and adventure run through my dreamy mind.

Today the Moon is in quick-minded Gemini and the Sun and Neptune are in dreamy Pisces. Although they are square (First Quarter Square) which is known to create tension, there is something really freeing about this energy for me today, perhaps its the conjunction of the Sun and Neptune. I have heard it said many times that our true life is lived in our dreams and that our dreams, through our thoughts, create our reality. It feels as though Gemini is providing the mental dexterity to quickly process and communicate current dream-states, thus assisting the conscious manifesting of our dreams in the physical. As stem and roots come into form at the First Quarter Moon, and through our conscious awareness of what we are building, we are powering-up our dreams.

NOW we are able to harmoniously build upon our wishes with ideas inspired by the Dream-time and, the fairy dimension is able to be once more, in service to humankind in big and beautiful ways.

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