Thursday, 5 March 2015

Full Moon in Virgo: Unlocking Hidden Wisdom, Integration and the "Right To Be Wrong"

The Virgo Full Moon is exact at 20:05 (pm) GMT/UT on Thursday 5th March, 2015.

I really don't know what I expected to feel at this full moon, but not this. And yet, it makes perfect sense upon further reflection. 

Since re-starting my astro-energy blog a few weeks ago I have paid extra close attention to the moon. In my efforts to better understand cycles generally and find a healthy outlet for my cyclic nature and sensitivity to psychic, mental and emotional imprints as a Cancer ascendant and Moon in the first house native, writing about lunar cycles was an obvious choice. So here I am writing my first full moon blog feeling quite frankly, a bit stretched and strange. 

The Moon is fully illuminated in the sky now. Full Moon marks the completion of half a Lunation Cycle which began at New Moon about two weeks ago. We planted seeds at New Moon which have taken root and grown. Perhaps these seeds were consciously made wishes. Perhaps we were busy and didn't notice what we were processing leading up to New Moon, but processing and the planting of ideas and hopes and dreams we were doing none the less. 

At Full Moon, we are able to see more clearly the form or vehicle we have created through which we are to express the vision or wish seeded at New Moon. The metaphorical tree is reaching towards the sky. Will our trees bare the fruit of our wishes? We are being asked if our foundations are solid; our roots stable? Did we plant seeds in fertile soil? Does it matter? 2015 is the International Year of Soil. I think soil matters.

I feel a bit like a portal between worlds as well as the worlds on either side of the portal. On one side is the shadow/dark. Here I can feel shame and a lack of self-worth. This is strong solar plexus energy stuff. This makes sense now I am thinking about it; Virgo rules assimilation and the solar plexus and has archetypal associations with purity. On the other side of the portal is a lighter better integrated state of being. It is shame-free and colourful. As I write, the lyrics to Joss Stone's Right To Be Wrong are drifting towards me from the radio in my kitchen. Right on!!! 

"The Moon has a face like the clock in the hall; She shines on thieves on the garden wall." ~ Robert Louis Stevenson 

Just as under the midday Sun there is no shadow, the Full Moon illuminates all. No matter how hard we try and hide our "stuff" it will find some way to attract our attention under the influence of the Full Moon, especially when this stuff has the potential to be the saboteur of the manifestation of our wishes.

Disowned "stuff" is the thief of inner-peace, harmony and purity of experience. There will be evidence in the material if we are out of alignment with our inner-peace. Anything that triggers our solar plexus, anger, mind racing with thoughts, indigestion and other uncomfortable experiences indicate something we need to bring into our conscious awareness. There may be other valid reasons for our uncomfortable experiences but more often than not these triggers and reactions are clear indicators that there is something which needs to be addressed. 

With Virgo in play the energy drive is to assimilate and purify. Resistance to this process may be felt in the solar plexus region and digestion may be affected. An over-active, restless mind might be keeping you awake at this time. Try and use these restless times to process and digest what you are being shown through the themes of your thoughts. Notice how your body is feeling. This will help you stay present as you observe and process. 

Further burying any shame or feelings of lack of self worth whether it be for mistakes made, misunderstandings, perceived inabilities or any known or unknown reason - past or present - only pollutes the soil in which our metaphorical tree is planted. Our dreams and wishes need to be nourished; As do the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our beings. How can we nourish ourselves when we are self-polluting with the "stuff" we are unable to face in ourselves. How can we manifest our wishes if we are not working to keep our soil healthy, our roots nourished? 

The Full Moon is a Lunar and Solar opposition and so "the other," as well as "the self," comes into focus. How can we expect others to be honest and true with us if we are not being honest and true with ourselves, or worse, blame others for our shame or the situations that trigger feeling our lack of self-worth? This lunar cycle's New Moon was in Aquarius. Aquarius looks for win-win ideas and solutions. This is something worth keeping in mind at this time.

Virgo strives for purity and perfection. Most Virgos I know are extremely hard on themselves. I'm really feeling this critical perfecting drive right now across all aspects of my being and life. I'm keeping myself out of the lack of self-worth and blame pit by reminding myself that we ALL have a right to be wrong. Our mistakes do indeed make us strong, as Joss Stone says in her song. At least they do when we are prepared to be honest with ourselves, take responsibility and learn from them. Everybody has a right to their own opinion but we all get to choose if we want to take another's opinion on as our own. This is a bigger and deeper issue and theme in some people's lives than others. Freedom comes with not minding what anybody else thinks and not imposing restrictions on ourselves because of lack of self-worth and shame.   

The way to be colourful and feel free and "light," or unencumbered by our "stuff" right now, is to own our mistakes, acknowledge any feelings of unworthiness and finally release them. I am talking about the "stuff" that has been buried so deep we may not have noticed it until yesterday, or today. If you have not had this experience it may rise to the surface in the coming days, or you aren't needing to process anything for yourself or the collective at this time. In which case, just enjoy the ride!!!! 

As for the portal I spoke about earlier.... Well I'm not entirely sure how to describe it yet, but I do feel that once this solar plexus triggery-stuff is further processed, understood and assimilated in the collective, we will be more easily able to navigate between the different aspects of our being. Perhaps it is clearer to say that we will further integrate the different aspects of our being once we release the "stuff" we are currently being shown. This "stuff" is the what has been holding back or sabotaging the manifestation of our recent and current dreams. I also feel that many of us will suddenly appreciate that the form through which our dreams are being manifested is our integrated beings, not some outer structure. This may sound like old news to some, but my feeling is that our more integrated beings will be new and colourful in ways beyond anything we have been able to imagine. Also, there is much hidden wisdom to be unlocked within us under the influence of this Full Moon and planetary line-up. Dig deep, own what is in your shadow and shine bright in your own right!!

Don't forget to go outside tonight and soak up some lunar rays, if you haven't already. Enjoy! 
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