Friday, 21 June 2013

Sun into Cancer: Happy June Solstice

Happy June Solstice!

I have been hanging out for the end of June all year. I had June pegged as the promised month because it felt like things were on pause, or we are in a cocoon of sorts waiting for energies to align and fall into place so that we could finally begin to move forward mid-year. It certainly feels like this is about to happen, but it might be another month, perhaps marked by the beginning of the Mayan Calendar's New Year at the end of July, before it really happens. The last year has been really mentally stimulating, and for many, very emotionally overwhelming. While the veils have been thinning between the worlds things haven't exactly been feeling any clearer, at least not for me. The thinning, while making us more sensitive and open, has flooded us with all sorts of seemingly new information on previously unexplored levels, but with Jupiter transiting through Gemini the last year, the mental buzz and expansion has had us exploring the answers with our minds dominating. The mind is a great tool but should it rule? I think not. On the 26th June Jupiter leaves Gemini (it's least comfortable sign placement) and moves into Cancer where it is able to express it's highest vibration! YES, bring it on!!!

After several days of feeling a surge of optimism and expansion with the Sun and Jupiter's once a year meeting, things have started leveling out again. It felt like things were changing for the better but now it feels to me like I tasted many positive and expanded possibilities and now the obstacles to this are becoming clearer. Dare I say it, there is some clarity pouring in as the world of feelings and forward moving Cancer energy starts to take over from the busy world of buzzing Gemini mental energy.

There is a delicious surge of loving and feeling communication pouring in at the moment. Mercury and Venus are meeting in the later degrees of Cancer and it feels to me like any open and loving heartfelt communication will be supported right now, whether this is internal communication or communication with others.

Also approaching in a few days is a trine between the Sun and Neptune which the highly sensitive amongst us may already be experiencing to some degree. This promises to feel dreamy and romantic, maybe even as though our dreams are coming true. With Neptune in the picture however we are wearing rose-coloured glasses and feelings around events and people at this time are likely to be an illusion on some level. On the upside it is an opportunity to take the feelings, dreams and wishes revealing themselves at this time and use them to create these feelings and experiences for real in the coming months and years. We are only limited by our own imagination, or lack there of.

Yesterday evening while listening to music I felt and saw many things begin to expand, spiral up and lift-off! Today my feeling is that this will stem from our true feelings. As long as we are being honest with ourselves, and others, we will be fully supported, but any denial and resistance will have us plummeting into "stuff." This stuff is the unreleased or disowned past and may not even be of our personal creation. Cancer rules the past, family and clan and our inner world. With Saturn touring Scorpio for the next few years it's all about getting deep, feeling and releasing. The focus for the next year will be on the past, family, home and inner world. Time to discern between old emotions and the flow of feelings. Feelings can be intense, deep and painful, but they flow and are lighter than the experience of feeling old stuck emotions as they make themselves known. Understanding the difference will be key to navigating these energies.

The coming year is likely to intensify feelings about home and family and churn up any emotions from the past. How this will feel will depend on how comfortable we are with our feelings, how much inner work we have done or are prepared to do, and how aware and honest we are with ourselves. The Sun always brings out the lighter and sunnier side of any sign so I am seeing this as a month to really enjoy my inner world, family, feelings and home as all things Cancer are expanded by Jupiter for the next year.

May your path be true and flowing now.

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