Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sun into Taurus 2013, 19th/20th April-21st May.

What an intense few weeks. We had the Sun and Mars (ruler of Aries) along with Mercury and Uranus moving through Aries together. Aries is cardinal fire so action oriented and spontaneous, sometimes aggressive, explosive and passionate. This last week has seen some shocking events, explosions, big earthquakes, intense solar activity, and a few firsts. Personally I experienced this Mars/Aries energy on a very physical level and last week was a very painful experience. I was exhausted and had inflammation in what felt like every muscle in my body, my limbs felt like they were being pulled from their joints and at one point it felt like my head would explode while my nerves felt like they were on fire. In medical astrology Mars/Aries rules inflammation, the muscles, the brain and head, the adrenals and energy, and Uranus rules nerve impulses. I am happy the Sun has moved into Taurus and all that fiery Aries/Mars energy has settled down. At least it has for me.

Now we have the Sun and Venus (ruler of Taurus) moving through Taurus together. Now feels more peaceful and calm than recent weeks and it is easier to stay present and grounded but there is still plenty of buzzing idea energy flying around and ripples and waves of change will continue to affect us, sometimes dramatically. There is a a forward movement energy wave that began yesterday, Monday April 22nd, for me. Remember it is there from now on, lifting, expanding and propelling us into the new when we choose to feel now as being perfect and wonderful.

In Taurus we nurture the seeds we have planted and wait. The time of Taurus is perfect for getting in touch with our body, enjoying the natural world and taking things as they come. Sunday was a perfect Taurus day for me. I slept in, I moved slowly because there was no need to rush and I went for a long leisurely walk through the forest with a friend who showed me what herbs, weeds, flowers and even moss can be eaten nearby where I live.

Now more than ever, the more simply we live, the more time we spend in nature, the less we look outside of ourselves for answers, the more content we will feel.

In a couple of days we will have the first of three eclipses:
1) lunar eclipse April 25th, 7:57:06 pm GMT/UT at 5 degrees 45 Scorpio
2) solar eclipse May 10th 12:28:22 am GMT/UT at 19 degrees 31 Taurus
3) lunar eclipse May 25th, 4:24:55 am GMT/UT at 4 degree 8 Sagittarius

The eclipse season brings intense energy and change and this one is no exception. Usually there is a build up of tension over the eclipse season (which begins a couple of weeks before the first eclipse and ends a couple of weeks after) and usually peaks on the eclipses but interestingly, according to eclipse expert Bernadette Brady, "this series is about the release of tension. A situation which has been lingering will suddenly clear. In the clearing of the problem there is also a sense of grief or loss which is not so much personal as belonging to a group or collective." Sounds like a mixed blessings kind of situation but we will have to wait and see what unfolds over the next month as it is anybody's guess and the energy may lead to many different situations shifting and clearing.

On 8th May the Moon moves into Taurus which means that all of the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) will be in Taurus for 28 hours or so until Venus moves into Gemini. I am feeling all kinds of flutters around this but at this stage it is about possibilities. The moon is exalted in Taurus and Venus is very much at home here so I am choosing to see this day as an infusion of Taurus brand Venusian love energy. Venus has come to represent unity. Expect to feel in need, and in pursuit of, unity and pleasurable physical and earthly experiences, whatever that may be for you. May this period bring greater awareness so that we all increase our expressions of love towards our beautiful and very physical planet and all who dwell in and on her!!! Perfect timing for making a new moon wish for love and unity at the new moon solar eclipse on May 10th at 12:28am GMT/UT.

Now is what you make it. Be grateful for what is and as flexible and adaptable as possible for what will unfold. Love.

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