Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Last Quarter Moon: In Love and Perfect Time

The Last Quarter Moon is exact at 17:48 UT/GMT, Friday 13th March, 2015. The Moon is in Sagittarius, squaring the Sun in Pisces. Energetically squares create tension. The Moon is waning. Light and dark are equal, but light is declining. The Moon is in a position which allows only half of it to reflect the light of the Sun. The Lunar Cycle is in her last quarter and we begin preparing for a retreat and the new cycle.

How are you feeling and what are you thinking about? What are you experiencing declining, waning, losing power or dying within you? What is remaining stable? What has roots to weather the tension, even a great storm? Only what is rooted within our core being and in alignment with our truth will remain. The rest will gently fall away or blow up in our faces.

I am writing this while the Moon is still in her Disseminating phase, approaching her Last Square and Balsamic/dark face. This morning, on my way to a friend's house for tea and meditation, I requested some insight into what I should write about for this Last Quarter Moon blog. 

I have been feeling pretty clear and calm the last couple of days, but the moment I asked it was like a storm very unexpectedly erupted within me. Energy began to whirl and thoughts began to race. None of it made much sense. Perhaps it was personal, perhaps not.

Chatting over tea was lovely but when we started our mediation I could not settle at all. Usually I get into the space easily even if my mind is active for a while. Today was very different for me. My stomach gurgled. The energy in my head and solar plexus swirled and poked all over the place. There were no thoughts, just one question: How would we know when to stop? We had a time constraint. I decided that the answer would appear.

Turned out quite a few answers appeared in the following few hours. 

Just as my friend was stirring from her meditation a voice announced a countdown...10... 9...8... We looked at each other and laughed!!! Her son's rocket toy had spontaneously turned itself on, in perfect time. This reminded me that my television has been spontaneously turning itself on the last week. One day it might turn itself on 3 or 4 times in an hour, the next it doesn't turn on by itself at all. I am still waiting to see if there is something deeper I need to understand. The answer will appear in perfect time, perhaps when the right question is asked.

We meditate beside my friend's altar. She had a very pretty white feather on her altar today which I commented on. Apparently there had been two but one had vanished. We discussed an issue that required some clarity. I looked down and spotted a feather. It wasn't the missing feather, but a third white feather which had found its way into the room, as feathers sometimes do. My friend said she had seen it earlier but had not really registered, so had not picked it up. 

What really hit me in that moment was timing. There is a time and season for all things, even things which are right under our nose. When we push for answers and results, we only make life harder for ourselves. Answers always come in perfect time. 

Early in January I noticed two fallen trees in the forest nearby my house. They had been uprooted in a storm and one had landed on top of the other, forming a cross; An intersection; A symbolic cross road. What I found amazing was that the trees fell between many other tress without damaging them, and the distance between the two trees on either side of the intersection point is less than 2 meters. I found this amazing. Perfect placement. I had many ideas about what this might mean symbolically. I am still undecided.

Two days ago I saw a man with a tractor looking at the logs. My heart sank knowing that their time was over. Yesterday I saw that the logs had been chopped up. I could not bring myself to take a photo. I knew that a dream was dying, a perfect moment had passed, an opportunity had been missed. Today I know the logs will have been moved and stacked by the side of the path for removal. Soon they will be taken to be made into wood-chips or something else. One thing becomes another. This is part of the process of a cycle.

And this is what happens as the Moon wanes from Last Quarter to dark moon and we prepare for a new cycle; Wishes and dreams, hopes and ideas that do not have strong roots and are not in alignment with us will fade, or die, or be removed, or blow-up in our face; In perfect time.    

We can mourn, we can cry, we can even celebrate what has not come to pass. We can do whatever we need to do. Some things will have strong roots and will remain. We can celebrate or mourn this too. 

I will walk in another part of the forest today. A shift must be made, a new way of doing things found. I will take that step symbolically but I expect change in the outer world will come slower, or certainly in perfect time. 

Likely I will retreat for the next week; In preparation for the new Astrological and Lunar cycle; which begins with the Aries Equinox. The Equinox is preceded by a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the very last degree of the zodiac, 29° Pisces. Super Power Wish time, but more about that next week.

In the meantime I want to say that the coming Solar Eclipse belongs to a beautiful family of Eclipses. The March 20th Solar Eclipse at 29° Pisces and the April 4th Lunar Eclipse at 14° Libra belong to Saros Series 17 South. This family of eclipses, says Bernadette Brady, brings sudden success in personal relationship matters and group projects. Thinking of matters of love, Happiness in love, good news concerning relationships or creative expression with a group are all associated with this eclipse family.

As the song that was playing in my head yesterday says, Don't Believe the HYPE! The gloom and doom reportedly expected at the Solar Eclipse in a couple of articles I have read is not supported by the astro-energies of the coming Solar Eclipse. Let us consciously release and close the old cycles with LOVE, not fear. Let us consciously seed the New Astrological Year and Lunar cycle at the New Moon Solar Eclipse/Equinox on March 20th with LOVE.

Into the NEW with LOVE!!!

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