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Super Power Time: An Opportunity to Re-forest and Create Anew

Super Power Time: An Opportunity to Re-forest and Create Anew 
Happy New Astrological Year, Pisces New Moon Total Solar Eclipse, Aries/March Equinox, Bridging with the Celtic Lunar Moon Sign of The Alder Tree and Integrating Our Whole Being

The March/Aries Equinox marks the beginning of Spring in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of the Western Astrological Calendar/Zodiac! This year a total Solar Eclipse occurs in the last degree of Pisces, thirteen hours before the Equinox, charging the new with super power!

Pisces New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse: 20th March, 2015 at 9:36 am GMT/UT

Vernal Equinox (Northern Hemisphere): 20th March, 2015 at 10:45 pm (22:45) GMT/UT

The New Moon Eclipse and the Aries Equinox mark the beginning of new cycles; the monthly Lunar Cycle and the yearly Solar Cycle respectively. 

Aries begins at the March Equinox. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere. The symbol for Aries is the Ram. This year also happens to be the Chinese Year of the Ram. This can be seen as supercharging Aries energy. 

Aries is the will to exist, the life-force. First there is nothing (Winter). Then there is something (Spring). Out of seemingly nowhere, life bursts forth, claiming its place. Aries represents the ability of the will to triumph over any obstacle, doubt or intimidation.

Most of us celebrate the New Year and make New Year’s resolutions on January 1st the first day of the Gregorian Calendar. Energetically and symbolically the Vernal Equinox is a far more supportive and powerful time to set the tone for a new year, to leap into a new cycle and new projects and ideas. 

The month of Aries is a time which supports new beginnings, new ways of being and a new world where living our dreams becomes possible. With Aries supporting us, success is likely because “all that binds the Ram’s attention is the power of the will to shape a life” of its own will. (Steven Forrest, "The Inner Sky")

Demetra George published a couple books in the 1990s about the Dark Goddesses and the Dark Phase of cycles: "Mysteries Of the Dark Moon" and "Finding Our Way Through the Dark." In the case of the Lunar Cycle, the Dark Phase is the Balsamic Moon Phase, the few days before the New Moon. Demetra George explains that the month leading up to the Winter Solstice is a Dark Phase, every Cycle has a Dark Phase including every Astrological Cycle and the Menstrual Cycle. 

A Dark Phase is a time to turn within, review the cycle and prepare to birth the new. In the case of the Solar Cycle, according to Western Astrology, the time of Pisces is the Dark Phase of a Cycle which begins each year at the March Equinox, when light and dark are equal and Winter becomes Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Solar Eclipses are only possible at a New Moon, when the Sun and Moon are conjunct, or at the same degree of the zodiac. Friday's New Moon is in the last degree of Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac. Thirteen hours later the Sun moves into Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac. In a sense, the total Solar Eclipse bridges the old and new solar cycles.

This solar cycle's dark phase ends with a total solar eclipse. What a blast to power up the new and blast out of the old!!! This Eclipse is an especially powerful time to review what we would like to carry forward into the new and what we should or must leave behind. 

Eclipses are powerful energetically. The full effects or outcomes of themes and events triggered and precipitated by eclipses are usually not experienced until four months or so after the eclipse. An eclipse season includes one lunar and one solar eclipse, though there is sometimes a third eclipse in a season.

Each eclipse pair (a solar and Lunar eclipse in the same season) belong to the same family of eclipses or Saros Cycle. The March 20th Solar Eclipse at 29° Pisces and the April 4th Lunar Eclipse at 14° Libra belong to Saros Series 17 South. This family of eclipses, says Bernadette Brady in her book "The eagle and the Lark", brings sudden success in personal relationship matters and group projects. Thinking of matters of love, Happiness in love, good news concerning relationships or creative expression with a group are all associated with this eclipse family.

The New Moon is always a great time to plant seeds for the future by making a few New Moon wishes. Here are some Pisces wish suggestions adapted from the work of Jan Spiller: 

“I want the tendency to use sleep as an escape totally lifted from me”; “I want to consciously and consistently feel joyful and fulfilled”; “I want to nurture gentleness so that it becomes a stronger part of my being”; “I want to surrender all anxieties into the hands of a healing higher power”; “I want to effortlessly find myself focused on the inner peace of my own true nature”; “I want to feel love and compassion for ______”; “I want to totally release the habit of playing the victim in my life”; “I want to successfully restore my immune system to perfect health and beauty.”

In preparing to write this blog the last few weeks I have had many inner discussions about many ideas. I wondered how I could bridge old worlds and new worlds. I wondered what information I could find to make this more interesting for me to write and for others to read. There are thirteen new moons, two eclipse seasons and one solar cycle each year. It can feel a bit same-same even though it is anything but same-same, especially in the times we are living in now.

Energies are wild just now. It feels as though anything could happen at any moment. 

What can we use to seed the new, anchor the new into our beings and bridge the old and new worlds many of us still feel split between? In Celtic Astrology, both this New Moon Solar Eclipse and the Vernal Equinox happen in the same Celtic lunar sign of the Alder Tree. Like Aries, the planetary ruler of the Alder tree month is Mars (though another source listed Neptune as ruler), but in Celtic Astrology, the Vernal Equinox falls in the fourth month of the calendar, not the first.  

I was looking for a bridge and it turns out that due to its water-resistance, the timber of the Alder tree was traditionally used in bridge-making. In fact, it was used to build the water-covered foundations of the city of Venice. When immersed in water the timber of the Alder tree turns hard as stone. 

Medicinally Alder bark was used to treat, among other things, inflammation and stiffness. Alder remedies enable us to move forward with flexibility and face up to what we have been avoiding.

The Alder tree produces strong coloured red and yellow dyes and was associated with the art of fabric making and the goddesses of spinning. Spinning new worlds...

The pith of the Alder's green shoots are easily pushed out to make a whistle. Different length shoots bound together can make an instrument traditionally used to entice the Air elements. The superstition of "whistling up the wind" began with this tradition.

The Alder tree protects physically, emotionally and spiritually. The Celts associated the Alder tree with both weapon and shield making and so it teaches when to take up the sword and when to take up the shield. The most important aspect of the warrior is intent. This is the key to success or failure. The Alder tree teaches the need to blend courage and strength with generosity of spirit and compassion. Most of us are not wielding swords and carrying shields into battle but Alder tree teaches discrimination and the need to see beneath the surface of things so we may know when to challenge things and when to hold our peace.

The Alder tree is light in appearance but is strong. Like many trees, it is linked with the creation of humans. Irish legend says that the first man was made from an Alder tree and the first woman was made from a Rowan tree. This supports my belief that our deepest and truest essence is karmically, physically and spiritually linked with trees.  

Alder tree sign's symbols are the pentacle and the hawk.

The Alder tree is noted for its important symbiotic relationship with a filamentous nitrogen-fixing bacterium called Frankia alni. The bacterium absorbs nitrogen from the air and makes it available to the Alder. The Alder provides the bacterium with sugars produced through photosynthesis. This mutually beneficially relationship improves the fertility of the soil where the Alder grows. The Alder is a pioneer species, which provides nitrogen rich soil to successional species, and as such Alder is often planted to re-colonize land with poor soil. It grows well from seed but only lives for sixty years or so.

In Celtic Astrology the Vernal Equinox represents the equinoxial line of the moral world which is occupied by humans in their present life. This is an important line, "the line of liberty," which symbolizes humanity's free-will. The Autumnal Equinox is its polarity and represents another aspect of free will. 

"The Druids believed that humans occupied a tentative position above the animal kingdom whose species cannot innovate or improve their condition, but are bound by the rules of an unerring law called instinct or "Greddy."" (Helena Patterson, "The Handbook of Celtic Astrology") Due to our intelligence, humans occupy a narrow line of liberty or spiritual existence, but we still belong to the "animal circles of transmigration" called "Abred" and as such we are still subject to "trials" under the Druidic system of evolution. 

The Druidic two serpents double-spiral symbol represents the Equinox days. These days, in ritual zodiac, were times of balance or a state of equilibrium on Earth and in the Heavens. 

It feels as though the lead-up to this Equinox is a weighing of the scales of balance and accountability for human action and inaction. It is an opportunity to see more clearly where we need to find balance, both within and out in the world. The old structures are falling. We are called to create something New but there is work to do. There is a lot of work to do and if we want to contribute and realize our potential we must wake up fully and see what is within us, right before us, and further beyond. We must take action. 

The Equinox combined with New Moon seeding and wish time is an opportunity to sew seeds for the new by drawing on the characteristics and lessons of the Alder Tree. We can re-forest and create anew through symbiotic relationships that create fertile soil and strong foundations for future generations. With Alder tree seeds we can sew seeds of strength, discernment, compassion, flexibility and courage and face what needs to be faced, and do what needs to be done.  

Demetra George proposed in the 1990s that the Goddess, as a cycle, is in a Dark Phase and has been for thousands of years; ever since the decline of Matriarchal societies and the rise and dominance of Patriarchy. She feels that the New Goddess Cycle will begin soon. Perhaps it is beginning now...

Last week I had a dream about the New Moon. A blood red colour splashed across the darkened part of the Moon. It was not the Sun's light causing the colour change. The Moon is only able to reflect a slither of the Sun's light at the New Moon. It was coloured light from another source. I have been pondering its meaning every since. 

This dream ties in with some visions I had over fifteen years ago. I saw blood-coloured moons, eclipses and worlds beings destroyed. During that time whenever I heard the song "Silence" by Delerium ft. Sarah McLachlan I would hear "burn her" being chanted in-between the lyrics. 

Now I can listen to any version of the song without hearing "burn her," but it took many years to release the pattern at the root of the chanting. I believe it was a painful memory from the time of the burning of the witches. Perhaps the memory goes back thousands of years to the time of the rise of patriarchy and decline of goddess worship.

I watched the original official video clip for "Silence" for the first time yesterday. The video ties in with my interpretation of the blood-red New Moon dream. A woman and man are tied together, his right arm to her left arm and they are running. They both take the lead at different points, both stumble at different points, but they must run together because they are tied together. Only at the very end of the clip is the rope untied. 
These dream and vision fragments, the video clip and "imagined" chanting are part of a larger story; the story of Goddess and God; woman and man. Their stories are intertwined. Both have led, both have fallen. Now as the New Goddess Cycle begins, or is about to begin, what will we re-vision? What will we choose to repeat? 

Many say it is time for the goddess to take over, but is it wise to believe that Matriarchy would be better than Patriarchy? We tried that some millenia ago and there were women and matriarchal societies who abused their power and controlled men. Perhaps there is a third way, a path of integrating goddess and god...

AN represents the sacred union of Sun and Moon as one being. Since I was young I have felt that God and Goddess/woman and man must be able to stand side by side as equals if there is ever to be balance and harmony on this planet; And we must integrate the many facets of our beings to find inner balance and harmony to be able to stand side by side as equals. As within, so without. AN is a way to align, to re-vision, to integrate, to live in oneness. You can read about Solara's vision of manifesting the physical Heart of AN here

One of the colours of AN is magenta. In my dream the blood-red colour that was being projected onto the Moon's dark face turned magenta. I am choosing to interpret this as a healing vision rather than one of gloom and doom; From blood-shed and fear to love, wholeness and oneness. 

It is time to finally leave behind the old story and old world and create something new. It is time to finally heal the wounds of our falls from grace, in which ever way we lived them, and allow ourselves to be renewed. It is time to finally own what we have denied and suppressed; Whether it be our power or our shame, or both. It is time to finally heal and release wounds in the collective; wounds from past cataclysms, genocide, witch burning... the list goes on and while many shocking things continue, healing and releasing the past is the only way to do it differently in the new. Creating from our fractured wounded beings is very different from creating from our whole healed beings. 

We must allow ourselves to face and heal through owning/releasing what is rising from shadow parts of self into our awareness. The shadow is merely what we suppress and deny. When we bring these shadow parts into the light of our awareness and see that a whole being contains light and dark and the mysterious/hidden as well as the known we begin truly integrating all aspects of our being. 

This super power time is an opportunity for powerful healing, release and personal transformation. For some of us it will be a shock to realize that we have not done our own work.  We may be able to talk the talk but if it is not rooted in our being because we have not been walking the walk and addressing our "stuff," we will be stumbling and desperately grasping for anything to hold onto now. The great news is that we can do our "stuff" nearly instantly under current energies, we need only be honest and real with ourselves and then, as if by magic, CLICK, everything we dream becomes possible! 

It is becoming increasing clear who is all talk and glamour and who is real. It is also time to stop piggy-backing the talkers. No more enabling and feeding them our energy, knowledge and wisdom. No more saviours and martyrs. That was so last AGE. It is time for what may seem like tough love so the talkers can discover within themselves, their energy, knowing, intuition and capacity to gain self-knowledge and wisdom through their own body of experience. It is time for the enablers to stand on their own as well; to learn how to BE without thriving on being needed.

True healers and teachers need only be who they are. Have you noticed those people who you walk away from feeling good and more balanced and maybe thinking about something in a new way? Did you notice they felt good too? They are the natural healers and teachers who have faced their stuff. They may not practice a healing modality or teach anything "special" but they may, or they may be the housewife next door, an old friend, the waiter, the school crossing guard, the old man walking his dog... Shared pearls of wisdom but not preaching, gentleness, compassion, integrity, humility, holding space for others to make their own choices are some of the shining qualities the natural true healers and teachers exhibit. 

Well here we are, we have been waiting for this moment for AGES!!! 
Let's do what needs to be done!!! 
Into the New!!!

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