Monday, 11 May 2015

The Last Quarter Moon In Aquarius: Integrity and Alignment to Embody Heaven on Earth

The Last Quarter Moon was exact at 10:35 GMT/UT on Monday 11th may, about half an hour before I began to write this blog entry.

I have had a busy few days with guests and have had far less time and head space, than usual, to process the current astro-energies.

The main thing on my mind today, and of late, has to do with alignment, integrity and the conservation of personal energy.

If ever there was a time to stand on one’s own feet and stand up for oneself, it is now. For far too long many of us have given freely of our time, energy and knowledge to prop-up and benefit others. This was perfect before, but no longer.

We simply cannot compromise our integrity and be out of alignment with our truth in order to be liked, approved of or in service to the will or vision of others. 

We have only enough for our own purpose now, and it is high time to completely align with that purpose. We must not allow ourselves to be manipulated into giving over any of our personal power, energy, knowledge to anybody. This may sound hard or even selfish, but there is simply no other way for us to become all that we are, and fulfill our personal destinies. We can no longer afford to prop-up others, because we only have enough for our own purpose.

Everyone must do their own work now, for the sake of the greater picture. We are all a little piece of heaven which we must now embody and ground so that the greater picture, that is Heaven on Earth, may become whole and visible.

Short and sweet and perhaps a bit of tough love, but there it is, as I see it today.

Let’s dance together embodying our unique being and purpose!!! Heaven on Earth is the new world! We can do this! We were born for this! LOVE!!!

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Mandala and photo by Virginia

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