Saturday, 8 June 2013


When I think about Jupiter words and ideas such as big, expansion, possibilities, excess, meaning, luck, higher truth, righteousness, enthusiasm, quests, stories and opportunities flood through my mind.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and rotates around the Sun once in every 11 years and 315 days, which means Jupiter changes zodiac signs once a year. Jupiter is changing sign from Gemini to Cancer on June 26th at 02:47 UT/GMT.

In a nutshell Jupiter in Cancer in the collective will bring the focus home; both our physical home and the realm of our inner most world of feelings. We will seek growth and improvement of ourselves through development around family values, security, empathy, instinctive nurturing and emotional support.

According to Robert Hand, "at the most fundamental level Jupiter signifies the individual reaching out to include more and more of the universe and it's experience within himself or herself."

Although Jupiter has it's more challenging side it is considered the most "benefic" planet, and the planet of luck, opportunity and expansion. If we want to look to the area of our lives where we are experiencing the most luck and expansion we look to the house Jupiter is transiting through. In terms of sun sign astrology, when a planet changes sign it also changes house.

The area in our life where Jupiter will be bringing expansion, luck and opportunities for development over the next year are as follows:

The fourth house of home, personal life, family, the past and our innermost self.

The third house of learning, communication, siblings, immediate environment and short journeys.

The second house of values, inner resources, self-worth and material security.

The first house of self-identity, physical vitality and form, and beginnings.

The twelfth house of the collective, retreat from the world, karmic lessons and institutions.

The eleventh house of friendships, groups, causes, communities and ideals.

The tenth house of career, social position, public image, parents and authority.

The ninth house of travel, higher learning and life philosophy/religion/spirituality.

The eighth house of personal transformation and healing, joint resources and what is hidden.

The seventh house of relationships of all kinds, including marriage and partnerships.

The sixth house of health, daily work and rituals, co-workers, service and pets.

The fifth house of creative expression, romantic love, children, self-esteem, validation.

* If you know your ascendant/rising sign you use this instead to see which house Jupiter is transiting through in your natal chart.

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