Tuesday, 2 April 2013

April 3rd, 2013

Focus is the challenge now, not whether you can, but what to focus on. You have many choices. Learning the art of quiet contemplation would help but you will need to slow down first.

It is as though your head is in your heart right now, and perhaps you are not as still as usual. If you pay attention to how your body reacts to your every thought your heart will tell you precisely what is right for you.

Don't think too much, you'll miss your truth speaking through your feelings. It is more than likely that such advice will fall on deaf ears but if you do dare dip your toe into the world of feelings you will be amazed by what you discover there.

It is likely the world is feeling really overwhelming right now and you may be coming across a bit prickly. Any time spent alone will be time well spent and any knots in your stomach will be able to work their way out.

Look after that heart! The line between your mental body and your physical body is thinner than ever. Practice the art of allowing all perceived criticism to roll away like water off a duck's back. Your body will thank you for it.

Now is a good time to ground some of those ideas, even the ones you have scrutinized and put aside as near impossible. Discerning what will work and what won't will become effortless the moment you apply your critical gift to the idea rather than to yourself, thus allowing your intuition to flow freely from gut to mind.

Relationships are more challenging than usual. This has likely been keeping your mind uncomfortably busy which may have led to you feeling physically out of balance. Find a beautiful place to spend some time alone and recharge.

There is a great deal of clearing out and restructuring going on under the surface and perhaps you are detoxing or turning out your house for a Spring or Autumn clean as well. Whatever it is, your physical being will benefit as a result. Go with it.

Is it possible that you have slowed down for a moment? Now is the perfect time to do a little less in the physical and take the time to do some inner work. You'll be overflowing with great new ideas and an abundance of energy afterwards if you do!

Surfing the waves of emotional intensity is usually not your strong point but you are likely to be getting plenty of practice at the moment! Remember, it's all good!

Although you don't do feelings as comfortably or as obviously as some of the other signs you certainly have them. Channeling your emotional energy into altruistic pursuits will make a big positive impact right now so if you are feeling a call to serve in some way, get busy!

In many ways you are in your element as Neptunian energy floods the collective. Perhaps you could serve by helping others less familiar with these energies navigate through the fog and so help raise the collective consciousness?

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