Monday, 1 April 2013

Beginning of the Solar New Year: Sun in Aries Beginning 22nd March, 2013.

This is a little late because I only decided to write these monthly astro energy reports again yesterday! 

Happy Solar New Year! Happy Equinox!

When I look at the chart for the moment the Sun moves into Aries in 2013 it feels like a dartboard with the centre being the heart centre! There is a sense of darts or arrows finding their target with ease. This is wonderful if fired from a place of love, truth and true feeling, but if fired from a place of fear, anger or deception the shock waves created when the target is hit will feel very uncomfortable and may have unfortunate consequences until a conscious shift is made! 

Everything is speeding up and we are rapidly gaining momentum. If you are heading off in uncomfortable or unfavorable directions best to pull up as quickly as possible. Conditions are such that it is unlikely you will change directions without a very conscious effort because there are so many thoughts and emotions flying around that easily stick to any part of you that is in alignment with them.

The good news is that if you change directions and commit to following your truth and core heart knowing, no matter how crazy it may seem, you will be well supported, sometimes in miraculous seeming ways! Choose a direction against the grain of your truth and you'll still get what you want, possibly in lightening fast speed, but it will feel very wrong. The truly wonderful thing now is that the learning curve, though hard, will be fast, and many directions and possibilities can be explored quickly. Any movement towards truth, knowing and true purpose will receive near instant confirmation! This confirmation will always be in feeling, but it will also come in other wonderful ways!

It feels as though we have been given super fine tuning dials but most of us have underdeveloped motor skills at this stage so we are constantly having to compensate for our accidental over turning. We are learning to refine our reactions to everything as waves of new awareness ripple through us, often unexpectedly! Years of inner work with little to moderate results, or so it seemed, is paying off. Don't miss it by judging yourself or those around you. Best to simply acknowledge and love, whatever is being shown to you! 

This all makes for a very intense time when falling out of alignment can happen quickly and easily, but getting back into alignment can also happen quickly and easily. Now is full of possibilities and leaps in consciousness. I'm really looking forward to seeing and experiencing what love grows from the seeds of our truth.

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